Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Israel's Persecution of Christians Is So Obvious, Even Arab Zionist Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily) Gets It!

Some Christians who read this blog might say, "When are you going to stop bashing Israel?"

Well, when they stop persecuting Christians!

Some might want to know why, if North Korea or the Islamic nations or atheistic Europe persecutes Christians, I don't bash them. Yes, I know North Korea and all Communist countries persecute Christians, as do the Islamic nations (especially the Wahabbist ones like Saudi Arabia), and even some western European countries that have loads of churches with no one attending as much as they are into all that warm-fuzzy Christianity that they have.

But the rub is you can find any Christian group that will point out that honest-to-God believers in Britain are harrassed for being an "idiot" who believes all that "Jesus" nonsense. Or believers in Iran or Syria being harrassed. Or even Cuba, which has a lot of Christians, anyway. Any Christian evangelical group will talk about persecutions of Christians in just about any country...but one.

Ted Pike of National Prayer Network called evangelical Christians "wusses" not only because they won't stand up for Christian values unless it gets them political power, but also because they will not speak out against Christian persecution in Israel, whether it is Palestinian Christians or Jewish "Messianic" Christians being persecuted. That might be the case because many of these "evangelicals" are in fact "Christian" Zionists whom will NEVER criticize Israel under the pretext of Genesis 12:3 and similar verses.

In fact, these groups send millions of dollars every year to supposed Jewish-Christian fellowship groups that are in fact going to support anti-Christ Talmud groups. So says this article on increasing anti-Christian behavior in Israel which is politically allowed as Israel becomes more Orthodox and Talmudic.

And, praise God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, even Arab "Christian" Zionist Joseph Farah of World Net Daily, who is usually an Israel-Firster, has criticized Israeli Jewish Talmudic persecution of Christians! Amazingly, he published on WND a Ha'aretz
article headlined "Christians want Jews to stop spitting on them". I think Farah might actually be afraid to criticize Israel openly because being a former Jerusalem Post written-correspondent, he doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him and may still be under strong delusion about the nature of the anti-Christ (there is no more anti-Christ book than the Talmud, unless it is the Zohar and the Kaballa!). But for him to scknowledge Israeli persecution of Christians is quite a leap forward for Farah.

Thank you, my Lord and Savior Christ, for showing this truth to one Christian Zionist. Let us pray that other CZs find this truth as well.

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True, definitely not PC but very true.