Friday, February 09, 2007

I have deleted my old blog called "Render Unto Christ." This blog, "Truth Not Heresy," takes its place.

The old blog, in addition to providing truth of Scripture, also got sidetracked many times with denouncing various political schemes, calling for impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and was all too willing to speak out on issues such as war and what to do about the power elites that--since God is Sovereign over all and all is part of His plan, like it or not--it wasn't my place to speak about. It was as if dissenting over Bushian policy was becoming an idol of the heart in place of Christ. Therefore I had to delete it just as true followers of Christ must do away with all carnality and idols of the heart.

Also, I took a few too many liberties with denouncing the Religious Right, its members personally. Bad practice and bad Christianity. While I must denounce the heresies of, say, John Hagee or Pat Robertson, I MUST NOT denounce them personally or their acts other than preaching heresy (for instance, Robertson's financial alliance with African dictator Mobutu of the former Zaire--now Democratic Republic of the Congo--which was tainted to say the least), because these preachers and pastors, while turning Biblical truth on its head a large part of the time, do commit to good works, do send Bibles overseas, and do get Bibles printed in "closed" countried like the Muslim states in the Middle East.

Just how am I supposed to get to "a higher plane than I have found and plant my feet on higher ground" if I keep getting myself distracted by events of "the world"? So this is a fresh start.

Deborah Lagarde

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