Thursday, December 16, 2010

So, what is a Christian Outreach?

There is this big controversy in the small church I go to.

The pastor there explained that an organization called "Smile Train," which is NOT a "Christian" organization because its leadership is NOT composed of a ministry (in other words, its leadership is in the secular realm) or its leadership is NOT sponsored by a church, while it might help children in Third World countries get their cleft pallets repaired for the nominal sum of $250 per surgery and where NOT ONE DIME of this money goes for "administrative" costs--all of it goes to pay for one surgery--it is NOT a Christian Outreach!

Therefore, our small church DOES NOT HAVE A CHRISTIAN OUTREACH! Shame on us!

Therefore, we have to find an organization run by a Christian Church Ministry out of some kind of Christian Church for us to have a Christian Outreach.

In other words, the pastor at our church says that an organization doing God's Work by repairing cleft pallets in children in poverty stricken areas, for children that heretofore were shunned by their parents and shunned in their communities and mocked and harassed and would maybe otherwise be left to starve on their own...children that had their pallets not been repaired might never have an opportunity to learn about the saving power of Jesus Christ, IS NOT A CHRISTIAN MINISTRY even though sponsorship of "Smile Train" was begun in our church by our Children's Church which had at one time been attended by my son and also my daughter and other young children led by a very wonderful woman neighbor of ours.

This pastor said that unless our church had a "Christian Ministry" our church would "fall apart."

And who knows? Because he has, by his words of shame on us, driven off more members than he had already driven off (be saying, among other things, that Catholics aren't Christians) with his "shame on us" talk, he might be right.

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