Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is This The End Times? I Suspect We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network and has the aforementioned linked article having to do with "Mystery Babylon" (that is, Israel) trying to destroy the planet, themselves included if necessary. I am not here to argue whether Israel is Mystery Babylon (or as some say, the AntiChrist) or not. But his timeline is interesting. Read the article for his timeline.

In the midst of all this is the notion that the End Times are a-comin'. But if you take Christ at His word, surely we ain't seen nothing yet. Now there is--again, for the umpteenth time!--rumors of war on Iran. Then Syria, blah, blah, blah. The rumors might actually be true this time, with some rumors almost bordering on the ridiculous (such as this very strange Gordon Duff article on Iran and Israel staging a phony war to drive up oil prices, predicated on the notion that Israel's leaders and Iran's Imams and leaders have shorted oil stocks! Interesting notion, but does anyone actually believe that once Israel invades Iran the killing will stop?)Yet, what does Christ say?

Mark 13:7--"And when ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet."

He also said, and I paraphrase:

1. Nation against nation (Gentiles, that is) and Kingdom against kingdom, earthquakes, famines, troubles (verse 8). We have a lot of this sorta thing.

2. Christians will be persecuted, beaten in synagogues, trials in front of rulers for His sake so that we can testify against them. (verse 9). We have a lot of this sorta thing, mostly in the non-western world.

3. The gospel must be "published" (did Christ really say "published"?) among all nations. But is this now the case? Are there some undiscovered tribes somewhere who have never heard the Word of God?

4. When persecuted the Holy Spirit will put words into your mouth (verse 10). I imagine this sorta thing happens a lot. Think of persecuted Israeli Messianic Christian Zvi Kalisher dealing with spitting rabbis. He amazes me, his quoting the Bible the way he can.

5. Brothers and sisters and children and parents will betray each other, to death. (verse 12) Further, believers will be hated of ALL MEN for His name's sake, BUT HE THAT ENDURES UNTIL THE END WILL BE SAVED (verse 13). It does not say he that endures until the rapture! It says until the end.

THIS is when "the end" comes! (Mark 13: 29)

6. Verse 14: "But when ye shall see the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing where it ought not, then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains." The verse referred to is Daniel 9:27, when (supposedly) the "AntiChrist" confirms a covenant with "many" (that is, Gentiles) for "one week" (that is, seven years), and in the midst of the week he (the AntiChrist?) shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease (in the Temple in Jerusalem?) and then "overspread" the inner sanctum where offerings to God had been offered, and, presumably, they will be again (?), that is, overspread with desolation, until "the consumation" (presumably the "second coming.")

If indeed the Temple in Jerusalem is supposed to be rebuilt since it was destroyed in 70 AD and now a Muslim mosque stands at that site, the Temple Mount (?), and since there is still no "Temple" at that site (because first Israel must ethnically cleanse every last Palestinian out of the country, and then reclaim the Temple Mount, take out the mosque and rebuild the Temple), then I would say that if Pike's (and most others) interpretation is correct, then we ain't even close to "the end."

Besides which, Christ also says in verses 19 and 20 that the "affliction" that will happen at "the end" will be unlike anything the people and the planet has ever seen (even worse than Noah's flood!), and not only that, but in order to save even a small remnant of believers, Jewish and Gentile, those "end times days" will have to be shortened, the death and destruction will be so bad!

In other words, we ain't seen nothin' yet! Unfortunately, it seems we are rushing headlong into it...

Friday, September 16, 2011

We Are To Seek The Truth In ALL Things!

True Christians KNOW the Word of God is in the Bible--IT IS THE BIBLE--and this Word is the hallmark and bastion of truth. Yet while we seek the truth in the Bible the command is seek the truth in ALL things.

Seek the truth in all news events, in all things folks say, in all media coverages, in all works, period.

You have "9-11 Truthers," but want to I seek the truth in all things--hard as that may be when human beings are pretty much programmed to lie either by the institutions or by living through not taking responsibility, pretty much helped by the "father of lies," who gets permission from God to do Job if you're not sure, then read Second Thessalonians Chapter 2 verses 8-11 about the "strong delusions" God sends those who "believe a lie."

I am NOT a member of any "9-11 Truth" group mostly because I do not think amny of these folks really want the truth...they just think they do! Proof of this "they think they want the truth but they really don't" is what some of these folks come up with: "Israel did 9-11;" "Bush did 9-11" (the "Inside Job" crowd); "the government (but not necessarily Bush) did 9-11" (more "Inside Job" folks); "the CIA, using the bogus group Al Qaida, did 9-11" (there is some validity to this but these folks tend to over-simplify it); "the Illumiati did 9-11" (using holograms and missles, not planes--it is these folks who give the whole 9-11 truth movement a black eye) other words, completely denying the truth that rogue elements from the CIA, Al Qaida, various intel services including the Mossad, and various other rogue US and foreign government officials either did 9-11 or didn't try to stop it.

My position at this point, as I do not know the whole truth about 9-11? I am a LIHOP-er: Let It Happen On Purpose.

The US government let it happen on purpose, to instigate war against various oil-producing countries, opium-producing countries (Afghanistan, the world's number one supplier of opium for heroin...a DEA friend told me several times about how the CIA with some DEA help ran drugs in and out of Vietnam, South and Central America, Asia, and right now with rule by a govt. installed by NATO, Afghanistan is the world's number one supplier of opium! How could this be, if NATO was running the country? Thus this is no coincidence.), countries that do not "do what they are told" (such as Libya and Iraq--both Saddam and Qaddafi wanted to take their oil off the dollar standard, and both Libya and Iraq have some of the biggest supplies of water in the Middle East and North Africa...there is a certain Middle-East country right now that will try to steal water by any means possible...they tried it against Lebanon's Litani River in 2006, and this country is run in part by religious fanatics whose "holy book" tells them it is OK to steal resources from "the nations" if you know what I mean.), and countries that just might side with "our enemies" unless "we" "bring them back into the fold." And let's not forget their other purpose: to end liberty here at home and to get us to like it, not to mention the fear they want to instill in us.

