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"Zeitgeist" on my mind

The Zeitgeist movie, the first part of which is primarily based on writings from the late 19th and early 20th century Egyptologist Gerald Massey (which, while claiming Christ's divinity denounce the fact that he actually existed as a human: see this article
and read it carefully
) and "Archarya S", who is the author of "The Christ Conspiracy: the Greatest Story Ever Sold" and whose real name is "D. M. Murdock", supposedly proves that religion has been invented to keep the masses down (hey, I agree with that! which is why while I call myself a member of the Body of Christ rather than "Christian", which to me translates nowadays as "Chruchian"...that is, while the Bible is true, religion, with all of its quasi-Biblical dogma, is not, and is part of the anti-Christ Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots) by making Archarya's claim (naturally, she uses Massey as a source) that Christ is actually an amalgm of the various gods of the various historic religions, beginning with Horus, the Egyptian "Sun God." Archarya, who claims to be an archeologist as well as language expert in ancient languages (folks, there is a big difference between ancient Greek and modern Greek!), claims on her website (see above) that NO historians at the time Jesus was "supposed to have lived" ever mention Christ, or any of Christ's names used at the time. When Josephus is brought up, his writings (see here) are
ridiculed as hoaxes. Well, naturally! They must be hoaxes because these self-styled
"intellectual giants" say they are! At least Massey (again I say read the whole article before you diss the guy) had the sense and honesty to at least claim Christ is God. While Archarya, who has seen so many evidences of so many gods she's got pagan gods on the brain, is not being intellectually honest and is hiding behind her credentials. I agree with her that religion was invented by the power elites of history to enslave the masses (Marx had this right when he said "religion" was "the opiate of the masses"), but to make that leap to "Christ never existed" sounds to me as if some idiot "Christian" some time in her life really did a number on her and she has made it her mission in life to try to prove beyond all the historic evidence
from the first century AD up until now being discovered that just because she would rather He not exist she is bound and determined to prove it! Truly another example of junk "science" (as with "Creationism" now being pushed as something "scientific" by calling it "intelligent design"---folks, Creationism is NOT science!) by someone who just happens to have "credentials".

Well, that said, I must say that after watching the first part of Zeitgeist, they haven't proven anything regarding the "non-existence" of Christ, for the following reasons. First, Zeitgeist rehashes all the phony "indicators" of the "existence" of Christ-as-religious-tool, such as Christ was born on December 25 (as was Horus, Tamuz, Mithras, Buddha, and other pagan gods...all of them in fact!), such as Christ was born of a virgin, such as Christ taught in the temple at age 12, such as His miracles, death on the cross and resurrection, etc., etc., etc., and His coming again. Well, I answer that with what the Bible says: in Luke 2, Mary (who as in Matthew really was a virgin, I am not disputing that) gave birth at a time when the Romans called everyone to go to the place of their ancestors to be taxed, as well as the shepherds were in the fields. This would place the birth around the time of harvest (when folks were taxed, because this is the time when they had available money); and shepherds being out in fields watching sheep (they harvested animals at the same time they harvested crops) also indicated that, since the sheep were still there, it had to be around time of harvest--not after, as it would have to be if the birth was on December 25, because the sheep simply would not be there, they'd already be slaughtered! Further, if you look at the old Roman calendar with December as the 10th and not the 12th month, even this indicator would be wrong, because this would place December at the beginning of winter in any case. The beginning of winter
implies there was no harvest, the sheep will have already been slaughtered, and hence taxing would already have taken place. Therefore, while all these other pagan gods were born on December 25, CHRIST WAS NOT! The "Christ was born on December 25" nonsense was invented by "the Church" in or just after Constantine made "Christianity" palpable for all the pagan Horus/Tamuz/Mithras/etc. worshippers who were forcibly being "converted" (take a clue here: only Christ through the Holy Spirit can convert!). Secondly, the notion of Christ was born on December 25, while false, is given credence in the movie because that was the time of the "rising star in the East" when the 3 Maji were to visit Christ and offer gifts, by way of visiting Herod first in order to find out where the Christ child was. Now, as the Bible says
(Matthew 2), when, after seeing Herod, they found the house (NOT THE MANGER! He
had already been born, and in fact was probably several months old by then!) and offered gifts to the "young child" (not infant!). Further, if Christ was just an "infant" by the time the wise men were supposed to return, why would Herod have ordered the deaths of ALL BOYS 2 and UNDER OF BETHLEHEM (Matthew 2:16)? Thirdly, the claim that Christ "taught" in the Temple in Jerusalem when he was 12 is NOT in the Bible! Luke 2:46-47 says that Christ "listened and asked questions" which, if Christ was following in Jewish traditions (you've heard of the bar-mitzfah, Archarya?) would have been a natural thing for Him to do! NOWHERE does it mention he "taught" in the temple at age 12! Fourthly, though Christ did perform miracles, did die on the cross and was resurrected, this does not prove he is an amalgamation of pagan gods such as Horus or Mithras! Heck, the disciples performed miracles! (see Luke 10 when He sent out the 70 disciples, and they came back saying in verse 10:17, "Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name"!) What is the big freaking deal about miracles! So, Christ arose from the dead? So what! So did Lazarus! So did the daughter of Jairus! So did the slave of the Centurion! Whoop-tee-doo! So does
anyone who, having his or her heart stopped, gets defibrillated back to life! No doubt my own paramedic husband has raised people from "the dead" when he defibrillates them!

