Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Clarification on Why Christian Zionism is the Main Enemy of Christianity

I am absolutely sure that the fact that I believe Christian Zionism is the main enemy of Christianity would be jolting for some. After all, Christian Zionists are Christians, right?

I think most Christians today consider Islam the main enemy, and would balk if I said that Christian Zionists were.

Now, ISLAM IS AN ENEMY. In various Muslim countries, Christians are persecuted to varying degrees, I think depending on the fanaticism of the power structures in any given Islamic country. Where Islam is primarily secular or non-fanatical, Christians are likely to be persecuted less. Cases in point: Assad's Syria, where Assad, as an Allawite, is a more secular ruler. Syria has one of the largest populations of Christians in any Muslim country. Lebanon of course, has the largest, but again, Lebanon's (non-Hezbolla) leaders are mostly secular and the Phalangist Christians are still strong and can defend themselves. Then, under Saddam Hussein, Iraqi Christians were persecuted but only in spurts depending on how fanatical the Sunnis were in any given area. Further, Saddam's number two man, Tariq Azziz, was a Christian.

Also, I have never seen in the Koran (and I have actually never read the Koran) that Muslims are supposed to lie to "infidels." But if you take the Koran's version of the Abraham story, it is clear that Muhammed's saying in the Koran that it was Ishmael, not Issac, who was the favored son, opposing the Bible, and then you can say that yes, Muslims lie to infidels. Or that if Muslims believe that Christ is not the son of God but a teacher, then why won't they learn that it is BS to try to spread "God" to "infidels" by "holy war jihad" when only the Holy Spirit can confer upon someone conversion to Christ--not by the sword (as, of course, the Crusaders themselves, as well as the Inquisition and its aftermath in the New World, often forgot). But, of course, the biggest lie in the Koran is the fact that, several hundred years after Christ died to save mankind, some guy comes out with so-called visions from "God/Allah" saying that to heck with Christ's death-to-salvation, that ain't good enough, we need a new "saving" religion!

In fact you can say that Islam IS a lie, and a false religion as well!

But here is why I think it is NOT the main least not here in the US (in Europe, where Islam really is spreading its tentacles, it just might be the main enemy...if it isn't warm-fuzzy Christianity, that is.) First of all, a few fanatics like the Fort Hood murderer aside, most American Muslims are not jihading, at least not yet. Secondly, most American Muslims really don't give a damned if you are Christian or not, and, thirdly, American Muslims are within a hair's breath or the next so-called Muslim terrorist act of getting rounded up like Japanese-Americans were during WW2. Many were calling for this after the Ft. Hood incident, and I can see it happening with the next incident. That's because most American Christians see Muslims as an enemy, plain and simple.

But the REAL reason that Islam is an enemy but not the main one is because, I believe, the main enemy is always the one you least expect. It is always the one who has already infiltrated. It is always the one who acts like your best friend, and, not only that, actually takes on the main core belief system that you have...but is capable of betrayal when the chips are down.

Christ talked about a time when husbands and wives would split up because of His name, families split, enmity between parents and children, etc. over His name. Paul spoke about being unequally yoked. This could mean splits between atheist vs. Christian spouses, or mixed religion spouses, but it could also mean splits between spouses, one of whom seeks the truth in the Bible and the other of whom doesn't, and believes false doctrine, and the twain shall not stubbornly holding th etruth and th eother stubbornly holding to strong delusion (that God has sent because of believing in a lie--2 Thess. 2: 8-11).

So that, yes, Muslims don't believe the truth, but they aren't infiltrating the Christian movement, either, instead perhaps trying to subvert from without. But it is subversion from within that I think makes the main enemy.

Moving on, Talmudic Judaism, with it's sayings in the Book of Sanhedrin, Gittin, and so on, about "Balaam", that is, Christ (and the fact that they refer to Him as a man in the Old Testament who was to betray Israel [see Numbers] until a donkey called him on it), being the son of a whore who is now in Hell for eternity boiling in his own excrement, as well as there vandalizing of Palestinian Christian Churches, and there spitting on Palestinian Christians as well as Jewish believers in Israel, and some various fanatical rabbis who want to outlaw Christianity is Israel outright, IS AN ENEMY of Christianity! Let me repeat that: TALMUDIC JUDAISM IS AN ENEMY OF CHISTIANITY. But again, since they have not infiltrated Christianity from within but want to annihilate it from without using the Noahide Laws, at this time, anyway (but who is to say they won't become the main enemy when the US govt. tried to enforce these Noahide Laws, and that day may be coming), Talmudic Judaism is not the main enemy of Christianity.

Since the majority of Jews in the US do not take the Talmud seriously, they are not even an enemy, at all.

You can make a case that other so-called Christian groupings like Mormonism, Unitarian Universalism, Jehova's Witnesses and the like are enemies, too, but in their belief systems, they do not believe that Christ is the only way to salvation and in some of their other doctrines that contravene the Word of God, so in fact these groups really aren't even Christian.

