Tuesday, July 05, 2011

God Owns the Earth, Not the Banksters, Not the Oligarchs, Not the Power Elites (Though They Think they Do)

I saw a very interesting post on IntelHub today, Tuesday, July 5, 2011, titled "How Bankers Own the Earth and Then Some."

Well, I'll concede they own "and then some."

But God owns the Earth, period, end of story. Here is why.

1. God created the Earth. If you buy into the "Big Bang Theory," then , pray tell, what got the Big Bang going? Thomas Aquinas, in 11-something or 12-something, called it the "Theory of First Causes," and God is the First Cause. Some call this guy a Saint but was he really a believer?

2. In patent law, when you create something you own it, unless you die and the patent revert to something else or it become free public domain. Which means that since God ain't dead (despite what Madeline Murray O'Hare claims), God still owns the Earth.

3. If the banksters (or oligarchs or power elites) really owned the Earth, then when they did die, they'd be able to take it with them. The best they can do is to "pass it on" to their descendants. Well whoooop-tee-dooo! I can see the first Baron Rothschild, Amschel I think his name was--or was it Nathan?--or was it something else? (Shoot, if I can't even remember his name, then just how powerful was he anyway?)--telling his confederates or servants or whoever, "Now I will control the world! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! And after me, my descendants will control the world! Because I will no longer control it! Bwahahahahahaha!" Gee, what is Evelyn gonna do on his deathbed? Give control to his wife, Lynn Forrester? Bwahahahahahahaha!

4. If the banksters really owned the Earth, you'd think they would have had complete control of it by now after trying for several thousand years. But alas, though the world is tied money-wise to fiat debt currency--and don't tell me Iceland declared independence from it, their currency is still debt based!--the banksters still do not own the Earth. They just think they do, and they count on the peoples of the Earth to believe that they do!

5. Some Christians believe Satan controls the Earth. Yet, who controls Satan? If you don't know, read Job Chapter Two.

6. Control of the Earth implies control of everything on it or in it. So the banksters control worthless fiat debt-based currency. Now some will argue this (especially David Icke fans), but while they control "money" they don't control the weather. Some will say the CIA and it's "HAARP" project do...but rather, the weather is controlled--and this is scientifically proven, so that even you evolutionists can understand--by ocean currents, happenings in the atmosphere, and oh yeah! the sun, moon, and other natural phenomena. I would like to see HAARP, which supposedly created the earthquake-tsunami that hit Japan this past year, control the Jet Stream! Not to mention sun spots. Now that would be interesting!

7. If the banksters controlled the world, they would also be able to control all life on Earth. Heck, Monsanto--the "most evil corporation in the world," can't even control its own GMO plant constructs, including its Roundup and Roundup Ready products, which do not quite give the food yields that they advertise, or else farmers in India wouldn't be committing suicide over lack of crop yields! ConAgra is of course trying to produce factory farm animals that can put up with the most unsanitary and cruel living conditions on the planet through some sort of cloning or DNA alteration program. Well, that is probably going about as well as the CIA's pet projects like combining houseflies with pigs. Next they can create the man who stared at unicorns!

8. If the banksters controlled the world, then why in the blue blazes are they destroying it? Look at what they are sponsoring for profit: wars and more wars everywhere which not only kills people but ruins environments, national assets (think of the destruction of archeological sites at Babylon and Ur in Iraq after the "coalition of the willing" invasion in 2003), wildlife, sealife, plantlife, water supplies, etc., not to mention willful destruction of life for a profit to the point now where rainforests are a fraction of what they were and seas (think BPs destruction of parts of the Gulf of Mexico) are dying in places. One would think that the banksters, if they really owned the world, would take care of it because if profit was all they cared about you'd think they'd want to take care of the Earth to ensure more profits for them.

9. So, the banksters control the world...but who controls the banksters? Or, are the banksters like rings and there is "one ring to rule them all"? (Ever wonder why Tolkien's Sauron of Mordor is an "all seeing eye?" And is Rothschild--Evelyn, that is--that "one bankster that rules them all", and if so, who rules him? Or do you honestly think the first bankster Rothschild just made all this up by himself? (Or do you think the Talmud made him do it?) More likely, he was guided by "ol' scratch" himself. After all, it is said Rothschild was a "devil worshiper," and the "Illuminati" he inspired also are devil worshipers. But again if this is true then ask yourself who controls the devil?

10. If the banksters REALLY controlled the Earth they'd have found a way to remain immortal so that they really could control the Earth and not have to pass their wealth onto their descendants. But no. Evelyn de Rothschild is now an old man and so is his closest rival, bank-ownership-wise, David Rockefeller. In fact, ol' David, as rich as he is, still hasn't managed to find a way to make himself look even a little bit younger. He's in his 80s or 90s, and he looks it. The best these folks are gonna be able to do is clone themselves. Should be interesting. But God doesn't need cloning.

But then again, I don't expect non-believers--and surely the guy who wrote the above-cited article is a non-believer or else he would have known better--to get what I wrote above. They neither have eyes to see nor ears to hear. Further, they are not "in the world but not of the world." They are preparing for their earthly salvation, and that is it.

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