Friday, February 06, 2009

Son of Hamas Leader Now Christian!

While looking for a website to send money to help Palestinian Christians in Gaza against Zionist Talmudic Israel's onslaught, I found the site, of the British-based Christian Charity, the Barnabas Fund. They list a page where the son of a Hamas leader in East Jerusalem (the West Bank, not Gaza), having been arrested by the IDF for some kind of "wrong place wrong time" connection to some Hamas meeting or protest, and sent to jail by the IDF, discovered while in the jail, filled with many Hamas leaders, that Hamas WAS NOT following the dictates of the Koran (helping the poor with money raised), but following their own selfish dictates of spending raised money for the poor on weapons and personal items! Thus he discovered the organization his dad worked with was NOT what Hamas pretended to be! He got very disillusioned with Hamas. Then when he was released from jail, he found himself inclined to go to a meeting of Palestinian Christians studying the Bible, and was given a Bible to read. So he went, he wrote, to this mountainside place and read the Bible and had a conversion experience!

Because he was threatened by the Muslims in the West Bank area and his family, he had to leave (this was back before Israel kept such a tight leash on the Palestinians and they could more freely leave then), and came to the US to live.

I put this in here to present this really wonderful calling by God, as an example that called by God could mean even someone who was likely to become a terrorist, and to show that "hating Muslims" is NOT the way! By "hating Muslims" we DENY THEM the opportunity to hear the Word, because honey if they don't hear it from us and our fellow Christians, they likely won't hear it and thus are condemned.

And if Zvi Kallisher can do it....

Who is Zvi Kallisher? He is only one of the foremost Messianic Jews in Israel today. His whole family is part of the growing Messianic Jewish community in Israel, a community that is as persecuted as Christian communities are in Islamic nations and places like China and North Korea. It is routine for Talmudic Yeshiva students and rabbis to spit on not just Palestinian ("Arab") Christians, but Messianic Jews in Israel as well, and to threaten them and to beat them up. I have posted links to such stories on other posts, mostly out of Israeli newspapers themselves. Zvi has self-published works including "The Best of Zvi" that can be purchased at Amazon. In this amazing book, he tells how (after coming to Israel from Poland after the Holocaust in 1948) he was called by Christ and has had many discussions with rabbis, neighbors, and even Palestinian Muslims. His son is now a major force in the Israeli Messianic Jewish community as well.

We need to be more like Zvi and think of those in the Muslim community as potentially like this Hamas leader's son.

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