The Roman Catholic Church? Yes, they have some ridiculous beliefs like the divinity of Mary, Transubstantiation, and confessing sins to a priest instead of Christ, but Catholics do believe that only Christ leads to salvation and do get most of it right. At least they don't come up with heresy such as Jews don't need Christ as Savior.

Then you have the polar opposite of Christian Zionism--Christian Identity--which is another enemy of Christianity, but its power in the US is limited to the fringe right wing and white supremists, Neo-Nazi types, and thus is too much outside the mainstream, especially politically, to be the main enemy of Christianity in the US. Just to review, Christian Identity believes that ALL Jews are the "Satanic Seedline", and blacks and Catholics are just a tad above that...Mud People and all that racist BS! A subset of Identity, British Israelism (espoused by David J Smith of the Church of God Evangelistic Association and perhaps the World Wide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong), claims that Jews are not Jews at all, but Khazars (yes, many are from Khazar converts, but still, isn't it true that Khazar converts have Jewish ancestry as well through intermarriage with Pharisaic families?), and that the real Jews are Northern Europeans, and that only Northern Europeans are going to Heaven, based on the Gates of Heaven being named for the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

So, I will now conclude why I think Christian Zionism is the main enemy of Christianity. One, it has heavily infiltrated Christianity to the point where most honest-to-goodness evangelical, fundamentalist, or church-going believers in Jesus Christ are either members of Christian Zionist churches or believe in a "dual covenant" or believe that the 1948 state of Israel is God's Israel, and that to criticize the state or government of Israel is "cursing Israel" which is forbidden by Genesis 12:3 and similar Genesis verses, even when that criticism applies to how the Israeli govt. or institutions persecute Christians, Jewish or Palestinian.

This prohibition is one reason US foreign policy is so Israel-centric to the detriment of peace there and Christianity there. But, as we all know, there will BE NO PEACE there until Christ returns; anything else will be a false peace. Yet, Zvi Kalisher and others are spreading the Word of God there, and for the various Christian Zionist factions to NOT support its spread in Israel is, IMHO, heresy. Israel will allow Christian tour groups to visit Holy Land sites, yet does not allow the Christians on these tours to "prosletyze" the Jews...isn't that what we are supposed to do? And Christian Zionists support this policy of NOT following the Word of God simply because they are sucking up to the Israeli government. They forget that WE ARE IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD, and that carnal, materialistic government is NOT what Christianity is about!

And, because of this sucking up to Israel, right or wrong, Christian Zionists consider Islam not only the main enemy but the only one! It is Christian Zionists more than any other religious group (leaving aside the backers of the military-industrial complex, the bankers who get rich off war, and other "new world order" types, who are not religious, are atheist, or are Satanic in other ways, as well as the state of Israel), who want Islam wiped out, and all Muslims either killed or "converted" a la "the Crusades" or "Inquisition". They believe that they would be doing God's work if they kill Muslims, or at least round them up and wall them off (like the Israeli govt. is doing in Gaza). They forget that Christ said, "vengeance is mine" (saith the Lord), and they also forget Christ said, "Love your enemies." Further, only the Holy Spirit can convict Muslims. We must NOT do what the Muslims do--"convert to Islam or be beheaded".

And, thus, I will vow to try to love the main enemy of Christians, that is, Christian Zionists. That doesn't mean I will "kill them with kindness" either, but I will love them in spirit as I rebuke whatever false beliefs they have.


John D Carmack said...

You wrote: A subset of Identity, British Israelism (espoused by David J Smith of the Church of God Evangelistic Association and perhaps the World Wide Church of God, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong), claims that Jews are not Jews at all, but Khazars (yes, many are from Khazar converts, but still, isn't it true that Khazar converts have Jewish ancestry as well through intermarriage with Pharisaic families?), and that the real Jews are Northern Europeans, and that only Northern Europeans are going to Heaven, based on the Gates of Heaven being named for the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Wow! There's so much wrong here, I don't know where to begin.

Christian Identity (CI) stole from British Israelism (BI). BI is not a subset of CI. If anything, CI is a fringe of BI, only using BI as justification for their beliefs.

All BI is is noting the fact that after King Solomon, the Kingdom of Israel split up into 2 houses: The House of Israel and the House of Judah. The Jews, derived from "Judah" which was the predominant tribe, comprised the southern nation, and The House of Israel comprised the northern kingdom. The northern kingdom was taken captive by Assyria much earlier than the southern kingdom and their return is not noted. The southern kingdom was taken captive by Babylon at a later time, and their return (or, rather a portion of the nation returned) is noted in the Bible. Therefore, the northern 10 tribes must be somewhere on the earth. BI believes they migrated through the Caucus Mountains and westward into Europe.

It has nothing to do with who is saved. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with who goes to heaven, since the Bible clearly teaches that only Jesus went to heaven. Herbert W Armstrong taught that the saints will rule on the earth.

If you're going to criticize something, at least get it right!

Luke Fisher said...


Very well written, I learn something new everyday. I did suspect something a bit sinister about the Christian Zionist movement, anything denying that Christ is the end all be all for salvation for all people should be suspected.