Saturday, December 25, 2010

Maji, and was Jesus Palestinian?

First, the "three Wise men," "Three Kings of Orient Are," and the Maji.

BTW, there were NOT three of them! Matthew 2: 1-2 says, "After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Maji from the East came to Jerusalem and asked, "where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star in the East and have come to worship him." It does not say "three" Maji. Who knows? There could have been three hundred of them.

That "three Wise Men" bit is just another Bible myth along with Veronica and others I have mentioned in the past couple of years. Perhaps the reason there were "three" of them is because they bought three gifts (gold, incense, myrrh), one for each Maji!

Now, Maji means "Wise man," not "King." So, they weren't "kings," either. But then why would the Maji care about worshiping the "king of the Jews"? They were not Jews; however, they were supposedly from Babylon and clearly they were interested in astronomy because they saw this "star" at roughly a thousand miles from where the "star" would eventually rest...above where Jesus was in Bethlehem. Yet, though they were not Jews, they had knowledge of the Jewish community (some of which had stayed after Ahasuerus had them released as per the Book of Esther. When the Babylonian Talmud was compiled, these Jewish stay-behinds may have had something to do with it.) and it seems as though even though they were Gentiles they may have had more knowledge of the Word of God than many if not most Jews did!

Ever notice that though Christ originally came for the "lost sheep of the House of Israel," and even though Israel was "God's Chosen People" in Old Testament times, there are plenty of Gentiles in the Old and New Testament that had been given something special by God in order that His Will be carried out. Any Talmud believer or anyone else that still holds to the notion that only Jews are God's chosen completely miss the impact certain Gentiles had on Prophecy coming about.

On of them, in fact, is in the lineage of Christ. Not only is she a Gentile, but (assuming Jerry Falwell knows what he is talking about when, years ago--on WorldNetDaily in his column there--he called the Palestinians descendants of Edom and Moab), being from Moab (see The Book of Ruth), and marrying Boaz, the father of Jesse, the father of King David, a key person in the lineage of Christ (we know this because Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, had to report of Jerusalem, the city of David, in the Roman-enforced census under Emperor Tiberias), Ruth just might be part of the ancestry of today's Palestinians!

If this is true--Ruth and Moab, along with Philistines, Edomites, Ammonites, and other groups that hung around the Palestine-Jordan areas--then Christ, even though he was definitely a Jew (as were all from Judah/Judea) and followed the Jewish customs, might have Palestinian blood in Him as any case, He definitely has Gentile blood!

Why (apart from the obvious) is this important? It is just another sign that while Christ came for the "lost sheep of the House of Israel" (a claim He makes in several places in the Gospels), He also came for the rest of mankind!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, what is a Christian Outreach?

There is this big controversy in the small church I go to.

The pastor there explained that an organization called "Smile Train," which is NOT a "Christian" organization because its leadership is NOT composed of a ministry (in other words, its leadership is in the secular realm) or its leadership is NOT sponsored by a church, while it might help children in Third World countries get their cleft pallets repaired for the nominal sum of $250 per surgery and where NOT ONE DIME of this money goes for "administrative" costs--all of it goes to pay for one surgery--it is NOT a Christian Outreach!

Therefore, our small church DOES NOT HAVE A CHRISTIAN OUTREACH! Shame on us!

Therefore, we have to find an organization run by a Christian Church Ministry out of some kind of Christian Church for us to have a Christian Outreach.

In other words, the pastor at our church says that an organization doing God's Work by repairing cleft pallets in children in poverty stricken areas, for children that heretofore were shunned by their parents and shunned in their communities and mocked and harassed and would maybe otherwise be left to starve on their own...children that had their pallets not been repaired might never have an opportunity to learn about the saving power of Jesus Christ, IS NOT A CHRISTIAN MINISTRY even though sponsorship of "Smile Train" was begun in our church by our Children's Church which had at one time been attended by my son and also my daughter and other young children led by a very wonderful woman neighbor of ours.

This pastor said that unless our church had a "Christian Ministry" our church would "fall apart."

And who knows? Because he has, by his words of shame on us, driven off more members than he had already driven off (be saying, among other things, that Catholics aren't Christians) with his "shame on us" talk, he might be right.

Video: "Christian Zionism" from We Hold These Truths/Strait Gate Ministries

I don't think I can say it any better than this group, that has exposed "Christian" Zionism even better than I can and has done so for years. I hope the readers learns a few things.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hate the heresy, love the heresy follower

Jesus said, "Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner," or something like that.

Well, I need to follow that example. So as not to confuse some and divide the faithful, let me even more clarify that when I rebuke the heresies of the leaders of Christian Zionism or Christian Identity or Dispensationalism or other false doctrines that is not to say I "hate" these leaders and certainly I don't hate their followers.

