Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Resurrection Day Message for Christian Zionists

Look, Christians who love Israel at least as much as Christ, I will be very brief. I have already said about as much as I can about the fallacy of Christian Zionism, "the rapture," dispensationalism, "Left Behind," and the true meaning of Genesis 12:3. So I guess what I will do is present to you two videos you can watch wherein I prove my point that your "blessing Israel" is falling on waaaayyy toooo deaf ears and they are laughing at you as hard as they possibly could in Jewish Israel as they think of you this way: "What a schlemiel!"

I'll let you look that Yiddish word up...I doubt if you will find it in a Hebrew dictionary (oh, and, can you read Hebrew?)

so, without any further ado...


This is a popular Israeli comedy show shown recently in that country that explains how many if not most Israeli Jews feel about Christ.


This is a video including short vignettes from what various Israeli Jews say about Christ and Christians.

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rhb_3000 said...

Wow so sad. The guy ranting and raving about the papacy and the pope was right that they are the antichrist system according to the bible. The reformation was all about exposing this truth but today many are blinded by the counter reformation Jesuit ideas promulgated throughout the world- the secret rapture, purgtory, preturist and futurist ideas pawning off the antichrist as other figures except the papacy who only practices blasphemy. Blasphemy according to the bible has has two meanings, claiming to be God when you are not and claiming to forgive sins both which the papacy does in pratice and as a belief. Sorry but no other system can fit all the clues given in the bible except the papacy. I invite and am willing to challenge and debate any one who wants to shed light on this topic.