In terms of Americans, anyway, what the folks who did 9-11 ultimately--and God will let them do it, it is His Will--want to do is to have folks who would normally be expected to worship God, worship the State instead.

I mean, what's not to like about worshiping the State? The State provides "schools and hospitals, roads and bridges." The State provides welfare payments, Social Security payments, Medicare, Medicaid, National and State Parks, Local governments, Resource Management, Holidays, Sports and Entertainment (in the sense that no sports league or event can take place without government permission, and the same goes for entertainment...don't movie theaters need licenses to exist? You know what I mean). The State provides Public TV and FCC licenses for all radio and TV programming. The State even provides "press releases" and "press briefings" and even Q&A sessions with reporters (approved by the govt. of course, or else Helen Thomas would still be reporting) so that the media can tell Americans what and how to think! And let's not forget the media also tells Americans what drugs to take when they are sad about something. Can't have folks showing any emotion after all.

And you want to know why so few Americans think anymore! Why think when someone else can do the thinking for you?! And where's the Zoloft? Who needs liberty?

I have seen poll after poll claiming now that, after ten or more years of constant "war on terror," Americans are getting tired of war. Now that may be true, but I'm not really completely buying it: Lawrence Vance, a writer for, has made a case over the years that Americans love war, and I agree. Americans have made war since it's founding! Washington? Lets kill "the Indians." Adams? "Lets kill more Indians and make war on Canada to boot!" Jefferson? Not enough dead Indians. Madison? Not enough dead Indians, and now that we have the Louisiana Purchase, lets kill even more! Monroe and his Doctrine? Andrew Jackson and the Trail of get the picture...somewhere many Americans were thrilled with the slaughter of someone, and seriously, I don't think Americans have changed much.

It is no surprise to me that many Americans hate Muslims. I did not say "don't like" Muslims. I did not say "dislike" Muslims or "don't trust" Muslims. I said HATE. While I do not think most Americans think "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim," it likely isn't too far from that. Nor do I think that if a typical American met a Muslim-American, that typical American would simply beat that person up for no reason. Not do I think that if a typical American met a Muslim he would immediately say the "F-word" and give the guy a finger or something like that. It is just that most Americans would say "hello" and be done with other words they would get as far away from that Muslim as they could and have no further contact.

I mean, how many typical Americans have even one Muslim acquaintence (let alone friend)? How many typical Americans have even met a Muslim other than perhaps at a workplace? As with Jews, Muslims tend to congregate in certain places, have their mosques, and live separately from everyone else--and everyone else likes it that way! I would take it that less than one percent of non-Muslim Americans have ever read any part of the Koran; thus they have no idea what's in it and believe whatever a Glen Beck or a Bill O'Reilly say what's in the Koran. I 'm not saying Americans should read the Koran. What I am saying is that unless it is clear that a particular Muslim wants to harm them or the country, stop hating all folks who just happen to be Muslim!

And how do you know that "Muslim-looking guy" is a Muslim? Who knows? He might be a Jew from Israel! Remember the scene from "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" when some Israeli-American shop owner told some Palestinian-American shop owner that "yes, everyone hates us too because they think we are you"?

For one thing, your hate obfuscates the truth that most of the time Muslims just want to be left alone and that every so often the doers of dirty deeds in and out of the government get some patsy--usually now a Muslim, one who has some bad feelings about this country because some jackass "patriot" beat him up once just because he looked Muslim!--to do some "terrorist" act (which is in fact a false flag op that is not designed to work or is just a set-up).

Then, of course, some Christians want to kill more Muslims even more! Why do you think I write here about Christians stopping the hating? When you hate you are too blinded to seek the truth and when you seek revenge you ignore what Christ said: love your enemies.

But back to 9-11. Who do I think did it (so far)? Rogues. Rogue CIA. Rogue FBI. Rogue Mossad. Rogue Al Qaida. Rogue government agents. Rogue government officials. Rogue airport security folks (who allowed the 19 "Arabs with box cutters" onto the planes). Rogue Wall Street types (put options on AA and United). Various others who wanted a "new Pearl Harbor" to instigate war (yes, PNAC, I am calling you out!) and destroy liberty here at home. All these rogues worked together in concert doing their part. Criminals and Psychopaths in and out of the US and foreign governments, militaries, intel services, and industries. Still, even though this covers a multitude of possibilities, I still want the truth about who, how and why they did it.

Yet, I forgive those of you who did it...that way, I can't hate you guys anymore and it'll help me seek the truth in this. That is what I did this past September 11: forgive the perpetrators, even if I still don't know who these perpetrators were.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

True Christians Should NOT Favor Dominionism

It is Presidential Politics Season once again. And, once again, various (usually left wing) pundits are claiming that candidates Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and maybe others in the Republican Party side are "Dominionists." That is, they want to turn the USA into a Christians Theocracy.

Bachmann? Sure about that? Isn't she Jewish? Of course I could be wrong.

Perry? Is Texas a theocracy?

But anyway...

The left crying "Dominionist!" in a crowded political theatre is throwing various Democrat-leaning folks into a frenzy. Honestly, if Dominionism is what you are worried about, only Sarah Palin should worry you--she really is a Dominionist.