Example for why I can say this is truthful: my own husband is (though he won't admit it, as far as the label is concerned) a Christian Zionist, in so far as he buys into the whole Genesis 12:3 argument about Christians must not criticize Israel (even when she is wrong or persecuting Christians), and believes that 1948 man-made and secular State of Israel fulfills end-times prophecy, and that the end-times eschatology begins with the year 1948. (Note: If the Daniel-ian "70 year" timeline stands, then you count 70 years from 1948 and guess where you arrive? 2017! Do you think this is feasable? and does God work using man-made time frames?) And I do love my own husband (and by that I mean the physical one, the guy I married in 1982, not the spiritual one, Jesus Christ, Whom of course I love even more)

So, if I can love my husband but despise some of the doctrines he thinks are true, then I can love all Christian Zionists as well as Christian brothers and sisters. Of course it is too bad there are all these divisions in the faith. Same goes for Identity...but I can't agree to their racist and bogus British Israelist nonsense.

Because if you don't love these folks now, then how are you going to explain to them the strong delusion when the time comes for it to be explained?

Friday, July 02, 2010

Stop Cursing Israel, and Stop Hating Jews

It seems that Christian Zionists can't stop giving me a reason to call them to repentance.

Now it is the bit about how the Netanyahu government of Israel has the right to blockade Gaza and stop the so-called Gaza Flotilla from reaching Gaza with humanitarian aid because Israel has a right to defend itself. Further, those on the Flotilla and all who support the Flotilla are "cursing Israel" and God will curse them.
Yet how is the event of several boats from various nations including the US trying to deliver food, medicine, building materials and NOT weapons to 1.5 million people (some of them Christians) in Gaza which has been under siege since Hamas (created by Israel) took over Gaza in 2006--how is this event "cursing Israel"?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Even if I wanted to curse Israel, which I don't, I don't need to curse Israel, because Israel is doing a damned good job cursing itself: from persecuting Palestinian and Jewish "Messianic" believers to starving Gazans, to trying to sell nukes to Apartheid South Africa, to organ harvesting, to being the "lords of war" with their arms deals, to putting advocates of peace in jail, to ethnic cleansing of "Arab-Israelis" from "Greater Israel" other words, cursing itself with the worst PR in world history! If someone told me 95% of the world's people hated Israel and Jews in general, I would believe it. Just think: it took a measily 60 years or so to use up all the good will do world Jewry over the Holocaust.

Yet, Israel's leaders aren't the only ones cursing Israel. When believers are spat upon by Yeshiva students and "Ultra-Orthodox" rabbis in the "name of God," they are cursing Israel.

Further, when Christian Zionists support beyond all reason a government that oversees the persecution of believers in Israel--whether these CZs are Hagee-ist dual covenant doctrinal believers of not--as well as in the West Bank and Gaza, then they too are cursing Israel.

Since only God has, during Old Testament times, and is given then and now the authority to act, to curse Israel--giving no human being the right to curse Israel, I submit that any one who curses Israel whether they know they are cursing Israel or not, means taking on the role of God and that is forbidden, no?

Furthermore, stop hating Jews, as well. The whole dispensationalist belief that Jesus can not return until 2/3 of the world's Jews are slaughtered or something like that, if one takes it to faith that dispensationalists desire the return of Christ means that (assuming they believe the 2/3 bit) they want two-thirds of the Jews to die, but not before they are all living in Israel. All the world's Jews living in Israel has to happen first. Then the slaughter. The Christ's return. To have room for all the world's Jews to live in Israel also means the CZs are funding settlements with settlers that are destroying Palestinian property such as olive tree which take years to grow fruitful and with the Israeli govt. authorities forcing Palestinians out of the homes they have lived in for centuries, and in general desire the ethnic cleansing of "Arabs" from Israel ON TOP OF taking of territory from Arab nations around them for "Greater Israel" and all the Jews that are supposed to move there (whether these Jews want to or not).

So: Christian Zionists want Israel to war with Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and others to acquite more territory in addition to deporting or otherwise all the "Arabs" in Israel, a policy advocated by Foreign Minister Avigdore Liebermann; this way all the world's Jews have enough room to live in Israel. Then, at some future time, two-thirds of these Jews will be killed, and the other third will convert to belief in Christ. Then, Christ comes back. Hallelujah! Christ returns on the heels of the slaughter of millions!

Nothing hateful about wanting this to happen, of course. Just like it is fine to starve and otherwise genocide a few million Palestinians.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day, and Have Faith in the Face of Atheist Mocking

Gee, thanks, Catholic Church! The atheists are having a field day over your pedophile antics!

And right behind the Archarya S's, the Mike Riveros, the Richard Dawkins's, and the Madelyn Murray O'Hares, is Satan, laughing and going "Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!" all the way.

