Friday, January 29, 2010

Christian Unity Would Be Wonderful, But...

We are all supposed to be the Body of Christ, right?

Well, we should be.

Unfortunately, not everyone who calls himself or herself a Christian actually follows the words of Christ. I will admit here that even I still sin, and so does every other Christian. I am no saint, that is for sure...but whether I'm a "saint" or not is for Christ to decide.

Now we ought to all agree on the fact that in order to be "saved" we must claim Christ as our Savior and do what He says to do. Yet, not everyone who calls himself a Christian believes this.

My big too-doo with Christian Zionists has a lot to do with two things: one, their absolute refusal to side with their Palestinian and Jewish fellow Christians because they are stuck in "we must bless Israel" mode, and, even more agregious, their refusal to see that Jews MUST accept Christ as well as Gentiles. Don't they understand that if they tell Jews the Jews DO NOT have to accept Christ as their Savior, that they are contributing to the condemnation of Jews? If they love Jews so much, how can they do this???

(Note: Maybe they, in fact, hate Jews! And, since they also hate Arabs, they just might be the worlds most numerous anti-Semites!)

My big too-doo with Christian Identity is also two-fold: I will not side with racist doctrine, and, two, I will not side with Christians who place the Old Testament ahead of the words of Christ. I cannot find one Identity Christian who can site any scripture from the Gospels, but boy do they think they know the Old Testament!

My big too-doo with Catholics is their Mary worship and their rituals. My big too-doo with dispensationalists is their love of war, death, and destruction because all they care about is being "raptured." Reminds me of a Dire Straits song: "salvation for nothing, trip for free." My big too-doo with Unitarians is that their really is a trinity which is also a unity, and my big too-doo with Universalists is that there really is condemnation. (Note: yes, all things do get reconciled to God, but how would you like it knowing that while perhaps the one-percent of good you have gets reconciled, the 99 percent of you that is sinful doesn't? Just because I don't buy into the "hell for eternity" argument, doesn't mean I don't buy into the Lake of Fire argument!). And then I have disputes with other groups and even mainline denominations that come up with unsound doctrines.

Yes, I would love it if all Christians took sound doctrines to their hearts. But, until all Christians do, I won't compromise for the sake of unity. Unsound doctrine is unsound doctrine and there is no way around that.

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