Rick Perry surely isn't, but he's doing what Republican politicos always do when they need votes: sucker the Evangelical Right into thinking that he is "God's Candidate." And, of course--it looks for now, anyway--the "suckers" are falling for it again. Perry supposedly leads all other Republican candidates. But Perry just entered the race...when even Evangelicals find out that he tried to force Texas teen girls to take Gardasil, told TSA it's okay to grope Texans, and loves illegal aliens coming across the border (or through his sponsored Trans-Texas Corridor), then maybe even his so-called anti-abortion and anti-gay positions won't help him! Not even the MSM's ignoring Ron Paul will help him if enough of these Evangelicals lose their jobs, homes, and savings.

So, likelihood is we won't actually see Dominionism in the USA any time soon. But should we want it?

Dominionism means we get some sort of theocracy under men and it means girls must wear dresses and skirts and men must wear belts on their pants and no tats, right? Let's bring back Prohibition while we're at it. If we ever got such a thing, it'll last four years, minus. Won't work. Sorry, Sarah--not even if you get some kinda morality police out after us. And these are the same folks worried about Sharia Law?

And another thing. The Talmudic Jews won't stand for it. According to their Noahide Laws, Number Two to be exact, worship of Christ as God is verboten, as in "you will be put to death." All of which means that (if many are correct and a certain Jewish-majority country in the Middle East really does run our govt.) since Israel would never allow it, it ain't happening.

But anyway...

Do you, Christian, actually want men--not Christ, but men--telling you how to dress, forcing you to go to church, forcing you to tithe, telling you how to wear your hair, forcing your kid into some kinda "Jesus Camp" (where kids "pray" to, say, whoever is president like the Jesus Camp movie kids prayed to George W. Bush), what to drink (no alcohol--and no smoking either), and forcing (a la Inquisition) "conversions"? Do you hate Muslims so much that you would support the end of freedom of religion? The same could go for any other religion, or no religion.

And another thing: read Romans and both Corinthians...we have freedom in Christ, and do not need some political leader throwing Romans 13 at us trying to get us to cover our knees with a skirt or wear button-down shirts instead of T-shirts. Or worse: bully some girl because she wears an abiyah or man because he wears a "rag" on his head. Or worse: nuke some "Arab" country in the name of Christ.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Okay, okay...Enough of the Christian Zionist Bashing!

There. I've said it. I will no longer bash Christian Zionists.

Remember when I said, and I'll paraphrase, Christian Zionism is the main enemy of Christianity today? Not Islam, not the Talmud, but Christian Zionism. I said it, and it is easy enough to say that I said it because I made a post about the main enemy of Christianity today and I mentioned all the enemies of Christianity today (such as Islam and the Talmud) but in the end I said it was Christian Zionism. That is because it just seemed to me at the time, what with all the Israel-worship of a few Christian-Zionist/politcal leaders like John Hagee, with their refusal to denounce Israel's poor treatment of Palestinian Christians and the churches in Gaza and the West Bank, that the leadership of Christian Zionism was doing a very evil thing in the name of Christians everywhere and of course in the name of Jesus Christ--and that I wanted to completely denounce Christian Zionism because of this.

The thing is, by way of association I was also denouncing Christian Zionists. I mean, really...who wouldn't conclude that in denouncing Christian Zionism I wasn't also denouncing Christian Zionists?

That is why from here on in I will NOT BE DENOUNCING CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS!

Now, as for denouncing Christian ZiomISM--instead of denouncing Christian ZionISM, I can still denounce enmity toward our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ. I can also denounce bad treatment of not only Palestinian Christians but also Palestinian Muslims. I am supposed to admire the willful starvation of Palestinians just because 90 percent or more are Muslim?? Oh really?? Is that what Christ taught us? Now let Hagee or anyone else who believes in starving Palestinian Muslims find anywhere in the Old or New Testaments where Christ said hate your enemies. I can still denounce putting another nation--Israel, or even the United States or any other country--ahead of Christ or on the same level as Christ. I can still denounce the agenda behind promoting false beliefs, and I still believe "the rapture" and "dispensationalism" are false beliefs, but even moreso is the agenda of death and destruction that goes along with these beliefs, particularly when it comes to two-thirds of world Jewry that some folks want to see happen as "proof" that Christ is coming back. I will still denounce the notion of some Christians of loving Israel but hating Jews. I will still denounce what some believe as "Biblical prophecy being fulfilled with the 1948 creation" of Israel, because yes, the creation of Israel in 1948 DOES fulfill Biblical prophecy! (Gee, does that statement make me a Christian Zionist? Some would say it does!)--but it does NOT fulfill the prophecies some say it does! It fulfills other prophecies, but not, say, Daniel 9:27, for instance.

So that since "bashing" Christian Zionists is divisive and does nothing to serve the cause of promoting the Word of God (let alone evangelism), and in fact could cause some to leave the Body of Christ, I will no longer say anything negative about Christian Zionists, but will instead let the Holy Spirit guide me into helping them to put Christ first, second, and third, and more. For as long as they love Christ and profess love of Christ more than Israel or anything else, then there isn't a whole lot that I can do to "save" them since they clearly are already saved.

God Owns the Earth, Not the Banksters, Not the Oligarchs, Not the Power Elites (Though They Think they Do)

I saw a very interesting post on IntelHub today, Tuesday, July 5, 2011, titled "How Bankers Own the Earth and Then Some."

Well, I'll concede they own "and then some."

But God owns the Earth, period, end of story. Here is why.

1. God created the Earth. If you buy into the "Big Bang Theory," then , pray tell, what got the Big Bang going? Thomas Aquinas, in 11-something or 12-something, called it the "Theory of First Causes," and God is the First Cause. Some call this guy a Saint but was he really a believer?

2. In patent law, when you create something you own it, unless you die and the patent revert to something else or it become free public domain. Which means that since God ain't dead (despite what Madeline Murray O'Hare claims), God still owns the Earth.

