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Is the Midwestern US Drought the "Wrath of God"?

Folks, I do not like it when someone like Pat Robertson or Pharisees like him say stuff such as this: "Hurricane Katrina is God's wrath against New Orleans for their sinful ways" or stuff like this: "AIDS is God's wrath against homosexuals".

That is because guys like Robertson behave like Pharisees (which is why I called him a Pharisee). Seemingly everything they do is 1) for profit and 2) for the secular/Talmudic state of Israel.

Thus, the title of this post is rather ironic: is the serious corn-killing drought that is now happening in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, etc. "the wrath of God"?

If you read any article on the internet using mainstream sources you will see pictures of dried up cornfields and wheatfields. Something similar (and likely worse) happened to the northern kingdom of Israel under King Ahab, as recorded in I Kings Chapter 17: I Kings 17: 1--"And Elijah the Tishbite, who was of the inhabitants of Gilead, said unto Ahab, As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word." Then God told Elijah to go to the brook Cherith before the Jordan and stay there. Later, God told Elijah to Zarephath where a woman would feed him and give him water where also Elijah would pray to God to heal the woman's son, which happened. Finally, in the third year of the drought, God told him to go see Ahab at which God would send rain (this is in I Kings 18)

So, why was God punishing Israel? Because Ahab and the previous kings after Solomon as well had committed "evil in the sight of the Lord." You know, Baal worship, stuff like that. Omri among others had Israel commit child sacrifice (aka children "passing through the fire") to Baal, Molech, and other false gods. And there were other reasons as well, but this was likely the main reason.

That, of course, will not explain why there is a drought in the midwest.

Last year there was a serious drought as well, mainly in Texas, even in rain-rich east Texas (droughts are sort of standard operating procedure in desert west Texas, which has at least three major wildfires starting in April, 2011--the "Rockhouse" fire near Marfa started by some dude who ignored the burn bad and did outdoor welding on a day when winds were reaching 60 mph!; another fire around Sul Ross State U's rodeo ring which started when a guy tossed a still-lit cigarette butt; and a third fire east of there around Marathon. When those fires were put out, a resident of our mountain subdivision decided he would ignore the burn ban and do some welding of his own! Luckily, no homes were lost).

Usually, according to meteorological science, droughts are caused by changing weather patterns associated with the El Nino-La Nina cycles. This year, west Texas as well as New Mexico and Arizona are getting about the rain that can be expected (and we have already had more rain than we had all last year). That's because the la nina we had last year has moved off and there is also an el nino in the Atlantic (which is why Europe is being inundated right now). West Texas usually gets heavy rain when there is a hurricane or tropical storm off the Baja peninsula in Mexico or in the Gulf of Mexico--when there is both we get a deluge (floods, rushing creeks, etc.).

And anyway, what could be going on in the Midwest, but not say, west Texas or California or Florida, that might not be pleasing to God? If I had to discern the mind of God--am I worthy of doing that?--I could only come up with one reason, and God knows not me so I could be wrong:

GMO corn.

As in Genetically Modified Organism Corn, created and copyrighted by Monsanto, aka "the most evil corporation on the planet."

Maybe farmers in Iowa and the rest have been growing GMO "roundup ready" corn for many years and now God is fed up with it! Maybe these farmers are tired of Monsanto agents suing them because these farmers want to grow REAL corn and Monsanto says they signed "contracts" (under duress no doubt) that they must grow GMO corn and have to pay if they don't. Or maybe farmers that grow other stuff get sued by Monsanto because GMO corn infiltrates their crops and that is "copyright infringement"! Maybe this sort of fraud pisses off God so much that He is going to provide an example to farmers to cut the crap and grow HIS CREATION, real corn!

For GMO, whether it is Monsanto or Con-Agra or some other big agrabusiness, is the same as PLAYING GOD. By taking God's creation and screwing around with it, Monsanto and others are playing God, that is, acting as God or replacing God.

God will not be mocked. So, maybe, God is using drought to destroy the BS corn that these farmers are growing, the same BS GMO corn that is making some people sick and making other people stupid.

This is NOT a divination or a prophecy or anything like that. But the fact is this: God DOES control the weather.

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