Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Okay, okay...Enough of the Christian Zionist Bashing!

There. I've said it. I will no longer bash Christian Zionists.

Remember when I said, and I'll paraphrase, Christian Zionism is the main enemy of Christianity today? Not Islam, not the Talmud, but Christian Zionism. I said it, and it is easy enough to say that I said it because I made a post about the main enemy of Christianity today and I mentioned all the enemies of Christianity today (such as Islam and the Talmud) but in the end I said it was Christian Zionism. That is because it just seemed to me at the time, what with all the Israel-worship of a few Christian-Zionist/politcal leaders like John Hagee, with their refusal to denounce Israel's poor treatment of Palestinian Christians and the churches in Gaza and the West Bank, that the leadership of Christian Zionism was doing a very evil thing in the name of Christians everywhere and of course in the name of Jesus Christ--and that I wanted to completely denounce Christian Zionism because of this.

The thing is, by way of association I was also denouncing Christian Zionists. I mean, really...who wouldn't conclude that in denouncing Christian Zionism I wasn't also denouncing Christian Zionists?

That is why from here on in I will NOT BE DENOUNCING CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS!

Now, as for denouncing Christian ZiomISM--instead of denouncing Christian ZionISM, I can still denounce enmity toward our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Christ. I can also denounce bad treatment of not only Palestinian Christians but also Palestinian Muslims. I am supposed to admire the willful starvation of Palestinians just because 90 percent or more are Muslim?? Oh really?? Is that what Christ taught us? Now let Hagee or anyone else who believes in starving Palestinian Muslims find anywhere in the Old or New Testaments where Christ said hate your enemies. I can still denounce putting another nation--Israel, or even the United States or any other country--ahead of Christ or on the same level as Christ. I can still denounce the agenda behind promoting false beliefs, and I still believe "the rapture" and "dispensationalism" are false beliefs, but even moreso is the agenda of death and destruction that goes along with these beliefs, particularly when it comes to two-thirds of world Jewry that some folks want to see happen as "proof" that Christ is coming back. I will still denounce the notion of some Christians of loving Israel but hating Jews. I will still denounce what some believe as "Biblical prophecy being fulfilled with the 1948 creation" of Israel, because yes, the creation of Israel in 1948 DOES fulfill Biblical prophecy! (Gee, does that statement make me a Christian Zionist? Some would say it does!)--but it does NOT fulfill the prophecies some say it does! It fulfills other prophecies, but not, say, Daniel 9:27, for instance.

So that since "bashing" Christian Zionists is divisive and does nothing to serve the cause of promoting the Word of God (let alone evangelism), and in fact could cause some to leave the Body of Christ, I will no longer say anything negative about Christian Zionists, but will instead let the Holy Spirit guide me into helping them to put Christ first, second, and third, and more. For as long as they love Christ and profess love of Christ more than Israel or anything else, then there isn't a whole lot that I can do to "save" them since they clearly are already saved.

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