3. If the banksters (or oligarchs or power elites) really owned the Earth, then when they did die, they'd be able to take it with them. The best they can do is to "pass it on" to their descendants. Well whoooop-tee-dooo! I can see the first Baron Rothschild, Amschel I think his name was--or was it Nathan?--or was it something else? (Shoot, if I can't even remember his name, then just how powerful was he anyway?)--telling his confederates or servants or whoever, "Now I will control the world! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! And after me, my descendants will control the world! Because I will no longer control it! Bwahahahahahaha!" Gee, what is Evelyn gonna do on his deathbed? Give control to his wife, Lynn Forrester? Bwahahahahahahaha!

4. If the banksters really owned the Earth, you'd think they would have had complete control of it by now after trying for several thousand years. But alas, though the world is tied money-wise to fiat debt currency--and don't tell me Iceland declared independence from it, their currency is still debt based!--the banksters still do not own the Earth. They just think they do, and they count on the peoples of the Earth to believe that they do!

5. Some Christians believe Satan controls the Earth. Yet, who controls Satan? If you don't know, read Job Chapter Two.

6. Control of the Earth implies control of everything on it or in it. So the banksters control worthless fiat debt-based currency. Now some will argue this (especially David Icke fans), but while they control "money" they don't control the weather. Some will say the CIA and it's "HAARP" project do...but rather, the weather is controlled--and this is scientifically proven, so that even you evolutionists can understand--by ocean currents, happenings in the atmosphere, and oh yeah! the sun, moon, and other natural phenomena. I would like to see HAARP, which supposedly created the earthquake-tsunami that hit Japan this past year, control the Jet Stream! Not to mention sun spots. Now that would be interesting!

7. If the banksters controlled the world, they would also be able to control all life on Earth. Heck, Monsanto--the "most evil corporation in the world," can't even control its own GMO plant constructs, including its Roundup and Roundup Ready products, which do not quite give the food yields that they advertise, or else farmers in India wouldn't be committing suicide over lack of crop yields! ConAgra is of course trying to produce factory farm animals that can put up with the most unsanitary and cruel living conditions on the planet through some sort of cloning or DNA alteration program. Well, that is probably going about as well as the CIA's pet projects like combining houseflies with pigs. Next they can create the man who stared at unicorns!

8. If the banksters controlled the world, then why in the blue blazes are they destroying it? Look at what they are sponsoring for profit: wars and more wars everywhere which not only kills people but ruins environments, national assets (think of the destruction of archeological sites at Babylon and Ur in Iraq after the "coalition of the willing" invasion in 2003), wildlife, sealife, plantlife, water supplies, etc., not to mention willful destruction of life for a profit to the point now where rainforests are a fraction of what they were and seas (think BPs destruction of parts of the Gulf of Mexico) are dying in places. One would think that the banksters, if they really owned the world, would take care of it because if profit was all they cared about you'd think they'd want to take care of the Earth to ensure more profits for them.

9. So, the banksters control the world...but who controls the banksters? Or, are the banksters like rings and there is "one ring to rule them all"? (Ever wonder why Tolkien's Sauron of Mordor is an "all seeing eye?" And is Rothschild--Evelyn, that is--that "one bankster that rules them all", and if so, who rules him? Or do you honestly think the first bankster Rothschild just made all this up by himself? (Or do you think the Talmud made him do it?) More likely, he was guided by "ol' scratch" himself. After all, it is said Rothschild was a "devil worshiper," and the "Illuminati" he inspired also are devil worshipers. But again if this is true then ask yourself who controls the devil?

10. If the banksters REALLY controlled the Earth they'd have found a way to remain immortal so that they really could control the Earth and not have to pass their wealth onto their descendants. But no. Evelyn de Rothschild is now an old man and so is his closest rival, bank-ownership-wise, David Rockefeller. In fact, ol' David, as rich as he is, still hasn't managed to find a way to make himself look even a little bit younger. He's in his 80s or 90s, and he looks it. The best these folks are gonna be able to do is clone themselves. Should be interesting. But God doesn't need cloning.

But then again, I don't expect non-believers--and surely the guy who wrote the above-cited article is a non-believer or else he would have known better--to get what I wrote above. They neither have eyes to see nor ears to hear. Further, they are not "in the world but not of the world." They are preparing for their earthly salvation, and that is it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another Way to Look at Romans 13: We Get the Government We Deserve

Obey the "authorities" Romans 13 says. Whereas the "authorities" back in Paul's day were the Roman emperors, now in the US it is those authorities authorized in the US Constitution, such that what gives these "authorities" authorization IS the Constitution--which mean (as the Supreme Law of the Land) the US Constitution IS the Authority, and the authority it gives to the "authorities."

Now, did God give the Constitution, its framers, and those who enforced it back in the 1790's and 1800's, this authority KNOWING that later "authorities" would completely destroy the Constitution's authority? I have no doubt that He did, just like I have no doubt that He KNEW Americans would lose vigilance over demanding the rule of law be kept and He also KNEW that in roughly 150 years or so Americans would give up their responsibility to maintain a free society.

So that as time went on, hastened by events in 1913 that no Americans were aware of (the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment [Income Taxes] which was NOT properly ratified...the two events go hand-in-hand because the IRS IS the enforcement arm of the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve Bank), Americans refused to stand for the Constitution and liberty, allowing themselves and thus allowing our leaders to become corrupted to the point they are now that they are wantonly and deliberately destroying the USA.

How did ordinary Americans let themselves become corrupted? Spending what they didn't have on items they didn't need and doing so because everyone else was, relying on men not on God, politicizing the Bible, lusting for death to bring about the "rapture," lusting for whatever those who are in the world AND are of the world lust after, thinking that partial birth abortion is okay because the Republicans approved of it, NOT loving and forgiving enemies as Christ demanded and NOT turning the other cheek, worshiping false idols including money--even the worthless fiat currency we have now, and more, much more. It is as if ordinary Americans emulated the elites, and in turn the elites emulated as well as set examples of corruption for Americans to follow. And some of this corruption is done in God's name.

