Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Another Way to Look at Romans 13: We Get the Government We Deserve

Obey the "authorities" Romans 13 says. Whereas the "authorities" back in Paul's day were the Roman emperors, now in the US it is those authorities authorized in the US Constitution, such that what gives these "authorities" authorization IS the Constitution--which mean (as the Supreme Law of the Land) the US Constitution IS the Authority, and the authority it gives to the "authorities."

Now, did God give the Constitution, its framers, and those who enforced it back in the 1790's and 1800's, this authority KNOWING that later "authorities" would completely destroy the Constitution's authority? I have no doubt that He did, just like I have no doubt that He KNEW Americans would lose vigilance over demanding the rule of law be kept and He also KNEW that in roughly 150 years or so Americans would give up their responsibility to maintain a free society.

So that as time went on, hastened by events in 1913 that no Americans were aware of (the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment [Income Taxes] which was NOT properly ratified...the two events go hand-in-hand because the IRS IS the enforcement arm of the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve Bank), Americans refused to stand for the Constitution and liberty, allowing themselves and thus allowing our leaders to become corrupted to the point they are now that they are wantonly and deliberately destroying the USA.

How did ordinary Americans let themselves become corrupted? Spending what they didn't have on items they didn't need and doing so because everyone else was, relying on men not on God, politicizing the Bible, lusting for death to bring about the "rapture," lusting for whatever those who are in the world AND are of the world lust after, thinking that partial birth abortion is okay because the Republicans approved of it, NOT loving and forgiving enemies as Christ demanded and NOT turning the other cheek, worshiping false idols including money--even the worthless fiat currency we have now, and more, much more. It is as if ordinary Americans emulated the elites, and in turn the elites emulated as well as set examples of corruption for Americans to follow. And some of this corruption is done in God's name.

And now that Americans are all mad about the economy and all, they are pointing fingers at bankers, oligarchs, Obama, Congress, and, according to one poll--God--but still refuse to point fingers at the person in the mirror.

Some--nay, many--are blaming God for this???

OKay, okay, God is the creator of evil (Isaiah 45:7), using Satan for various purposes to bring about evil deeds and to test our faith (see Job Chapter Two), but when a majority of poll takers blame God for what they themselves have let happen, it assures me that the corrupt and evil government, oligarch-run or not, owned by bankers or not, IS THE GOVERNMENT AMERICANS DESERVE. Period, end of story.

And when most Americans start blaming God for their ills, then how long will it be before they start blaming, then persecuting, then killing true Christians...and how many of these Christians will repudiate their Savior? In other words, saving their lives to lose their (eternal) lives?

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