Sunday, September 02, 2012

Christians MUST Stop Supporting Evil!

I ought to be in church right now but I'm not.

Why? Because the guy doing the sermon in church today supports evil, that's why.

It's "election" season, don'tcha know. SELECTION is more like it. And folks, I ain't gonna select evil.

This is who we have to select from:

1. Obama, the Democrat--who believes in abortion rights against the unborn as well as sending our guys and gals off to die for the criminal psychopath elites, aka oligarchs and banksters--not for "freedom"! It doesn't take eleven freaking years to "free" the Afghan folks from "terrorism" and to bring freedom...but it does take eleven years of setting up the world's best opium distribution system run by the CIA (as verified by my late buddy who was "ordered" to help run China White from Vietnam during that war, claims to have refused and later worked at the DEA--where he learned about more CIA ops running drugs in Honduras and Panama) and the BS Afghan "government", and it does take eleven years of soaring profits for the armaments oligarchs, with more years on the know, Libya, Syria, and they hope Iran...who needs human life when profits (ie worthless fiat currency) is at stake? Added to that death panels and rationed health care that the man is FORCING us to pay for! Added to that terminating Americans he doesn't like and running guns to the Mexican drug lords and his appointed FED chairman bailing out GoldmanSucks. and other evil Obama has committed.

The guy giving the sermon--an evangelical who missioned in Africa, may he return there real soon!--calls Obama the "murderer."

2. Romney, the Republican--who not only set up the precurser to ObamaCare while governor of Massachussetts (RomneyCare), but has already told Israel that he would back them up should they nuke Iran (or do it himself). Now let's see: that would kill about 30 million Iranians and millions more north (Russia) and east (China and others) of there with the fallout, and who knows how many Israelis and others when Iran responds in kind (but not with nukes, because Iran probably doesn't have those) while Christian Zionists cheer because they are about to get "raptured," right? Then there is his time at Bain Capital where he put many Americans out of work, and some claim his company used slave labor (I don't know about that but he supports slave labor anyway...aren't all Mormons, who as part of being a Mormon, forced to go on "missions" with expenses paid but still without income pay, slave laborers?) Finally, and worst of all, he not only stole Ron Paul's delegates with the help of the Republican National Committee, he also got the RNC to not even announce Paul's vote tally from the floor at the Convention. Some Ron Paul delegates were not even allowed into the Convention Hall, and other Paul delegates were forced to sign forms stating they had to vote for Romney on the first ballot before they'd be admitted. In other words, Romney supports vote fraud, vote stealing, and rank intimidation of Ron Paul and his supporters.

The guy giving the sermon called Romney the "deceiver." I think "thug" would be a better appelation...

Last Sunday this sermonizer warned us that America was in big big trouble, and that the reason was Americans are not steeped in prayer. As a counterpoint, he showed a computer-generated film about some island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland that in the late 1940 had a few preachers there leading the community in hours and days of prayer and guess what happened? A manifestation of God appeared. I believe it really was that; I had a similar experience on the last Saturday of February, 1997, when I truly believed my life and that of my family was in grave danger (from either "Republic of Texas" leader Rick McLaren or the State of Texas and its Child Protective Services). Anyway, everyone on this island turned to God and all was well. (Note: I don't know if it still is...but apparently no one on this isalnd bothered to bring the message to nearby Summerisle, which is owned by Lord Summerilse who leads a cult of pagans who practice animal sacrifice for to bring a good crop the next year...see the movie "Wickerman" (the 1974 version, not the remake)...these folks do indeed practice this stuff, according to the movie makers.)

So fine, he said that if Christians in America would pray without ceasing like he claims they do in Africa (Uganda, he talking KONY here?), then America would be healed by God (2 Chronicals 7:14). But I told him later that America is gonna have to get a whole lot worse off before large numbers of Christians here do that. He agreed. Not only that, but he said in a roundabout way that he actually hoped America WOULD become a whole lot worse off! I somewhat agree, but with the caveat that I really didn't want folks worse off, but that is what we deserved for backing and colluding in such a corrupted system.