And now that Americans are all mad about the economy and all, they are pointing fingers at bankers, oligarchs, Obama, Congress, and, according to one poll--God--but still refuse to point fingers at the person in the mirror.

Some--nay, many--are blaming God for this???

OKay, okay, God is the creator of evil (Isaiah 45:7), using Satan for various purposes to bring about evil deeds and to test our faith (see Job Chapter Two), but when a majority of poll takers blame God for what they themselves have let happen, it assures me that the corrupt and evil government, oligarch-run or not, owned by bankers or not, IS THE GOVERNMENT AMERICANS DESERVE. Period, end of story.

And when most Americans start blaming God for their ills, then how long will it be before they start blaming, then persecuting, then killing true Christians...and how many of these Christians will repudiate their Savior? In other words, saving their lives to lose their (eternal) lives?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

We May Soon Find Out Definitively If Dispensationalism and the Rapture Really Are Biblically Sound or Not

The link I will now provide leads to one of the most interesting articles anywhere that I have read in the past month or so: Israelis Prepare to Emmigrate and Palestinians to Return?

Now, if one is a dispensationalist and ESPECIALLY if one is a Christian Zionist, this is very very bad news! Here is why.

If this article is on to something, that means that many Israeli Jews are leaving Israel. In fact the article makes it clear that there are more Jews leaving Israel than are moving in as "settlers" (regardless of whether they are neo-Nazis or not, Talmud believers or not). Which means that for every Jew that John Hagee and his followers financially support to move to Israel so that eventually they (Hagee's followers, that is) will all be "raptured" outta here before God slaughters two-thirds of the world's Jews (see Zechariah 13:8), two Jews are leaving Israel! Well, that's about what the article fact it stresses that most Israeli Jews are getting second passports, mostly from the nation that they came out of in order to go to Israel. Some are getting American passports; that way they can have dual nationality. But anyway...

Regardless of why Jews are now leaving Israel, they are leaving or are preparing to leave, hence the second passports.

Now, if Israel is starting to lose its Jews, what does that say about the whole dispensationalist-rapture scenario that Christian Zionists cling to on the backs of the notion that God will wipe out two-thirds of the Jews in Israel? After all, these folks believe that the "count-down to the end times" occurred when the 1948 State of Israel was founded. That's what Hal Lindsey ("Late Great Planet Earth") and the authors of "Left Behind" and other megachurch pastors say, right? And even if they do not actually want the Jews to be killed, they still think the Bible says that the Jews must return to Israel in order for the end times scenario to take place. some say that if you add 70 years to 1948 (Daniel's 70 weeks) then around 2018 the end times will arrive, but some only include 69 years and others say 62 years, accounting for 7 years tribulation and then the "cut off" one year..I don't get this one, but anyway...

So that, if the Jews are leaving Israel WHEN IT IS "PROPHESIED" THAT THEY MUST RETURN TO ISRAEL in order for the end times to occur (and the "rapture"), then maybe the timeline is wrong--not the Bible's, but theirs! Maybe the Jews leaving Isreal is proof that dispensationalism is bogus.


Check this out. If the Jews are leaving Israel, then guess what? It becomes (as the Zionists claimed in order to usurp the land from its rightful owners) "a land without people for a people without land" and the Palestinians move back in!

A contradiction? Not necessarily, when you consider that most of the Jews that have come to Israel since 1948 are Ashkenazim, which some claim are not really Jews descended from Israel (the 12 tribes)...none other than Israeli historian Schlomo Sand has claimed that...but are converts originally from the Khazar empire (Arthur Koestler, who is Jewish I believe, made that claim first in his book "The Thirteenth Tribe"). Now if the Ashkenazim are NOT descended from the 12 tribes, and if the Palestinians owned the land prior to 1948 (or at least lived on it...the Turks owned much of it, at least according to Leon Uris in "The Haj") along with Sephardic Jews, then the only difference between "the Sephardic Jews" and "the Palestinians" was one of religion, with the Palestinians having converted either to Christianity or to Islam. Which would mean that the Palestinians just might have been Jews at one point before they converted, which might mean that THEY are the descendants of "God's Chosen," not Jewish converts, and that WHEN THE PALESTINIANS RETURN TO ISRAEL is when the "end times scenario" begins!

Or not. But we might find out real quick.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Resurrection Day Message for Christian Zionists

Look, Christians who love Israel at least as much as Christ, I will be very brief. I have already said about as much as I can about the fallacy of Christian Zionism, "the rapture," dispensationalism, "Left Behind," and the true meaning of Genesis 12:3. So I guess what I will do is present to you two videos you can watch wherein I prove my point that your "blessing Israel" is falling on waaaayyy toooo deaf ears and they are laughing at you as hard as they possibly could in Jewish Israel as they think of you this way: "What a schlemiel!"

I'll let you look that Yiddish word up...I doubt if you will find it in a Hebrew dictionary (oh, and, can you read Hebrew?)

so, without any further ado...


This is a popular Israeli comedy show shown recently in that country that explains how many if not most Israeli Jews feel about Christ.


This is a video including short vignettes from what various Israeli Jews say about Christ and Christians.

A Resurrection Day Message for Sabbath-Day Worshipers

To the webmaster of Who Is The Antichrist and the 100 or so other sites that promotes the idea that the Papacy is the Antichrist AND Mystery Babylon besides based on some very compelling arguments--and perhaps even actual fact (since I think the Bible makes it clear that the Antichrist is a bastardization of Christianity: "they came from us but never were of us"--and not Talmudic Judaism as some claim)--you make a good argument, but like so many believers--and I'm not exempting myself from this--you are looking for the speck in the eyes of Sunday churchgoers while ignoring the log in your own eye.

