Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time to Stop Pussyfooting and Support Our Palestinian Christian Brothers and Sisters NOW

God expects patience from His Children, the Believers in His Son, Jesus Christ. But when various so-called Christian groups continue to allow their fellows-in-Christ to suffer, AND NOT ONLY THAT, WANT THEM TO SUFFER all on account of Christians "are prohibited from criticizing Israel" (as per Genesis 12:3 and others, which of course, is the false interpretation of those scriptures) and that Talmudic Judaizers are "God's Chosen People", then danged it, I'm gonna do my part to refute this and say the truth that we MUST as Christians support our fellow believers in the Palestinian territories who are asking for our support.

Read this document by Palestinian Christian Church people asking for worldwide Christian support to try to end Israeli Talmudic anti-Christ persecution of Palestinian Christians by Israeli-state-supported Talmudic believing "settlers". And then decide if what you have been told by infiltrating "Christian" Zionists that Christians must support nazi behaving Talmudic Judaizers is what Jesus Christ would want us to do.

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