I can just see Rivero, with his What Really Happened site, rubbing his hands with glee that surely if there was a God He would strike down these monsters, but since they haven't been struck down it must mean there is no God after all!

And Archarya S of "Zeitgeist Part 1" fame claiming if there really was a Christ and not some Horus "son" (sun) god "dying" on the Southern Cross (the cross, that is) and not just a myth, then Pope Benedict XVI would be standing before Him right now in judgment. Or, at least, the Pope would be excommunicated.

In actual fact, if wouldn't blame Catholics if they left their church right now, and I wouldn't even blame them if they lost their faith.

I would not have blamed various Protestants for leaving their denominations after all the various sex abusing TV and megachurch preachers being exposed over the years. I would not have blamed followers of various "prophets" for leaving their leaders after various "end times scenarios" failed to come to fruition.

After all, who can forget during the so-called "Babylonian Captivity" (when the Pope moved his seat from Rome to Avignon in the Middle Ages, it is claimed, to partake in pleasures that could not be had in Rome) when various forgeries were created to claim the Pope's dominion over various Islamic places, or the Inquisition, when true believers like Huss were persecuted and early Protestants and even Jews were burned at the stake, or Pope Boniface VIII, whose Satanic acts were recorded so wonderfully by Dante in his "Inferno."

Compared to these, the pedophile priests of Roman Catholicism seem mundane, much of it caused by the fact that priests can't marry and have kids of their own. Put simply, people who are not allowed to have sex in the regular way will have sex in other ways. It is human nature to have sex. Considering there are still priests and nuns who live up to their celibacy is even more amazing than the fact that some nuns have been raped by brothers and priests or that some priests have had sex with altar boys.

But let the atheist reading this post tell me that it is okay for atheists to sin, just because they don't think they'll be held accountable, but it is not okay for priests to do so (and it IS NOT okay for priests to do so! But priests are human, so they will sin no matter what they do). And let the atheist reading this tell me that Catholic authorities have committed more atrocities than their fellow atheists throughout history.

Yes, the Catholics have millions, perhaps, who were murdered in the Inquisition, millions, maybe, murdered in the New World who would not "convert or die," and millions, maybe, who died as "collateral damage" during the Crusades, and maybe a few million more for various corrupt reasons. Add to that millions who have died under corruptions committed by Protestants (starving of the Irish, giving smallpox to the Natives in the US, Canada, Down Under, etc.). I don't have the figures but it is well into the millions.

But the atheists have (leaving out ancient history) the millions killed by the Mongols, Stalin's roughly 50 million Ukrainians/Russian dissidents in the gulags, and a few more millions by Stalin's successors, Hitlers millions of Jews, Gypsys, Communists, Christians, dissident Germans, etc, int he 30s and 40s, Pol Pot's 2 million or one-third Cambodia's population, the Kims of North Korea, several million including those who are starving as I write, millions of Africans either starving or dying of disease or being worked to death in Coltan mines in places like the Congo and the Central African Republic or dying in various "revolutions" there using child soldiers, under the various African dictators, the millions of natives in the New World during the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca Empires who died as slaves or as human sacrifices to "the gods." Well, yeah, but some were pagans and not atheists. Now tell me, what's the difference? Whether you worship a pagan god or "science" or "the flying spaghetti monster" or "rationa lman" or nothing at all makes no difference. If you just include the millions killed by the Communists (Stalin and Mao especially) you likely have at least 150 million.

Even if the Christians killed the same number in corruption of His Word, does this make it less hypocritical to be an atheist?

Yet, if it is the "mission" of the atheist to drive believers away from Christ, then I do indeed have issues with you!

Is that what you are doing, Mr. Rivero?

Then it is the God you don't believe in getting Satan (see Job Chapter 2 for verification that Satan does the Will of God) to move you on this "mission." Please, Mike, give credit where credit is due! Alas, if you don't believe in God you likely don't believe Satan exists, either.

Further, 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11 talks about God sending "strong delusion" to those who believe the lie that God does not exist and Christ does not exist, either, and never did, and was not resurrected and sent to save all mankind.

It is my hope and prayer that NO BELIEVER falls under the strong delusion that just because some priests and preachers are corrupted by Satan and do unspeakable acts, it means God and Christ and the Holy Spirit do not now, and will not ever, and never have existed and there is no plan for salvation, after all. Just as it is my hope and prayer that all those priests or whoever in the Catholic church who have done these acts or are covering them up, repent.

As Bob Marley once sang: "There is no hiding place from the Father of creation."

Happy Resurrection Day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not Fair, That God!

Heard a sermon today, oh boy...

Not about 5,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, either...

