Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day, and Have Faith in the Face of Atheist Mocking

Gee, thanks, Catholic Church! The atheists are having a field day over your pedophile antics!

And right behind the Archarya S's, the Mike Riveros, the Richard Dawkins's, and the Madelyn Murray O'Hares, is Satan, laughing and going "Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!" all the way.

I can just see Rivero, with his What Really Happened site, rubbing his hands with glee that surely if there was a God He would strike down these monsters, but since they haven't been struck down it must mean there is no God after all!

And Archarya S of "Zeitgeist Part 1" fame claiming if there really was a Christ and not some Horus "son" (sun) god "dying" on the Southern Cross (the cross, that is) and not just a myth, then Pope Benedict XVI would be standing before Him right now in judgment. Or, at least, the Pope would be excommunicated.

In actual fact, if wouldn't blame Catholics if they left their church right now, and I wouldn't even blame them if they lost their faith.

I would not have blamed various Protestants for leaving their denominations after all the various sex abusing TV and megachurch preachers being exposed over the years. I would not have blamed followers of various "prophets" for leaving their leaders after various "end times scenarios" failed to come to fruition.

After all, who can forget during the so-called "Babylonian Captivity" (when the Pope moved his seat from Rome to Avignon in the Middle Ages, it is claimed, to partake in pleasures that could not be had in Rome) when various forgeries were created to claim the Pope's dominion over various Islamic places, or the Inquisition, when true believers like Huss were persecuted and early Protestants and even Jews were burned at the stake, or Pope Boniface VIII, whose Satanic acts were recorded so wonderfully by Dante in his "Inferno."

Compared to these, the pedophile priests of Roman Catholicism seem mundane, much of it caused by the fact that priests can't marry and have kids of their own. Put simply, people who are not allowed to have sex in the regular way will have sex in other ways. It is human nature to have sex. Considering there are still priests and nuns who live up to their celibacy is even more amazing than the fact that some nuns have been raped by brothers and priests or that some priests have had sex with altar boys.

But let the atheist reading this post tell me that it is okay for atheists to sin, just because they don't think they'll be held accountable, but it is not okay for priests to do so (and it IS NOT okay for priests to do so! But priests are human, so they will sin no matter what they do). And let the atheist reading this tell me that Catholic authorities have committed more atrocities than their fellow atheists throughout history.

Yes, the Catholics have millions, perhaps, who were murdered in the Inquisition, millions, maybe, murdered in the New World who would not "convert or die," and millions, maybe, who died as "collateral damage" during the Crusades, and maybe a few million more for various corrupt reasons. Add to that millions who have died under corruptions committed by Protestants (starving of the Irish, giving smallpox to the Natives in the US, Canada, Down Under, etc.). I don't have the figures but it is well into the millions.

But the atheists have (leaving out ancient history) the millions killed by the Mongols, Stalin's roughly 50 million Ukrainians/Russian dissidents in the gulags, and a few more millions by Stalin's successors, Hitlers millions of Jews, Gypsys, Communists, Christians, dissident Germans, etc, int he 30s and 40s, Pol Pot's 2 million or one-third Cambodia's population, the Kims of North Korea, several million including those who are starving as I write, millions of Africans either starving or dying of disease or being worked to death in Coltan mines in places like the Congo and the Central African Republic or dying in various "revolutions" there using child soldiers, under the various African dictators, the millions of natives in the New World during the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca Empires who died as slaves or as human sacrifices to "the gods." Well, yeah, but some were pagans and not atheists. Now tell me, what's the difference? Whether you worship a pagan god or "science" or "the flying spaghetti monster" or "rationa lman" or nothing at all makes no difference. If you just include the millions killed by the Communists (Stalin and Mao especially) you likely have at least 150 million.

Even if the Christians killed the same number in corruption of His Word, does this make it less hypocritical to be an atheist?

Yet, if it is the "mission" of the atheist to drive believers away from Christ, then I do indeed have issues with you!

Is that what you are doing, Mr. Rivero?

Then it is the God you don't believe in getting Satan (see Job Chapter 2 for verification that Satan does the Will of God) to move you on this "mission." Please, Mike, give credit where credit is due! Alas, if you don't believe in God you likely don't believe Satan exists, either.

Further, 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11 talks about God sending "strong delusion" to those who believe the lie that God does not exist and Christ does not exist, either, and never did, and was not resurrected and sent to save all mankind.

It is my hope and prayer that NO BELIEVER falls under the strong delusion that just because some priests and preachers are corrupted by Satan and do unspeakable acts, it means God and Christ and the Holy Spirit do not now, and will not ever, and never have existed and there is no plan for salvation, after all. Just as it is my hope and prayer that all those priests or whoever in the Catholic church who have done these acts or are covering them up, repent.

As Bob Marley once sang: "There is no hiding place from the Father of creation."

Happy Resurrection Day!