Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Challenge to Atheists

Calling all Atheists:

There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of otherwise reasonably intelligent articles and blog posts that I have come across over the last several months that devote either part or all of the contents into claiming that God and/or Jesus Christ never existed, do not exist now, and never will exist. These posts say nothing about the Holy Spirit. Guess they figure that since Christ and God do not exist neither does the Holy Spirit. Without being absolutely sure of the nature of how God exists in some sort of trinity (and L. Ray Smith will disagree with anything about a "Holy Trinity" but there is a God as "Father" to the "Son" Christ, and there is mentioned in the Bible the Holy Spirit which descended on Christ at His baptism by John the Baptizer, so that while there is a "trinity" there is also a unity, and, besides Ray, in Genesis is recorded God saying, "Let us make man in our image"...), there is definitely an existence of something that got everything that was ever created...well, begun. And, without bringing up St. Thomas Aquinas who philosophized about God's existence in terms of "the First Causer" (actually, it was Aquinas's argument learned in my Philosophy 101 class of "First Causes" among others that--with me being if not an atheist but definitely an agnostic at the time--convinced me that the whole shebang wasn't just some sort of random event (Big Bang or other label).

So, the challenge is this: Athiests, prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that, first, there is no God, never was and never will be. Using the latest pronouncements of guys like Chris Hitchens, Jay Gould, Archarya S (consultant on Part 1 of "Zeitgeist"), and any other atheist academic won't work on me and I can easily refute anything they say or write). Second, there is no Christ, and Christ never existed. Again, using the lack of evidence of archeological artifacts from the Holy Land will get you another refutation from me...I don't buy the "the absence of evidence is the evidence of absence" reverse Rumsfeldian BS, either. Third, prove to me that Creation is utter nonsense and Evolution is the LAW. BTW, I never said that Creation was Science, so don't go to calling me some knuckle-dragging redneck inbred idiot for some bogus claim that I said it was. Understand this: CREATIONISM IS NOT SCIENCE! Ergo, "Intelligent Design" isn't science either, so you'll forgive me for not allowing you to "go there."

And, while you are at it, prove to me that Christianity has been more responsible for death and destruction than atheism, and I'll give you a gold star. I'll make it even easier for you by allowing you to include false Christianity (that is, any beliefs espoused to be "Christian" but which are anti-Christ) in your claim that Christianity has killed more people directly than atheism.

Here is why I am calling all Atheists (agnostics need not take part, and I do know the difference!) to take part in this project. One, you cannot prove God never existed, does not exist and never will exist. Two, you cannot prove Christ never existed no matter how much archeological lack of evidence you site. Three, you cannot prove that everything evolved from nothing--sorry, but this simply cannot be done no matter what the most famous scientists in the world claim.

But don't think I'm not going to be defending my own position while you are trying to debunk my position that God exists now and always has and always will, and the same goes for Christ. Also I will prove that atheism has killed more humans than any true or false form of Christianity has. [Or Judaism or Islam even...in fact it is my position that atheism has killed more humans than all three religions combined or in combination (with each other, or other religions such as Hinduism). Sorry, but animism, shaminism, and other indigenous religions don't count here. By atheism I mean any religion that claims no higher authority than man himself. And by false Christianity I mean any Christianity that is "convert or die" oriented, such as what Spain did to the natives of North and South America during Spain's rule of these areas, and other "forced" conversions.]

BONUS: Prove to me that the books of the Bible are either forgeries, were not written by those Christianity claims wrote the books, or were actually written hundreds of years after Christianity claims they were written.

Special for followers of David Icke: prove to me that Christ really is Satan!

Deborah Lagarde

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