Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romans 13 Abuse

There is "Church Abuse." That's when church authorities use their "God given" power in cruel or evil ways and wind up turning members of their "flock" away from Christ. That's the only way I can put it, and, yes, I've been a victim or Church Abuse. But God in His infinite wisdom set it up so I could come back, but NEVER AGAIN be a victim or church abuse! (Note: it was not sexual or physical abuse, in case you are wondering.)

But there is also something called "Romans 13 Abuse." This is the notion that we must obey "authorities" no matter what, and (despite the fact that "authorities" are abusing citizens more and more brazenly each and every day) many Christians are STILL of the notion that (for example) "if President Obama told me to jump off a 1,000 foot cliff, Romans 13 says I'd have to even if it meant my death" (which, of course, it would!). Now you might think NO CHRISTIAN IS THAT STUPID! I beg to differ, because I have heard folks who attend the same church I do (soon to become "did") say that if a TSA agent tried to grope them, they would go along with it "because of Romans 13"!

This, folks, is "Romans 13 Abuse."

So, Christian, you are going to let an "authority" (who just might be a convicted sex offender, a convicted child abuser, or a psychopath...TSA no longer does background checks on its new employees!) rape your wife or your daughter "because of Romans 13"?

And you are likewise going to keep paying your ever-increasing taxes to "the government" even though nearly every penny of your hard earned tax dollars goes to pay back what I like to call 'the banksters.' Of course you are, whether you "don't like it" or not! Because Romans 13: 6-7 says you must. "For this cause (for the authorities in question being "ministers of God" because God put them in office) pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due..."

Thing is, "tribute" ain't "due" to the banksters! It is "due" to the authorities that (like it or not) God has put into place "for good." That is why we pay taxes: fix roads, build schools and hospitals, pay govt. workers and soldiers, take care of soldiers who need help upon returning form war, etc., and to ensure justice.

But in 1913, when the IRS was created, it was created to serve as a "collection agency", not for the government, but for what would also be created later on in 1913 in secret: the Federal Reserve PRIVATE Rothschild/Rockefeller/Lazard Brothers/etc.-owned Bank! Then, the Federal Reserve Bank would "loan" (using Treasury Bills) the money collected through income taxes back to the Federal (and ultimately State and Local) governments, AT INTEREST of course. And, believe it or not (in a CYA op) the IRS still posts on its website that income taxes are "voluntary" (like I said, they claim this--knowing that anyone who does not pay taxes goes to jail--just to cover their butts in case this travesty ever gets found out by a responsible authority...and former IRS operative Joe Bannister has been fighting in court over this very notion for years). If you think I'm just spouting "Alex Jonesian "conspiracy theory" here, read "The Creature From Jekyll Island" sometime! It is all true, which was why the "Federal Reserve Act" was passed in secret over Christmas holidays in 1913.

Thus: the income taxes we pay INVOLUNTARILY go not to fund the Federal government to do what the Constitution says it must do "for the general welfare", but to enrich the banksters. Period. End of Story!

Maybe (unless you only pay attention to the mainstream media, aka US Ministry of Propaganda), by now you have heard of bank runs and government confiscation of depositor bank accounts in Europe. The Italian Bank BNI (National Bank of Italy) has recently "closed" in a "bank holiday" for a "month" so that folks with bank accounts there cannot remove their money, not to pay bills with it, not to withdraw it for any reason. Rumors--and I have no idea how valid these rumors are--stand that the Italian government has done this in order to make it easier to confiscate the depositors' accounts in order to bailout Greece (and now Spain). In other words, it is possible that the Italian government will simply STEAL the hard earned money of Italians (and maybe others).

Christians, did Romans 13 authorize STEALING by "the authorities"???

Now there are bank runs in Spain and France (as well as Italy), and there have been bank runs for a while in Greece. It turns out, however, that millions of euros that have been "withdrawn" from Greek banks have been WITHDRAWN BY THE GREEK GOVERNMENT IN SECRET!!! Of course, Greek people have also been withdrawing their money, but MOST of the withdrawals have been STOLEN by the government, in order to pay back the "troika" bank bailouts Greece has gotten.

Again: Romans 13 says that authorities have been put into power by God "for good" (otherwise killers and thieves and rapists and other criminals would go free, which is why we have authorities to deal with them).

In another place in the Bible (just to stress a point) it says that "slaves, obey your masters..." (Ephesians 6:5). Now, Christian, are you a "slave" to the banksters IF you owe them no debt, you pay your bills faithfully, and are not a (to use an Old Testament phrase) "borrower" being a "slave to the lender"? If you pay ALL of your bills completely (including mortgage and credit cards) every month and have no debt or loan of any kind, then you are NOT a slave to the banksters! Now, when you pay your taxes you might consider yourself (because of Romans 13) someone who is "obeying" the government, and thus paying your income taxes. Thing is, by paying income taxes, you are in fact "obeying" the banksters (NOT the government "authorities"...did God put banksters like the God-less Rothschilds in charge over you as an "authority" by Romans 13?

Now you might argue that the Fourteenth Amendment made you a corporate UNITED STATES CITIZEN when it set up two standards for citizenship to accommodate newly freed black slaves and which eventually led to all citizens being corporate citizens. But that is neither here nor there in this case; it does not apply here. All this does is take away the notion that we are citizens of the separate States (thus making us all "citizens" of the "District of Columbia", which, of course, "means" that--since the only people obliged to pay taxes are citizens of Washington, DC per the US Constitution--we "must" pay taxes...never mind that the 16th Amendment calling for that was never properly ratified. Let's pretend it was.

Even so, since the IRS REALLY REALLY IS the "collection agency" of the Federal Reserve PRIVATELY OWNED Bank, and since the Fed LOANS our collected tax money AT INTEREST back to the Federal Government, that, ipso facto, makes us slaves to the banksters, NOT THE AUTHORITY THAT GOD HAS PUT IN PLACE FOR OUR GOOD!!!


I have made my point. If you want to really voluntarily continue to pay taxes (I am not saying "do not pay taxes"! That is up to you! But if you don't, prepare for the consequences of your action--jail!)...if you really voluntarily pay your income taxes, fine, but there may come a time when the US goes into the kind of austerity Europeans now have (wages and employment going down, taxes going up, lack of services, etc) and yo may not be able to pay your taxes AND support your family. Christian, there may come a time when you must choose: pay taxes or feed the kids; pay taxes or pay the mortgage; pay taxes or pay the medical bills; pay taxes, or keep your sick relatives alive; pay taxes or keep your spouse on life support?

Which will you choose? But remember, Jesus Christ threw the money changers out of the Temple for a reason, and isn't your body "the Temple of the Holy Ghost"? Also remember that only God can take life, so taking your wife or husband off life support when they are still alive just to "obey Romans 13" might not go over too well with God on Judgment Day.

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