Some call it the "Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard" and some call it the "Parable of the Owner of the Vineyard." This is in Matthew 20, where the landowner goes out and hires workers, starting at 6 am, and every three hours or so hires a bunch more, with the final workers hired at 5 pm. The foreman is to give each laborer, regardless of when he was hired, a denarius. Well, at 6 pm, the foreman gives the 5 pm crew their denarius, all the way down the line until the 6 am crew is paid, and having worked all day getting the same wage is the folks who only worked an hour, complained. Not fair, they thought. However, these early birds did accept the contract, no?

Now God is the landowner. Christ is the foreman. The wage is eternal salvation. The land or vineyard is the world during this age (some call it the Church Age).

Now, who are the 6 am laborers? The 5 pm laborers? There could be several possibilities.

The 6 am folks are the disciples and apostles, the earliest followers of Christ. The 5 pm folks are believers of today (or tomorrow...depending on when God decides to bring on the "End Times.")


The 6 am folks are folks who become Christians early in life, and then go out and evangelize or become preachers or Christian school teachers or missionaries--all right after their teen years or even in their teen years. Spoke to a young man in our home school group that plans to go to Abilene Christian University and become some sort of Christian youth group leader or something.

The 5 pm folks become Christians late in life or nearly on their deathbeds. They have dome virtually nothing to advance the cause of the Body of Christ, and yet they get the same reward as those who work nearly their whole lives to advance Christ.


The 6 am folks are the early believers who are mostly Jews, before Paul goes out and begins the conversion of the Gentiles. The 5 pm folks are also...the Jews, who, at the very end of the millennial age, will have Christ and His Word written on their hearts, as prophesied in the Old Testament. Meanwhile, the 9 am, noon, and 3 pm workers are all us Gentile believers and the present day Messianic Jews.

It is not "the eleventh hour" yet, is it? Is this where the notion of "the eleventh hour" comes from? As the eleventh hour, the crisis reached its head...

I'm not hear to debate whether the "eleventh hour" is "the rapture" or the end of the Church Age or the time of the Battle of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38 and Revelation 20, after Satan is loosed from the Bottomless Pit).

But I've heard some Christians who have been so for their entire lives believers in salvation through Christ only complain about doing Christ's work their entire lives and not getting more bang for the buck, so to speak, than those who became "Johnny Come Lately" believers. And I've even heard of preachers who do God's work complaining they get the same salvation as those who believe but never go further than attending Church on Sunday.

Doesn't seem fair, does it? But it "wasn't fair," either, that Christ had to be tortured, pillaried, and forced to carry a cross more massive than He was up some mountainside, and then nailed and crucified so that we could get that wage of salvation, now was it?

Thank you, God, that you don't play by human rules of "fairness," otherwise not a one of us would ever be saved!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Christian Unity Would Be Wonderful, But...

We are all supposed to be the Body of Christ, right?

Well, we should be.

Unfortunately, not everyone who calls himself or herself a Christian actually follows the words of Christ. I will admit here that even I still sin, and so does every other Christian. I am no saint, that is for sure...but whether I'm a "saint" or not is for Christ to decide.

Now we ought to all agree on the fact that in order to be "saved" we must claim Christ as our Savior and do what He says to do. Yet, not everyone who calls himself a Christian believes this.

My big too-doo with Christian Zionists has a lot to do with two things: one, their absolute refusal to side with their Palestinian and Jewish fellow Christians because they are stuck in "we must bless Israel" mode, and, even more agregious, their refusal to see that Jews MUST accept Christ as well as Gentiles. Don't they understand that if they tell Jews the Jews DO NOT have to accept Christ as their Savior, that they are contributing to the condemnation of Jews? If they love Jews so much, how can they do this???

(Note: Maybe they, in fact, hate Jews! And, since they also hate Arabs, they just might be the worlds most numerous anti-Semites!)

My big too-doo with Christian Identity is also two-fold: I will not side with racist doctrine, and, two, I will not side with Christians who place the Old Testament ahead of the words of Christ. I cannot find one Identity Christian who can site any scripture from the Gospels, but boy do they think they know the Old Testament!

My big too-doo with Catholics is their Mary worship and their rituals. My big too-doo with dispensationalists is their love of war, death, and destruction because all they care about is being "raptured." Reminds me of a Dire Straits song: "salvation for nothing, trip for free." My big too-doo with Unitarians is that their really is a trinity which is also a unity, and my big too-doo with Universalists is that there really is condemnation. (Note: yes, all things do get reconciled to God, but how would you like it knowing that while perhaps the one-percent of good you have gets reconciled, the 99 percent of you that is sinful doesn't? Just because I don't buy into the "hell for eternity" argument, doesn't mean I don't buy into the Lake of Fire argument!). And then I have disputes with other groups and even mainline denominations that come up with unsound doctrines.

Yes, I would love it if all Christians took sound doctrines to their hearts. But, until all Christians do, I won't compromise for the sake of unity. Unsound doctrine is unsound doctrine and there is no way around that.