Finally, Zeitgeist makes the claim that the "coming of Christ" is no more and no less than the return every morning of the sun. Because Christ is really Horus, the Sun God! Right! And I'm the Easter Bunny! They make this claim by saying the Bible is nothing more than the Zodiac. Further, by using the Bible-as-Zodiac, the makers of the film can claim when the end of the world will 4300 something, because that is when we enter the Age of Aquarius (Sorry, cast of "Hair", you're wrong about that too), the water bearer, and, coming as it does on January 21 to February 20 or thereabouts), and, prior to Aquarius, we have the Age of Pisces, the Fish, or the Church Age with Christ represented by a fish (the fish, BTW, does not indicate Pisces, but the harvest of know, Christ telling the disciples they
will be "fishers of men." But why let Bible truth get in the way of "facts"?). So, despite everything in prophecy, in Revelation (I guess they don't think the apostle John existed either!), and in Paul's (non-existent?) letters to the various Christian groups, "Christ" comes again every morning with the sun, not once again to judge and save the world and mankind for good. All mankind, even their sorry asses!

I guess what really compelled me to debunk this movie is not just that the makers, and their sources, are wrong, not just that this is just another example of anti-Christ among so many anti-Christs who and which have existed since the resurrection of Christ (warned about in 1 and 2 Thessalonians), not that these liars are taking their cues from phony "Christianity" as if it is true Christianity, but most of all because by doing so they are saying THERE IS NO SALVATION, PERIOD! They are really saying that the "God" of all the Churchianities of this world, the wrathful, hateful, torturing "God" of the "hell for eternity" crowd is THE BEST WE CAN HOPE FOR! Heck, might as well pray to Sauron or Galadriel of "Lord of the

But I will defend my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I don't give a crap what these phony "intellectuals" say!

Deborah Lagarde


Anonymous said...


Excellent comments on "Z" the Illuminati Movie.

This video/movie evokes in me the strongest suspicion that those behind it are likely Illuminati/Jews, because they speak the truth about the Freemasons/Bankers/Illuminati (which most researchers on the subject already know - no new info here), but they then use it as a catch to suck you into THE LIE, that Christ is an invention and not God's Son. How typical of all sophisticated liars. I remember seeing a documentary of how the British and Yanks tried to fool Hitler about the "D Day Landing" - to keep Hitler's intelligence fooled, they gave them the truth about the landing site in France (Utah and Omaha beaches) - which proved correct, but then sold him the lie, via the same double agent, that the MAIN LANDING would be elsewhere - how cunning. Similarly, we are told some truths about the Illuminati, so as to swallow the bigger lies about Christ being a carry-on, evolution, of Egyption mythology/false religion. Now we see how liars work.

Do these liars, or at best, unscriptural, extraordinary, superficial, accusors of Christ, realize how many prophecies were made of Christs coming, way before He came and they ALL came true, including that none of His bones would be broken (it was the practice of crucifixions to break the bones of a victim to bring about a quicker death - they did so with the others crucified on either side of Him but NOT Christ). I can see an Illuminati leader, say Rockerfellar, saying "Yeah! I'll go along with having the most excruciating death known to man, in the hope we can fool the Goyim" - Pull the other one Zeitgeist.

