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And the Main Enemy of Christianity Is...


Well, let's see. Islamic countries do often persecute Christians. You all remember that guy in Afghanistan who, after converting to Christianity, was put on trial by some Sharia Law court there and was given the punishment of being beheaded, a favorite Muslim punishment, unless he repudiated Christ as the Son of God and the only means to salvation. Well, the guy refused to repudiate Christ, but for some reason was not beheaded. Angels?

Now Islam IS an enemy of Christianity. Thing is, it is NOT an enemy of Christ Himself...though Islam does not consider Christ the Son of God, it does revere Christ as a Teacher and Prophet. Therefore, it is NOT the main enemy of Christianity, not yet, anyway.

There are those that say the Koran teaches that followers of Muhammed ought to lie to "infidels." Someone said that to me just the other day. There was no point in me telling him, "Sounds like the Talmud telling Jews to lie to the gentiles." There was no point because there is no point in reasoning with someone who thinks Israel can do no wrong--and of course this person is a Christian. A Christian Zionist, that is. Arguing with him would just make him mad, like the time I told him that I would support a Palestinian Christian over an Israeli Jew any day. He got man, and, you guessed it, accused me of "anti-semitism." To which I responded, "I grew up with Jews and some of my best friends were Jews, so don't you ever call me anti-semitic again!" This person, as far as I know, has NEVER had Jewish friends!

And, speaking of Jews...

Are Jews the main enemy of Christianity?

If we are talking about Talmud-believing Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel (and some in the US) who spit on Christians every time they see them, or settler Nazis who vandalize Palestinian Christian churches, or rabbis who persecute Jewish Messianic believers like Zvi Kalisher, then the answer may be "yes."

Yet, the vast majority of Jews are NOT Talmudic believers or Kabbalists. The majority of Jew sin Israel and especially in the US and Europe are either reform Jews or secular Jews and could care less about who's a Christian and who isn't. They really don't care much about Christ, either. Thus, taken as a whole, Jews are not the main enemy of Christians.

Hindus? Hardly. Buddhists? Baloney. Scientologists? In Tom Cruise's dreams! Not atheists, because they are enemies to Jews, Muslims and any other religion as well, or New Agers, who change what they believe in every day for the heck of it so they are enemies to everyone and no one.

Nope. The main enemy to Christianity is (besides Satan)...the envelope please...

Christian Zionism!

Why? Number one, Christian Zionists of the John Hagee school deny that salvation comes only through Christ when they say the Jews don't need to believe in Christ to be saved; God has a "dual covenant" with the Jews. By making a claim like this, Hagee essentially denies that Christ will save all nations, which is in the Bible, which is the inspired Word of God, and thus Hagee is saying the Bible is only true some of the time, and that God is a liar. This makes Hagee and his "dual covenant" followers enemies of Christianity.

Not all Christian Zionists follow Hagee, however. Most CZs are not followers of Hagee and say the Jews, too, must accept Christ to be saved. On the other hand, while they say Jews must accept Christ as their Savior, they still continue to claim that--even though the Jews must accept Christ--the Jews, regardless of whether they accept Christ, are still, after all the times God had rebuked and punished the Jews and basically cut them off for 400 years (the 400 years between the prophet Malachi and the time of Christ), the Jews are still "God's Chosen People." Thus, without actually saying it, they are saying that there really is a "dual covenant" after all. They want their cake and to eat it too. They are afraid to go against the Word of God in the open, so they make up this BS that the Jews are God's Chosen People but that's not enough, they still have to accept Christ!

Look. You are either God's Chosen, or you aren't! If there is a dual covenant, and the Jews are chosen under one covenant while Christians are chosen under another covenant--but the Bible says ALL nations will know Christ under a NEW covenant and that Christ was the FULFILLMENT of the Law of Moses, doesn't that make the old covenant with the Jews FULFILLED? That is, it is finished? That is, no longer in effect? And doesn't that make a "dual covenant" a moot point?

So then, who is God's Chosen People now? Christians, followers of Christ, and this includes Jews IF they are Jewish believers! Messianic Jews, that is, followers of Yeshua HaMessiach (aka Jesus Christ).

Oh, and BTW: Hagee says that Jews who follow Christ will NOT inherit the promise, because Jews are not "allowed" to follow Christ!

But it isn't just that they violate the Word of God by their doctrines. Just as bad is that they violate the teachings of Christ by their words and their actions.

Christ said: Love your enemies. CZs say: Love your enemies as long as they aren't Muslims, "anti-semites" who hate Israel (it is against their code to criticize Israel even if Isreal deserves criticism, misinterpreting Genesis 12:3 and Genesis 27:24), or liberals.

Christ said: Blessed are the poor in spirit. CZs say blessed are the poor in spirit as long as they are rich in money.

Christ called the Pharisees (who later would give rise to the Talmud through their unwritten commentaries that bastardized the Torah, called the Mishna), "the synagogue of Satan" and and said to them, "you are of your father, the devil."

Christian Zionists, on the other hand, ARE today's version of the Pharisees. They like the "letter" of Christ's laws but hate the spirit of them. They are Pharisees because more than anything else they seek political power, that is, they violate Christ's dictate: "be in the world but not of the world." They are using the Republican Party as their political platform through alliances between neo-conservative Republicans and "Focus on the Family" and "Moral Majority-Christian Coalition" groups. They seek out the rich and powerful and hoodwink their middle class and working class followers, cajoling those who can't tithe hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year into doing their dirty work, working on their off time in trying to get more money for their CZ megachurches or sending money to make more "settlements" in Palestinian areas in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. I wouldn't be surprised if they treated their "non-wealthy" followers like Scientologists treat their non-celebrity followers.

And speaking of Palestinians...

Christian Zionists have NO HEART, NO MERCY, and NO SYMPATHY for their Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ. They want all Palestinian Christians out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem pronto. I used to think it was because Palestinian Christians tended to be Eastern Orthodox or Catholic Christians. But that is not the case. In fact I have recently heard there are even some Palestinian Christians who are Christian Zionists who of course love Israel! No, it doesn't matter what type of Christian you are; Christian Zionists don't give a crap about you and don't care if you or your children starve, get killed by the IDF, or die from lack of water because Israel won't let you have water (which is what they are doing in Gaza: there are still about 2 thousand Christians left in Gaza) If you are Palestinian, you are the devil to them.

But of course the Body of Christ knows this, but here is something maybe they don't know: Christian Zionists, for all their love of Israel, HATE THE JEWS AS WELL!

There they are at their "Christians United for Israel" conference waving Israeli flags and doing the Hava Negila dance and all, and kissing rabbis and that nonsense, but in reality they hate the Jews so much that they want two-thirds of them slaughtered so that Christ will return. Well, isn't that something! And they want this to happen even though they believe they'll be "raptured" out of there before all this happens!

Which leads me to the latest nonsense from Arab Christian Zionist (that most rare of breeds!) Joseph Farah of, WorldNetDaily, who claims--without actually been accused of what he claims by the person he claims is making the accusation--that the ADL and Abe Foxman have called Farah (and others) "enemies" of the Jews. Farah claims that because he went to tea parties and is a "birther," the ADL considers him their "enemy."

No, Joe. Maybe ADL claims you are an enemy because you want all the Jews to settle in Israel in order for two-thirds of them to be slaughtered. Maybe that is why Foxman considers you an enemy despite your "love" for Israel! Because Foxman is right: you are an enemy to the Jews!

And, because you hate Palestinians who you consider all to be terrorists, even the Christian ones, you violate another dictate of Christ: whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.

Like the rest of your Christian Zionist buddies.

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