Friday, May 22, 2009

Rapture? Been there, done that...and more

Yes, you got that right. I was raptured!

Not in the way (of course!) that most Christians take the word: Right before the "seven year great tribulation," all believers in Christ get removed from the Earth, including fetuses, babies, and children in general, afterwhich all hell breaks lose, "the" anti-christ appears, takes over the temple in Jerusalem, makes 3 and a half years of peace between Israel and the Arabs, and midway through exposes himself as the anti-christ, makes everyone take "the mark of the beast" and the rest of this "left behind" verbiage.

Have I mentioned this before? The final weekend of February in 1997, months before the "Republic of Texas" standoff a mile from my house led by ROT leader Rick McLaren, formerly a friend of ours (before he threatened me with death, that is), I was walking down our dirt road from our house and, at an intersection with another dirt road, put my life into the hands of Jesus Christ in a conversion experience. Prior to that I was a Christian but not a committed one.

I don't remember if I got on my knees or not. The road was dirt and plenty of rocks thereon, so I doubt it. My knees don't do well on rocks and stones.

The feeling I got in that moment of commitment was a rapture in the dictionary sense: overwhelming joy, tears of joy, and the knowledge that (knowing I would not go along with McLaren's nefarious plans for setting up a "republic" of Texas with his money-laundering buddies) he could, indeed, threaten to kill me if I "betrayed" him, or, on the other hand, the State of Texas could put me in jail if I would not testify against McLaren AS WELL AS TAKE MY KIDS AWAY (THE paramount issue!)...well, after that moment I had no fear.

I KNEW Christ would take care of not only me, but my kids and husband as well.

Now, the State of Texas did depose me for about 8 hours (with a lunch break) in June, 1997. I was fearful only because I could not remember an event that I had been questioned on, but I had an answer after coming back from lunch. The experience was nerve wracking but I was not really fearful. I knew that by doing this I would not be put into jail over this.

When I was sent by mail McLaren's death threat, I was not fearful. Even though he did have fanatical adherents who could be of the mind to carry it out.

But in the sense that I felt "caught up" (Greek harpazo) with Christ "in the air" as if I had momentarily spiritually "left" the earth, yes, I was raptured.

I had been thinking about this issue for a long time. No issue has brought me as many comments and controversy as "the rapture" issue, which (in terms of the "left behind" version) I have debunked. In John 17:15 and 20, Job 14:12 and other places, the Bible does not give suppport to the notion that Christians will be removed from the Earth (dead or alive), physically, until perhaps a new age (for instance, the "1,000 year reign" of Christ, or the "new heaven, new earth" time period) happens. But, as has happened to me, spiritually, there is no reason to think Christians couldn't get spiritually raptured by the Holy Spirit.

As for "and more" has been several months since my last post, but only when I can resist the Holy Spirit no longer.

D. Lagarde

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