Saturday, June 04, 2011

We May Soon Find Out Definitively If Dispensationalism and the Rapture Really Are Biblically Sound or Not

The link I will now provide leads to one of the most interesting articles anywhere that I have read in the past month or so: Israelis Prepare to Emmigrate and Palestinians to Return?

Now, if one is a dispensationalist and ESPECIALLY if one is a Christian Zionist, this is very very bad news! Here is why.

If this article is on to something, that means that many Israeli Jews are leaving Israel. In fact the article makes it clear that there are more Jews leaving Israel than are moving in as "settlers" (regardless of whether they are neo-Nazis or not, Talmud believers or not). Which means that for every Jew that John Hagee and his followers financially support to move to Israel so that eventually they (Hagee's followers, that is) will all be "raptured" outta here before God slaughters two-thirds of the world's Jews (see Zechariah 13:8), two Jews are leaving Israel! Well, that's about what the article fact it stresses that most Israeli Jews are getting second passports, mostly from the nation that they came out of in order to go to Israel. Some are getting American passports; that way they can have dual nationality. But anyway...

Regardless of why Jews are now leaving Israel, they are leaving or are preparing to leave, hence the second passports.

Now, if Israel is starting to lose its Jews, what does that say about the whole dispensationalist-rapture scenario that Christian Zionists cling to on the backs of the notion that God will wipe out two-thirds of the Jews in Israel? After all, these folks believe that the "count-down to the end times" occurred when the 1948 State of Israel was founded. That's what Hal Lindsey ("Late Great Planet Earth") and the authors of "Left Behind" and other megachurch pastors say, right? And even if they do not actually want the Jews to be killed, they still think the Bible says that the Jews must return to Israel in order for the end times scenario to take place. some say that if you add 70 years to 1948 (Daniel's 70 weeks) then around 2018 the end times will arrive, but some only include 69 years and others say 62 years, accounting for 7 years tribulation and then the "cut off" one year..I don't get this one, but anyway...

So that, if the Jews are leaving Israel WHEN IT IS "PROPHESIED" THAT THEY MUST RETURN TO ISRAEL in order for the end times to occur (and the "rapture"), then maybe the timeline is wrong--not the Bible's, but theirs! Maybe the Jews leaving Isreal is proof that dispensationalism is bogus.


Check this out. If the Jews are leaving Israel, then guess what? It becomes (as the Zionists claimed in order to usurp the land from its rightful owners) "a land without people for a people without land" and the Palestinians move back in!

A contradiction? Not necessarily, when you consider that most of the Jews that have come to Israel since 1948 are Ashkenazim, which some claim are not really Jews descended from Israel (the 12 tribes)...none other than Israeli historian Schlomo Sand has claimed that...but are converts originally from the Khazar empire (Arthur Koestler, who is Jewish I believe, made that claim first in his book "The Thirteenth Tribe"). Now if the Ashkenazim are NOT descended from the 12 tribes, and if the Palestinians owned the land prior to 1948 (or at least lived on it...the Turks owned much of it, at least according to Leon Uris in "The Haj") along with Sephardic Jews, then the only difference between "the Sephardic Jews" and "the Palestinians" was one of religion, with the Palestinians having converted either to Christianity or to Islam. Which would mean that the Palestinians just might have been Jews at one point before they converted, which might mean that THEY are the descendants of "God's Chosen," not Jewish converts, and that WHEN THE PALESTINIANS RETURN TO ISRAEL is when the "end times scenario" begins!

Or not. But we might find out real quick.


rhb_3000 said...

Indeed we all will find out. The bible is true not these phony dispensationlism theories that are distorting truth. The bible states that Daniels 70th week was fulfiled by Christ. He caused the sacrifices and oblitions to cease by His death. Thats why the curtain was torn in two by unseen hands. No more animal sacrifices..He was was the true Lamb accepted the Father. No more earthly temple either..He officiates as High Priest in the heavenly temple where all true worshippers will follow Christ's mediating and sanctifying work for us. Satan wants us to divert our attention from Christ to earthly things- it is working but God's truth will not die. Christ reains there until His second coming which is not a secret rapture. All will hear, see, and feel this remarkable event! I just started reading your posts and i am testing them..:) thanks

rhb_3000 said...

Also, the bible states that true is Israel is not according to the flesh but those that are Christs' are accounted for the true seed. Therefore it matters not of true descendencyor blood lines! Thank God for that truth. Israel will return into there land, meaning the world retored so all Israel will be saved. The covenant is only for Israel so beleive in Christ so you can be partakers of the true covenant instituted at His death. God is not a respector of persons but extends the promises to those who accept the Son. This truth clears up all that literal Israel confusion. God never promised a return to some sin-scarred land, but the promise to Abraham was to be the heir of the world. That promise in not fulfilled until after Christ's second coming,so all inherit at the same time without preceding one another. Our inheritance is the new earth without sin..eden restored.