Perhaps the greatest evidence that Jesus did exist is the fact that literally thousands of Christians in the first century A.D., including the 12 apostles, were willing to give their lives as martyrs for Jesus Christ. People will die for what they believe to be true, but no one will die for what they know to be a lie.

• Mark dragged through the streets until dead
• Matthew was slain in Ethiopia
• Peter and Simeon were crucified
• Andrew crucified
• James beheaded
• Philip was crucified
• Bartholomew flayed alive
• Thomas pierced with lances
• James, the less, thrown from the temple and stoned to death
• Jude shot to death with arrows
• One bible mentioned Christian was chased and hid in a hollow log and they blocked him off and cut him in two with a saw
• Steven was stoned to death
All of these men could have lived if they had said one statement: "He is dead" or “I don’t believe in Jesus”. But they refused.
You see, the difference with these people who died as compared to others who have been brainwashed to believe in a false God (Mohamed, Buda, etc), is that these people and hundreds more like them actually saw Christ, saw his ministry and miracles. They knowing the truth about Christ would most definitely NOT have died for something they KNEW was a lie or a gross exaggeration.
Above the accounts of their deaths, this doesn't account for the tortures they endured. Paul was stoned 3 times and survived. He was beaten with 40 strips from a cat of nine tails on 5 occasions, and imprisoned repeatedly. Similar stories follow the other apostles. They lived lives that would be considered sheer misery by the world, yet they rejoiced in their sufferings. Not one of them caved in and chose the easy life. Can anyone believe that not one of these men would deny his resurrection & Christ unless they absolutely witnessed the resurrected Christ?

Can you see Rothschild or George Bush or JP Morgan or Bill Clinton doing this for the Illuminati? Enough said!!!

Zeitgeist is a cunning trap for the unlearned in Christ.

Anonymous said...

Good job.
This anti-Jesus crap is totally based on lies and the worst possible scholarship. Zacharia "Stinking" (spell?) has been proved to be a farse by all serious scholars. I am tired of false use of ethmology by Jordan Maxwell (who used to see aliens/demons in his bedroom) and Alan Watt to deceive people. To say that Saxon means Isaac´s son, to say that Son comes from Sun...come on, give me a break. It is pathetic.
They absolutely hate the idea of surrendering to Jesus. It is pride, pride, all along.

Marjorie said...

Hi Deborah, thanks for this, because both my husband and I had a really difficult time dealing with Part One.

Here is a little prayer for you, I use it alot:

The Lorica

I arise today
through the strength of heaven,
light of the sun,
radiance of the moon,
splendor of fire,
speed of lightning,
swiftness of the wind,
depth of the sea,
stability of the earth,
firmness of the rock.

I arise today
through God's strength to pilot me,
God's might to uphold me,
God's wisdon to guide me,
God's eye to look before me,
God's ear to hear me,
God's word to speak for me,
God's hand to guard me,
God's way to lie before me,
God's shield to protect me,
God's hosts to save me
from the snares of the devil,
from everyone who desires me ill,
afar and near,
alone or in a multitude.
Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down, Christ when I arise,
Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me.
Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me.
Christ in the eye that sees me.
Christ in the ear that hears me.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing my reply on Zeitgeist (first reply)

Anonymous said...

The Sun is not a thermo-nuclear hydrogen bomb in the sky; and man-made global warming is a hoax:

Albert Einstein was a fraud. In his Special Theory of Relativity he expects us to believe that of two identical clocks each one can run faster (or slower) than the other. This is impossible and the theory is easily refuted. In his Theory of Relativity we are expected to believe that matter can warp a completely fictional entity known as "space-time". This again is complete bullshit - how can you warp NOTHING ? And why do academics toe the line?

I'm afraid it most definitely is a conspiracy. Overlooking blatant mistakes and ignoring obvious illogicalities (euphemism: "paradoxes"), that a child laughs at, is not human nature - unless the human intellect has been coralled, dumbed down and irretrievably stunted. "Belief System" comes nowhere near explaining their acquiessence to nonsense (maybe, pensions, grants, salaries and herd-mentality do - i.e. shut up ... or else).