So, even if he claimed we'd be better off being worse off--and he believes that another four years of Obama WOULD make up worse off--he still will not vote for Obama, but will vote for Romney instead. This is a guy who KNOWS that Romney stole Ron Paul's delegates, committed fraud at Bain, and created RomneyCare. This is a guy who really really wishes "they" would have picked someone other than Romney. Yet, he claimed he'd vote for Romney to keep Obama out, and told me I should do the same. I told him no way would I vote for either and will stay home and not vote, period.

Then, this happened. Church had ended, and the two of us were the only ones in church.

He asked me if I had any kids, and I said two, a son and daughter. He has never met my son or daughter.

Then, he wanted me to imagine this scene. I KNEW what was coming, but let him proceed anyway.

My son is outside a voting booth (he is not registered to vote that I know of) and I am in a voting booth. Outside the booth Obama, the murderer, is holding a gun to my son's head and tells me to vote either for him, Obama, or "the deceiver" Romney, and if I refuse to vote for either one, Obama will shoot him in the head. The the sermonizer asked me whom I would vote for IF either of the candidates put a gun to my son's head for real. My initial reaction was that I created the same type of scenario in 2008 with the only difference being the gun was pointed at my head instead, and neither candidate held the gun, but someone else. I told him that I would consider this argument and make my decision later but said if Obama was indeed putting a gun to my son's head, I'd likely vote for Romney--only because Obama was the gun holder. Of course, Obama isn't putting a gun to my son's head.

Well, after considering the argument for a very short period of time I decided I am STILL not voting for either one. Obama is STILL a murderer, and not just of the unborn, okay? Romney is STILL a deceiver, and like I said "thug" is a better description after what he did to Ron Paul. "Thug" BTW comes from the name of a cult in India that was supposedly wiped out by the Brits there in the 1840s, the "Thugee cult." (There is a movie about this cult called "The Deceivers." But, according to another movie, "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," the Thugees were still around in the late 1930s.)

It doesn't matter whether or not Obama or Romney or anyone was holding a gun to my son't head or to my head.


Most Christians will vote for the "lesser or two evils" as usual. Third party candidates like Chuck Baldwin in 2008 "cannot win." If Ron Paul ran for President as an independent in 2012 both Republicans and Democrats would do their best (or worst) to keep Ron Paul off all 50 state ballots. In 2008, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party did not get on all 50 state ballots so he had to be a write-in. Heck, third party candidates for the Libertarian Party, which IS on all 50 state ballots, do not win anyway.

It is this "Lesser of two evils" mindset that has crippled liberty in the US for many many years. The criminal psychopath elites want it this way and constantly drum beat into the masses heads that voting thrid party is "throwing your vote away" (the Simpsons did a great episode on this theme years ago when two aliens took the place of Clinton and Dole and folks in Springfield were bashed if they voted for H. Ross Perot). Unfortunately, most voters have bought into this mindset and continue to "hold the nose and vote for" the "lesser of two evils."

But, after voting for George W. Bush in 2000 to keep Al Gore out, I learned my lesson when Bush, using 9-11 as an excuse, invaded Iraq for no good reason, and, it turns out, Afghanistan was invaded for no good reason, either...Bin Laden's been dead since December, 2001! and, billions or even trillions of dollars to the drug lords and armaments dealers later, this so-called mightiest country on Earth can't beat the most backward country on Earth? Are you kidding me? But that is because the "war on terror" is not about ending terror and bringing freedom, but it is about drug supply line distributions, profits for armaments makers and arms dealers, destroying liberty in the US and doing the bidding of the bankster oligarchs, for their own sake and the sake of Israel.

I DO NOT EXPECT Christian Zionists, who put loyalty to Israel on the same level as loyalty to Christ, to heed this. These folks will do what Hagee and their other pastors tell them to, and will continue to give money to Israeli settlers who will persecute Palestinian Christians.

But I DO EXPECT Christians who truly put Christ first to heed this. A vote for evil, even the lesser of which, is STILL A VOTE FOR EVIL! How a Christian who claims "the Way, the Truth, and the Light" can still vote for evil is beyond me!

We are IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD, right? Instead of voting for evil, try praying for an end to this evil!

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