Monday, December 29, 2008

Calling All Body of Christ Believers: Pray without ceasing for our brothers in Christ in Gaza

Because if we don't, Christ will do to us what He will do to the Laodicians of Revelation 3 fame: "spew" us "out of" His "mouth".

When it comes to the present day State of Israel, my brothers and sisters, we need the Holy Spirit to show us the meaning of just who His "chosen people" are.

It is time to stop supporting "Israel" right or wrong. this is not the time to fear the wrath of Hagee and the Christian Zionists calling for the blood of our Palestinian brothers and sisters and future (that is, Muslim) brothers and sisters.

And, on the side of righteousness, nor is it the time to hate our fellow Jews for what the "snynagogue of Satan" Talmud believers are doing to our bretheren. We need to remember the great Israeli Messianic Jew, Tzi Kalisher, who is spreading the Word of God to both Jews and Palestinians there, and be more like him.

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