Friday, March 25, 2011

AntiChrist Coming? End Times Coming?

In the next series of posts I will discuss the discernment I have been given through prayer over who or what is "the" anti-Christ and when is th end-times. It's all in the Bible, but right discernment still ain't easy.

What brought me to this topic is that some say that the "end-times" will come about with all the world's armies besieging Israel. Now, if you believe that the "Israel" that is besieged is the present-day Israel, then you have every right to think that yes, the end-times are coming. I don't see armies besieging Israel but I do see the world shunning Israel, a nation that cares nothing for the court of public opinion as to its slaughter of Gaza, it's Nazi-like settlers ripping up Palestinian olive trees and stealing Palestinian land and homes, under the support of the IDF, killing Palestinian children because in the Talmud it says killing Gentiles is not murder, and other heinous acts, killing folks on the Gaza Flotilla ships including one American-born 19 year old of Turkish ancestry...and, oh yes, the fact that it created the STUXNET worm which contributed to the nuclear disaster in Japan--along with the fact that the company that was in charge of security at the Fukushima nuclear reactors is an Israeli that coincidence or something more sinister? Well, in any case, Israel is getting blamed for that too. So, right now, while Israel isn't surrounded by Gentile armies, it is, symbolically.

The other thing that could lead some folks to think the end-times are coming are all the earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters, and all the man-made ones as well. BP, for instance. The Bible talks about seas of blood, but symbolically it means all the dead sea life in the Gulf of Mexico. The Fukushima disaster, too, is man-made, and, no, it's not because Japan is mainly Buddhist or because Japan is helping Palestinians.

A third reason, if you follow prophecies about the papacy, is that supposedly Pope Benedict the 16th is the final pope before "the anti-Christ" enters the "abomination of desolation" as the anti-Christ sits in the Temple in Jerusalem "as God." Supposedly.

The score card on who the Anti-Christ is, is as follows: the Pope, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Prince Charles of England, Obama, Islam, Achmedinajad, Rothschild, Rockefeller, the Secretary General of the UN, and, finally, Israel! At least one radio and internet preacher claims that the present-day state of Israel is the "anti-type" to the true God's (Zion) Israel (believers in Christ), and thus Israel today is the anti-Christ. Remember: Jerusalem is "Sodom and Egypt"...

While it is prevalent that many (maybe) believe that since the members of monarchical families in Europe are somehow related to the Merovingians--who, if you believe Dan Brown and others, are the direct descendents of Jesus and Mary Magedeline!--then the King of Spain or the Prince of England must be "the anti-Christ," it is the notion that the anti-christ is the Zionist State of Israel that is the most troubling, especially since I am anti-Zionist and also anti-Christian Zionist. Surely, God's Old Testament "Chosen" couldn't be the anti-Christ!?

Which is why I am going to try to prove it isn't, using only Bible sources. And, who knows? I may not like what I find, because Israel DOES act like anti-Christ sometimes!

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