Thus, this message is for those who worship God on the Sabbath, most of whom belong to one Seventh-Day Adventist church or another.

I agree with you: Saturday, at least in this calendar we use, is the seventh day, no ifs, ands, or buts. Thus you all are perfectly right to worship God on Saturday, or, more perfectly, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. You are indeed following the Fourth Commandment; meanwhile, the rest of us, Sunday churchgoers, are not. We are indeed breaking the Fourth Commandment.

You, the author of the articles on the above site and your affiliates listed in your blogroll on the left or right side of your site, are correct in saying we must obey God as well as believe in Christ. For Jesus Himself said in His "two great Commandments" (which, of course, say the exact same things as the Ten Commandments): "Love God with your whole soul, mind, heart and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." This is not an exact quote but is close enough for the purpose of this message.

So that, you as a Saturday worshiper already have a head-start to Heaven over me, who goes to church on Sundays. But if you think that you are going straight to Heaven just because you worship on Saturdays while I am going straight to Hell because I do so on Sundays, I have news for you and all of your fellow Seventh-Day Adventists and like worshipers: Every one of the Ten Commandments is equal, period, end of story.

Now I have just admitted that I have broken the 4th Commandment by going to church on Sundays. But--and you all know this because you all seem to have as much or more spiritual discernment as I have--do you spend EVERY SINGLE WAKING MOMENT ON YOUR SATURDAYS worshiping God? You do not do one single ounce of work on Saturdays? Other than your church service, you spend the rest of your waking sundown-to-sundown reading and contemplating the Bible? Because, if not, YOU TOO ARE VIOLATING THE SABBATH! We are supposed to "rest in HIM," remember?

Further, do not tell me you never violate the other nine Commandments! You never take God's name in vain??? NEVER? You NEVER say "Goddammit" or " Lordy" or "Lord love a duck" or "Jesus wept" or "Chrissakes" or "Good Gosh Almighty" or even "Dangnabbit"?

You never violate the second Commandment. You never root for a sports team and you never wear the logo of the Dallas Cowboys, for example. Or the New York Yankees. Or Manchester United or Real Madrid or whatever. You do not have a favorite actor or singer or movie or book or author or philosopher and you do not ever ever ever want more money.

You never disobeyed your parents or thought they were screwy.

You never stole a pencil or pen from the office, and you never saw a penny or dime in the street and kept it.

You never saw a beautiful woman and reacted in even a little bit of a lustful way. Remember Christ said to even LOOK at another woman than your spouse in that way is a sin.

You never committed murder in your heart with hatred, let alone actually killed someone. If you were in the military that must have been hard to do.

You never wanted what your neighbor had, ever. You never said, Gee I wish I had that fill-in-the-blank.

Oh, and you never lied about someone else, or gossiped, or said anything about your neighbor that just might not be true.

But, at least with your Saturday worship, you've only broken nine of the Ten Commandments, whereas us Sunday worshipers have broken all ten. Good for you.

But just as Carl Sagan once said the number "googleplex" (a number so huge, he said, you couldn't fit it into the known universe, and is the number ten to the power of a google, which is ten to the power of 100) is no closer to infinity than the number one, then you are in fact no closer to Heaven than I am.

In fact proper discernment of the LAW of the Old Testament PROVES that NO MAN can obey all ten commandments--God even says so!--except for Christ. Our Savoir IS the only living being who has ever fulfilled all Ten Commandments at all times. Now, since that is true, Christ could have condemned every single Jew and every single Roman living in Galilee, Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and all over that area to the kind of condemnation you are assigning to everyone who attends church on Sundays unless they go to church on Saturdays. But He didn't. He only condemned the Pharisees, Priests, Scribes, Saducees and the rest of the religious authorities--He even said of the Roman soldiers and authorities to God, "Forgive them, they know not what they do." But He never would forgive the Pharisees, for the simple reason that since they followed (in their own minds, at least) the Mosaic Law, they could only be judged by God (guess where? the White Throne Judgment!) because God judges under the Law.

I think I would much rather be judged by Christ as my Advocate when Satan throws around the "she violated the Sabbath by worshiping on Sundays" (or, for so much of my walk toward Christ, not even on Sundays! Heck, we even tried the Saturday Sabbath thing at home several years ago but came to the realization that we were just going through the motions--kids have to eat and so I, as a woman, had to prepare something for them to eat and thus I "worked" on the Sabbath, and other things would happen like having to water the garden or fix a pipe that just broke, and other things that sound a lot like rescuing a donkey in the ditch even on the Sabbath (which Jesus chided the Pharisees for mocking the Sabbath by leaving a donkey in ditch because it was the Sabbath!) accusation. I guarantee it, when the Bema Seat judgment rolls around and God judges a believer's works, that "violating the Sabbath" bit WILL affect God's judgment, as will all the times I said "lordy" or "good gosh almighty" and the like, as will the fact that as a teen I was a bit of a rebel, as will various other violations of the Ten Commandments.

But where do you come off saying that unless I obey God's Commandments--in fact you are saying unless I go to church on Saturdays (because you know as well as I do that is the only thing that separates me from you)--I will not see Heaven? (I do agree with you about Hell, by the way...) do not forget--we are in the world but not of the world...but we are STILL in the world and we have to deal with it the best we can under the grace of Jesus Christ.

If you have never or do not now ever violate one of God's Ten Commandments and can prove it, let me know and I will apologize for this message.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So Maybe the Papacy IS the Anti-Christ: A Compelling Argument

For years I thought the Papacy was "Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots" (which Ted Pike believes is actually Talmudic Judaism) because of the scarlet and purple robes and whatnot worn by the Pope, Cardinals, and priests at large, and because sometime in the second century AD and beyond the organized Christian churches began to go astray, highlighted by Contantine's turning Christianity into the state religion of the Roman Empire, and, untimately, turning Reformation protestant denominations into similar whores that put someone or something else ahead of Christ.