It's not only in cosmology and astronomy. It's the same in archeology, geology, history, religion, economics etc - where the truth is systematically being denied us and covered up to be replaced by laughable absurdities. Take cosmology. The Universe is not driven by the weakest force in Nature known as "gravity" (some ten to the power of thirty nine times weaker than proton-proton or electron-electron repulsion, or electron-proton attraction) but by electro-magnetism and plasma physics. It's an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, infinite and eternal. The Big Bang, black holes, neutron stars, dark matter, dark energy and other fancy gobbledygook are laughable absurdities. Gravity is probably electrical in nature, too. Without Einstein, but with a Maxwell-Lorentz ether, a gravity-driven universe would never have got off the ground.

You may want to start your epiphany here:


Anonymous said...

In order to understand what our ancestors were trying to tell us, we have to understand how the Solar System really formed.

The Earth has experienced major, literally earth-shattering and terra-forming, catastrophies in the past - it was one hell of a ride for our ancestors some 5,000-10,000 years ago. Why do you think the planet Venus was obsessively monitored worldwide and made, among many motifs, a ravaging witch-on-a-broomstick and a beautiful virgin goddess by nearly all cultures? Why was the planet Mars made the god of war? Why was the planet Saturn described as an ancient sun?

There is only one answer : the Solar System we see today is radically different from the one our ancestors saw; and almost all myths - worldwide - are describing the life and violent death of the long-lived Saturnian Golden Age (The Otherworld) and the creation of the present Solar System (New Earth, New Heaven, New World). But they are not myths - they are a true record of what our ancestors actually experienced, up close and personal. And that includes the Mabinogion.

You may want to start your epiphany here :

"The context in which we should view Titan as a Rosetta Stone for an earlier Earth had been firmly established before Cassini arrived at Saturn. Venus, Earth and Mars were close planetary partners in a former stellar system that was recently captured by the Sun. They were originally satellites of the independent brown dwarf star, proto-Saturn. Titan, in that context, was simply another small planet orbiting proto-Saturn. All stars electrically eject matter in defiance of gravity. Ejection of charged matter is required to maintain electrical balance with their environment. The Sun has its "solar wind" and coronal mass ejections. In extremis, a star may eject a fragment of its interior in a stellar megalightning flash, or nova outburst, to form a close orbiting companion. The mytho-historical record identifies the planet Venus as such a new-born fragment of proto-Saturn. It was born when proto-Saturn flared up in the alien electrical domain of our present Sun ...

[The Saturn Theory : - check out Arianrhod - Silver Wheel]

... Being highly charged and of much smaller surface area than proto-Saturn, Venus discharged brilliantly in the prehistoric sky. The Sumerians revered Venus as the goddess Inanna, whose "tempestuous radiance" caused fear and trembling in mankind. In their hymns they depicted the goddess "raining the fanned fire down upon the nation." The Babylonians knew the same planet as Ishtar, "who is clothed with fire and bears aloft a crown of awful splendor." She was the "blazing fire which rains upon the hostile land." Inanna's Egyptian counterpart Sekhmet was a star "scattering its flame in fire ... a flame of fire in her tempest." "The fear of me is in their hearts, and the awe of me is in their hearts," the goddess proclaims. In more than one land Venus was said to rival the Sun in brightness. The most prominent feature discovered on Venus is a planet-girdling pattern of blisters and spidery channels that resulted from this prolonged cosmic discharge into its thick atmosphere. Venus' extreme heat and heavy atmosphere is due in large part to that electrical discharge and recent birth..." news....rticle=n2z18sez

And out of all this awful fear came city-building, astronomer-priests, time-keeping, kings and queens, royal rites,
observatories, mega-temples and structures, planet-worship, astrology, festivals, wars, human sacrifice, organised religion. Etc...

As above, so below. We must do as the gods did.

Anonymous said...

[See: ; The Saturn Theory: ; and Thunderbolts of the Gods: ]

The Deceiving of Huan - [The Darkening of Saturn]

