Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Am Back With Answers to Questions That The Holy Spirit Has Given Me the Answers To, Sorry For the Delay

It has been over a year since my last post! But sometimes it takes a while for the Holy Spirit to give me the discernment I need to answer questions I have and readers may have as well. And sometimes I get distracted. One of the distractions I have had is the goings on in NFL football. Yes, I have in the past followed the NFL. I grew up watching football and on and off I get involved in watching it. However, I have prayed to my Lord and Savior Christ to get me over this "hump" so I can concentrate on what a believer seeking the truth ought to concentrate on.

Fact is though I do not know when "the end times" will be, and neither does Christ, we may be getting close and we need to be prepared. One way to be prepared is to LOSE THE FEARFULNESS that Revelation 22 (the verse that says, "But the fearful, the idolators...etc....will have their part in the Lake of Fire...").  And by "lose the fearfulness" I mean lose the fear we might have when we come across non-believers and especially believers who believe false doctrine, to lose the fearfulness in order to explain to them why their doctrinal belief is false and why they need to seek the truth. Further, we need to get them to lose their fear as well; one of the big fears I have encountered from believers is their fear of criticising Israel and "Jews". There is a reason I have "Jews", not Jews, and I will further explain the quotation marks around Jews in my next post that I am working on (concerning Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 to the churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia, and the Synagogue of Satan) with some help from wise words by Brandon T. Ward of World Events and the Bible. I refer of course to Christian Zionists...there are many Christian Zionists out here where I live, including some folks even in the church I belong to (fortunately, the present Pastor and the previous one as well, for all his faults, opposed Christian Zionist doctrine and support our fellow believers, the Palestinian Christians as well as Messianic Jewish Christians in Israel and elsewhere. (Note: the ONLY believers I think who ought to be Christian Zionist are those very same Messianic Jews...I have no problem with Israeli Jews being Zionist as long as they are believers in Christ....further, I do not care if these folks are truly Jews, or convert non-Israel-descended "Jews"). And let me remind the reader that I WILL NOT JUDGE CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS while I WILL judge Christian Zionism. If I am judging Christian Zionists, then how can I convince them they are wrong, whether about "the rapture" or about the true meaning of Genesis 12:3?

Another point I will make is that in future posts when I refer to convert "Jews" I might sometimes use the term Khazars, since historians and geneticists in Israel and Israeli geneticists in the US have concluded that the Ashkenazi "Jews" are almost certainly NOT related to Biblical Israel (or Hebrews as they are sometimes called), meaning Jacob's line, and are almost certainly related to the Turkic people generally accepted to be Khazars and the surrounding peoples--in other words, these "Jews" are not likely related to Jacob, and that they are more likely related to Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, son of Japheth! Could it be that these Khazar convert "Jews" are the Japhethites that "will live in the tents of Shem" in Genesis 9:27? Add to that the likelihood that the true descendents of Jacob might not only be SOME of the Sephardic Jews (but not all), and many, but not all, of the Palestinians? Christian Zionists need to realize the danger of supporting the genocide of Palestinians by the racist, aparthied government of the 1948 state of Israel--which BTW is NOT God's Israel and is NOT the promised and prophesied Israel through the Old Testament Prophets!

The other reason for the delay is that Blogger has been completely taken over by Google and I had to reconfigure the way I get to log in here!

I will leave the reader with one final note: I have been wondering for the last few years why Israeli settlers have been destroying, uprooting, or burning Palestinian olive groves and trees. I do not think they are stupid enough to be doing that just to hurt Palestinians economically by destroying their property, not when there are many Israeli Jews who think it is bad as well, considering the Israeli Jews, who want to completely control the Occupied Territories, would of course want to save these groves for their own benefit. So, thinking there must be another reason the settlers (nearly all Ashkenazi "Jews" from Russia, Europe and the US) are destroying olive trees, I was suddenly hit a few days ago by a clue that must have come from the Holy Spirit as I was reading one of Ward's articles (but not brought up by Ward, thus I think it was the Holy Spirit)--the reason these Ashkenazim are destroying olive trees is that these Talmudists are destroying the symbol of Jesus Christ Himself--the olive branch! Since they hate Christ, it would be natural for them to destroy these trees that take many years to grow. They may have other reasons for this destruction, but surely hatred of Jesus Christ is one of them. Maybe their Talmudic rabbis are exhorting them to these acts on purpose.

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