And while a lot of what Pike says about Talmudic Judaism is true and it is easy to think present-day Israel could be the whore of Babylon, an equally and maybe even better case can be made for the Catholic Church holding that title.

And, in fact, the author of the article here, entitled "Who is the Anti-Christ makes an even better claim that the Papacy is indeed the Anti-Christ. His (or her) argument is strengthened by the fact that he or she actually identifies not only the four "beast" kingdoms in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 (Babylon, Mede-Persia, Greece, Rome), but also the "10 toes of iron and clay" or the ten kingdoms that come out of the Roman Empire, and, most importantly, the 3 that get uprooted by the "little horn," that is, the entity that would later be identified as "the Anti-Christ," or, as with Second Thessalonians, the "Son of Perdition" or "Man of sin" that would exalt himself as the same as the Most High God. To further back up this claim many original Catholic church writings are sited, including quotes by various Popes as to their "Divine Nature" as "God's Representatives on Earth," and includes the so-called Sacrament of Confession whereby a priest forgives sins (only God or Christ can forgive sins!If a priest could forgive sins then why the heck would God have asked His only Son to be the final sin offering???) And there is more here that could convince someone that the Pope is that Man of sin.

However, the hard part is that the author does NOT take the typical futurist (or atypical preterist) position on the end-times, but the rather rare "historicist" position in that the "1260 days" or "42 months" spoken of by Daniel and in Revelation is in fact 1260 years, beginning in 538 AD when the Papacy established Roman Catholicism as the state religion of the reconstituted Roman Empire and later Holy Roman Empire along with the rest of western Europe), and ending when Napoleon's brother captured the Pope in Rome in 1798--exactly 1260 years in time span.

The final kicker is that, as stated in Revelation, while the "Beast" (that is, the "anti-Christ") is "wounded" it comes back to life after a time (see Rev. 13:3-8).

Yet, "another beast" in Revelation 13:11-17 comes to the fore which causes "the earth and those that swell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed" and causes the followers to make an image to the first beast, or be killed, and causes all those who worship the beast to have a mark in the right hand or forehead.

So that, now we have TWO beasts, and if one is the Papacy, then the other is...

The second beast has "two horns like a lamb" and speaks like a dragon, as well as makes fire come down from heaven in the sight of men. Hmmmm.

And, by the way...those who have God's name written on their foreheads instead of the mark of the beast are those who KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD and the faith of Jesus. That is, the Ten Commandments INCLUDING KEEPING THE SEVENTH DAY HOLY (Sunday is NOT the seventh day!) and refuse to worship graven images (which the Catholic Church took out of the Ten Commandments, splitting the tenth into the ninth and tenth...thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife and thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's goods. In other words, the Papacy violated God's TIMES AND LAWS and substituted their own.

Since most Christians worship in Sunday, Catholic or Protestant or Non-Denominational, and I am guilty of that as well, this could wind up a very serious issue when the time comes. Observation of Christmas and Easter might also fall under this issue.

But, I am not done in this series by a long shot. There are more positions that need looking into.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anti-Christ defined in the Bible, and Ted Pike's take on Israel

From 1 John: "Children, it is the last hour! As you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. From this we know that this is the last hour (1 John 2:18). They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. But by going out they made it plain that none of them belonged to us (verse 19)....Who is the liar but one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? (or the Messiah) This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son (verse 22)."

So that, in their denial of Jesus Christ as the Son while claiming God is the Father, one could say that Israel, which is working come hell or high water to turn into a Judaistic theocracy and shows its Talmudic, racist and apartheid tendencies more and more every day--knowing what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ, calling Him Balaam--that Israel is the antichrist.

But then again, so is Islam, who merely cites that Christ is a "prophet," not the Messiah, not the Son of God, not the Savior, not the one who sits at the right hand of the Father.

But then again, so is Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age-ism, Paganism, Atheism, and Flying-Spaghetti-Monster-ism.

But then again, so is "the new world order," "transhumanism," "secular humanism," statism, self-glorification, and anything else that puts separation between any human being and God.

Now then...Who is THE Antichrist? The guy who is prophesied to take God's place in the temple in Jerusalem during the so-called Great Tribulation (before or after "the rapture")? You know, the devil's mainline representative here on earth during that period and the guy like that "Left Behind" character Carpathia?

According to Ted Pike of the National Prayer Network and leading anti-Zionist, "the antichrist" isn't Israel, because (while the anti-christ will live in Israel,) Israel isn't the anti-christ because it is "Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots".

Summing up the article here using direct quotes...

"...Israel was the first to marry God (Christ) and be spiritually one with Him. Thus the position she enjoyed as a spiritual bride was unique to her. Likewise, only apostate Israel can be the “mother” of spiritual whoredom. When she was chosen
as Christ’s bride, other nations were disobedient like a child to its parent. Only Israel was made capable of a wife’s infidelity. As a result, when she became a spiritual whore, she was indelibly marked, “Mother of Harlots.” Jeremiah said,
“You had a harlot's forehead, you refused to be ashamed.” (Jer. 3:3) Other apostate systems may be spiritual harlots but only Israel is “mother” of that scarlet sorority. And without repentance, neither time nor wanderings can remove that epithet
from her. When Israel shouted, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” her resurrected spouse banished her. The Jewish people were condemned to wander like a woman divorced for adultery, perpetually looking for that substitute husband (anti-Christ) who
would take the place of the One she killed..."