Peniarth MS 112 880-881

The wife [Venus] of Huan(1) [Sun] ap Dôn(2) [Sky goddess, cf. Hathor] was a party to the killing of her husband [Mars. Venus interacted electrically with both Saturn and Mars and was, just like Isis (Venus) with Osiris (Saturn) and Horus (Mars), considered the "wife" of both of them and also the "mother" of Mars], and she [Venus] said that he [Mars] had gone to hunt away from home [left the Saturnian System]. And his father, Gwydion [Saturn], the King of Gwynedd [White or Blessed Land], traversed all countries in search of him [Mars], and at last made Caer Gwydion(3) [Saturn Citadel. cf. Homer's Troy], that is the via lactea [Milky Way - but not as we know it - cf. Hathor], which is in the sky, to seek him. And he found him in heaven, where was his soul [Mars had taken a battering - wounded in the side, thigh or heel, scarred on the face, incinerated, melted, and in some cultures had had his "skull shattered to pieces" - which may well explain the creation of the Asteroid Belt]. And for that he turned the young wife [Venus] into a bird [maybe owl - many cultures have this motif for Venus; but could also be Branwen - White (female) Crow/Raven - also a common Venus archetype; Raven for Saturn and Raven-Boy for Mars were common epithets among the Native Americans] and she [Venus] fled [became a comet] from her father-in-law [and "husband", Saturn], and [he, Saturn] is called to this day Twyll Huan(4) [Tywyll Huan - Dark Sun. Twyll (deceit) and tywyll (dark) sound almost identical]. Thus, after the manner of the Greeks, the Britons formerly treated their stories and tales [true history] in order to keep them in memory [if they were merely stories and tales they would not have kept them so assiduously, meticulously, in memory; and certainly not the etymology of the word for an owl !].


1. Huan ap Dôn [Sun of the Sky]: the figure here is obviously [I beg to differ] Lleu Llaw Gyffes [Mars. Dodgy this one. Gyffes can be cyffes - "confession" or "acknowledgement". I suggest Left Hand Light: facing east to the present Sunrise, the right (Welsh "de") hand ("llaw") would be to the south (also "de"), the raised left hand would be to the north, acknowledging where the Saturnian system was once stationary, way above the North Pole], and this short text is a retelling of the final section of the Mabinogi [Mabinogion: Mabyn o g(wyd)yon - Children from/of Saturn); why his name is Huan, "Sun," is a difficult question (see note 3). [In many cultures worldwide, Saturn is described as an ancient or dark sun]. "Lleu" is certainly derived from Lugh, in which the "gh" is essentially silent; Lugh is in turn derived from "Lugus", which ultimately derives from the hypothetical proto-Indo-European *Leug- "oath/swear." In other words, he is originally the god of the oath, Dumezil's Mitra to Nuada's Varuna. Thus, Lleu was not originally a god of light; however, the similarity between *leug- (oath) and *leuk- (light) may have influenced the idea that Lugus (and thus Lugh and Lleu) was somehow associated with light, at least in late Iron Age/early medieval thought. [Lleu is light, as in modern Welsh lleuad - moon; or goleuad - light or luminary].

2. Huan/Lleu's [Saturn/Mars] pedigree here is confusing, as traditionally his [Lleu's] mother is Arianrhod [Silver Wheel. Saturn-Venus electric-discharge intercourse, where Venus looked like a silver wheel from Earth], making Dôn [Sky] his grandmother [same sky]. Moreover, Gwydion [Saturn] is also the son of Dôn [Sky], and so Lleu/Huan [they are not the same entity] would be the product of Gwydion's incest, either with his sister or his mother; the sister is more likely. [Blimey. Since they are the sky and planets, no incest is involved].

3. Caer Gwydion: there is some tradition that the Milky Way is called Caer Wydyon in Welsh; whether this is actual medieval tradition, or influenced by the antiquarians, I am not sure. [cf. Hathor/Nut - Supreme Sky and Milk goddess - depicted as a sky-arch with teats, with all the god-planets "beneath her feet". However, Saturn Citadel is a much better interpretation of Caer Gwydion].

4. Twyll Huan [literally "Deception Sun" - does not make sense]: The story is an attempt to explain the word tylluan, the owl. [No, this is nonsense by Mr Jones, hiding the true meaning: the dimming or darkening of Saturn]. In this bit of folk etymology, tylluan is divided into twyll [there is no justification in adding a "w"; tyll does not sound like twyll] and (h)uan [there is no justification in adding the "h"], the sun. Thus, the composer changed Lleu's name to Huan, [this assumption should never have been made], which he may have thought fitting. [Ha!, it's what Mr Jones thought "fitting"].

[In modern Welsh, the Sun is Haul; Huan is not commonly used].

Jones, T. Gwynn. Welsh Folklore and Folk-Custom. London: Methuen & Co. LTD, 1930. p.16.

Ann R. Keye said...

Sweet Mythical Jesus!