Sunday, June 01, 2008

Legal Notice

To the person who wrote in response to my post "Symbolically True or Literally True", the following:

On May 28, 2008,

"you are a very naughty person because i am jewish and from lithuanian parentage and now you tell me i am not jewish but

a khazar

1.well if you have never met me and done a dna test on my blood line how can you make that claim

2.secondly if any person converts to judaism then he is a jew -he has chosen and becomes the chosen

3.jesus was a palestinian when it was called palestine by the romans
he is most definitely not related to modern day palestinians-that was yasser arafats idea to call arabs living in israel


4.practice what you preach -do not slander"

and wrote this on May 31, 2008,

"rest your case -what rubbish -go to a site on lithuania jewish history-thousands of jews were murdered by lithuanian

christians-they died for their religous beliefs and you have the audacity to dismiss them as fake jews or "khazars"-this all

before 1948-before the state of israel was formed-that persecuetion led to militant zionism and the formation of a jewish

army to protect jews.the european church states have a history of attacking jews only now you are hoping that muslims

will do your dirty work for you",

After careful consideration, the holder of this blog, the undersigned, has foregone all claims to the above quoted person (posted in his or her original text without changes, herewith called "anonymous", as being "Khazar"; will be called "anonymous" until such time as this person identifies himself or herself; and withdraws all claims that this person "anonymous" is anything but Jewish, in religion and ethnicity.

Furthermore, the owner of this blog, the undersigned, from henceforth will not allow any more individuals to post anonymously. This blogger will no longer post comments from individuals under the rubric "anonymous." This includes the author of the above quotes.

Signed: Deborah Lagarde