"Revelation 17 confronts us with the specter of a city “which reigns over the kings of the earth.” It has physical power—more wealth and importance than any other city—but also spiritual power, embodying the full potentiality of human degeneracy. “What city is like this great city?” the merchants of the earth will wail. This city is so commercially important that when she falls, world trade also comes crashing down. The title “the great city” is exclusive. There will doubtless be other powerful cities in the end time but John witnesses “the great city,” an unequaled center of trade, political power, culture and human bondage....And to whom does that term refer? In Revelation, “the great city” (hey polis megaley in Greek) is used to clearly refer to Jerusalem, capitol of the Jewish people! When the two witnesses are killed, their dead bodies lie in the streets of “the great city (hey polis megaley). "... Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11:8). This unmistakably implies that powerful, corrupt Babylon and the great city “ Sodom and Egypt, where
our Lord was crucified,” are the same city… Jerusalem."


"The City of Jerusalem as it existed in the time of Christ Jesus was also reckoned to be a 'City of Seven Hills.' This fact was well recognized in Jewish circles. In the Pirke de-Rabbi Eliezer, an 8th century A.D. midrashic [Talmudic] narrative (Section 10), the writer mentioned without commentary (showing that the understanding was well known and required no defense) that, "Jerusalem is situated on seven hills." ("The Seven Hills of Jerusalem”)...Armenian Christians, living for centuries in Palestine, taught their schoolchildren that the seven hills are: Mt. of Olives, Mt. Scopus, Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah (the Temple mount), Golgotha, Hill of Moses, and Mt. Herzl."

"Scripture also describes only one city as center of world rule in the last days, and that is Jerusalem. Paul states clearly that the anti-Christ will declare his one-world authority from the temple at Jerusalem, where he proclaims he is God. (2 Thess.
2:4) When the two witnesses resist him, they do not battle a papal anti-Christ but “the wicked profane prince of Israel” in Jerusalem. (Ezek. 21:25) These scriptures point to Jerusalem as the epicenter of one-world rebellion against God; Jerusalem and Babylon are one!"

Not only that, but the fact that the foremost version of the Talmud is the Babylonian Talmud is, I think, not just a coincidence. Pike believes that modern Judaism is Babylonian, enforced by the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar/Kabbalah, with the occult entering Jewish beliefs as a result of Babylonian captivity under Nebuchadnezzar et al.


"How should Christians respond to the fact that Israel and Babylon are one? Jesus tells us the answer. "Come out of her, my people, that you may not participate in her sins, and that you may not receive of her plagues, for her sins have piled up as high as heaven…" (Rev. 18:4-5)"

If Pike is correct, then Christian Zionists MUST leave that doctrine behind!

So, while Talmudic Judaism is antichrist, it is not THE Antichrist! Talmudic Judaism is the BRIDE of antichrist, but not the antichrist himself.

And it is my prayer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that my fellow Christians of the Christian Zionist persuasion DO NOT become the brides-maids to the BRIDE OF ANTICHRIST!

Still, who is the Antichrist? And, while we're at it, who is the Beast and who is the False Prophet? Further, could a Christian sect or doctrine lead to being "Mystery Babylon" in contradiction to Pike's reasoning? Next Post...

Friday, March 25, 2011

AntiChrist Coming? End Times Coming?

In the next series of posts I will discuss the discernment I have been given through prayer over who or what is "the" anti-Christ and when is th end-times. It's all in the Bible, but right discernment still ain't easy.

What brought me to this topic is that some say that the "end-times" will come about with all the world's armies besieging Israel. Now, if you believe that the "Israel" that is besieged is the present-day Israel, then you have every right to think that yes, the end-times are coming. I don't see armies besieging Israel but I do see the world shunning Israel, a nation that cares nothing for the court of public opinion as to its slaughter of Gaza, it's Nazi-like settlers ripping up Palestinian olive trees and stealing Palestinian land and homes, under the support of the IDF, killing Palestinian children because in the Talmud it says killing Gentiles is not murder, and other heinous acts, killing folks on the Gaza Flotilla ships including one American-born 19 year old of Turkish ancestry...and, oh yes, the fact that it created the STUXNET worm which contributed to the nuclear disaster in Japan--along with the fact that the company that was in charge of security at the Fukushima nuclear reactors is an Israeli that coincidence or something more sinister? Well, in any case, Israel is getting blamed for that too. So, right now, while Israel isn't surrounded by Gentile armies, it is, symbolically.

The other thing that could lead some folks to think the end-times are coming are all the earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters, and all the man-made ones as well. BP, for instance. The Bible talks about seas of blood, but symbolically it means all the dead sea life in the Gulf of Mexico. The Fukushima disaster, too, is man-made, and, no, it's not because Japan is mainly Buddhist or because Japan is helping Palestinians.

A third reason, if you follow prophecies about the papacy, is that supposedly Pope Benedict the 16th is the final pope before "the anti-Christ" enters the "abomination of desolation" as the anti-Christ sits in the Temple in Jerusalem "as God." Supposedly.

The score card on who the Anti-Christ is, is as follows: the Pope, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Charles of England, Obama, Islam, Achmedinajad, Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Secretary General of the UN, and, finally, Israel! At least one radio and internet preacher claims that the present-day state of Israel is the "anti-type" to the true God's (Zion) Israel (believers in Christ), and thus Israel today is the anti-Christ. Remember: Jerusalem is "Sodom and Egypt"...

While it is prevalent that many (maybe) believe that since the members of monarchical families in Europe are somehow related to the Merovingians--who, if you believe Dan Brown and others, are the direct descendents of Jesus and Mary Magedeline!--then the King of Spain or the Prince of England must be "the anti-Christ," it is the notion that the anti-christ is the Zionist State of Israel that is the most troubling, especially since I am anti-Zionist and also anti-Christian Zionist. Surely, God's Old Testament "Chosen" couldn't be the anti-Christ!?

Which is why I am going to try to prove it isn't, using only Bible sources. And, who knows? I may not like what I find, because Israel DOES act like anti-Christ sometimes!