Monday, December 02, 2013

Are Christian Zionists FINALLY Waking UP?

Ted Pike here has some good news for those of us who do NOT want our fellow Christians who happen to be Christian Zionists to fall away under the strong delusion that putting Israel on the same footing as Christ our Savior accords with Genesis 12:3 ("God will bless those who bless Israel and God will curse those who curse Israel"...of course Genesis 12:3 says no such thing--it is just that Hagee and other false prophets have brainwashed their Christian Zionist followers to believe such falsehood). Whether "many" Christian Zionists (or evangelicals in general, who traditionally strongly support Israel) are now starting to at least understand the plight of Palestinians as an oppressed and ethnically cleansed people as purely just wrong, and hopefully are starting to consider that Palestinian Christians are truly their brothers and sisters (and NOT Talmudic Jews, who support the anti-Christ simply because they hate Christ), or if it is still just a few, I say this: GOOD FOR THEM! AND WHETHER IT IS A FEW OR A BUNCH, THIS IS SOME OF THE BEST NEWS I HAVE SEEN AND HEARD IN QUITE A WHILE, AND I PRAISE GOD FOR IT!!!

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