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The Answer to "Who Is the Anti-Christ?," the "Synagogue of Satan," and More

Back last year or so I wrote a piece on who is the Antichrist. With the Bible and a bit of help from Brandon T. Ward's Bible blog I am sure of it now. The AntiChrist is not some Pope or UN head or President or Prime Minister or some Talmudic Rabbi. Satan is the AntiChrist, and by that I mean Satan IS THE ANTICHRIST. Satan himself will come down from heaven after being cast down with his angels. That is, Satan won't be cast down and then inhabit the King of Spain or whatever, or be a real life Nicolai Carpathia; he will be Satan himself. That is what Revelation 12:9 says, Satan was cast out. When Christ rebuked Satan during His 40 day sojourn in the desert after being baptized, He rebuked Satan, not some guy that Satan inhabited. When Judas went off to betray Christ in John 13: 26-27 it clearly states that Satan entered into Judas. But it does not say Satan entered into some guy who tempted Christ, or Satan will enter some guy who then becomes the Anti-Christ! If Satan was going to enter into someone and that someone would become the Anti-Christ the Bible would have said so. Therefore, it really really is Satan that comes down to Earth pretending to be Christ.

As for the Synagogue of Satan, in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 (Christ talking to John about the churches in Smyrna and Philadelphia), He clearly says who or what the Synagogue of Satan is: "...those who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan..." So then (to elaborate on the Jews=Khazars argument, in other words these "Jews" are NOT Israelites...and if they are not then why do they think Israel belongs to them? NOTE: the Jewish Encyclopedia actually says that Ashkenazic Jews are Khazar converts here...and does this mean that Israel actually belongs to those we now call PALESTINIANS??? Hmmmmmm...) does this mean ALL Ashkenazic/Khazar Jews are of the Synagogue of Satan? Or let's put it this way: are ALL Talmudic Jews of the Synagogue of Satan? I will say this: NOT NECESSARILY! Do not forget that the Khazars were not Jewish converts yet and would not convert until the 800s, more or less, and also do not forget that while the Pharisees were still around and Maimonides was writing the Jerusalem Talmud around a couple of hundred years later, the Babylonian Talmud (a close cousin to the notion of Mystery Babylon) was written around the time of the Khazar conversion--thus Christ was NOT talking about Talmudic Jews or Khazar Talmudic converts, either. So, it is likely that Satan's Synagogue has been around longer.
Perhaps, a lot longer...and keep in mind that Christ Himself told the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin guys that they were of "their father, the devil". But the story here is a bit more complicated, and again thanks to Brandon Ward's site linked above for this insight...

A lot longer, indeed...all the way back to Cain...

Remember Cain, who BTW his father really was Satan. Cain is NOT mentioned in Adam's bloodline (Seth is, Seth is the first in line, and remember Eve said she got a man son (Cain) from "the Lord" NOT from Adam! Abel, of course, was from Adam. The "fruit" that Eve "ate of" was Satan's "fruit" which is sometimes what the male sex organs are referred to as.

 So, is Cain the father of the Khazars? Some would claim that the line of Cain died out during Noah's Flood, but remember TWO OF EVERY BREATHING CREATURE were kept alive in the ark; this includes the Nephilim ("There were Nephilim (or giants) on the Earth in those days, AND ALSO AFTER THAT...") as well as Cain's seedline (the Satanic Seedline that Christian Identity often this case Christian Identity is correct) which in various places of the Old Testament are called "Kenites" (see Strong's Concordance Cain=Kajin=Kenites).

Now wouldn't you know it, but we find in Numbers and in Judges a few verses that verify that the Kenites infiltrated the Israelites when they were entering the Promised Land and also after they had already taken it over. Judges 1:16 as well as Judges chapter 4 (where we learn Moses' father-in-law was Hobab, a Kenite, and that Heber the Kenite had infiltrated the Israelites, and that Heber's wife Jael helped the infiltration by killing the military leader of the conquering Canaanites, Sisera. The Prophetess Deborah says of Jael the Kenite: "Blessed above women shall Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite be, blessed shall she be above women in the tent." (Judges 5:24) Thus what Deborah was sayiung was that the Kenites had INFILTRATED "the tent", that is, the worship place of the you still doubt that the Kenites infiltrated Israel?) Genesis 15:19 says that the land that Abraham was to give to his descendants (Israel) was inhabited by among others Kenites, and in 1 Samuel 15:6 Saul tells the Kenites to get out of the way as Saul makes war on the Amalekites because when Israel left Egypt, the Kenites helped them (which I just made reference to). Thus, it is clear that since the Kenites were NOT wiped out by the Israelites that the Kenites almost certainly intermarried with the Israelites and, like the Hivites, it is also likely that the Kenites worked to serve Israel including in the temples (See 1 Chronicles 2:55...the Kenites among others were the scribes, and see Ezra chapter 8; the Kenites among others NOT of Israel were "temple servants" and Ezra's lament was that not a one of them was a Levite!).

So that brings us to the New Testament where on numerous occasions Christ, in his denunciation of their falsehoods and evil practices, called these "temple servants" or scribes as well as the Pharisees "you are of your father the devil." Not only did Christ mean that spiritually, he also meant that literally! Finally, I feel I can say with discerned Biblical truth that the authors of the anti-Christ Talmud, the scribes and Pharisees, were in fact part of the literal Satanic Seedline, the Kenites! Final proof of this is what God told Satan (the serpent in the Garden of Eden: Genesis 3:15 says that God will bring "enmity" between Satan's seed and Eve's seed. Eve's seed is referred to here as Christ. Who has the Romans crucify Christ? the Sanhedrin, dominated by the Pharisees; therefore since God doesn't lie it means that the Pharisees (the eventual authors of the evil Talmud), who had Jesus Christ put to death using the Gentile Romans to do their dirty work (just as Israel today uses the USA to do their dirty work), are indeed of the Satanic seedline--and not just spiritually, either!

But are the Kenites related to the Khazars? Cain, as Genesis says, went eastward into the "land of Nod" where "Nod" means "wandering"...assuming east of Eden was east of the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates (and two other rives that flow north into likely southern Russia, just as the Nile flows north from Sudan and Ethiopia), it is very possible that Cain's line inhabited the land that would hold, among other ethnicities, the Khazars, who of course inhabited parts of southern Russia. Thus, it is possible that the Khazars, descended from Ashkenaz and other descendants of JAPHETH not Shem (and interestingly enough, another descendant of Japheth is Magog...where have we heard that name before?). Mr. Ward suggested however that "Nod" or the place of the wanderer was Mongolia. Do not forget that the country we call Mongolia today is just a shadow of what Mongolia once was when it covered a huge portion of central Asia, and do not forget also that Mongols, who live in yurts which are portable, tend to be nomadic, that is, wanderers.

So, while Ashkenazic (Khazar) "Jews" have NO RIGHT to Israel whatsoever (and even Israel geneticists have proven that Ashkenazic DNA is much less likely to hold Israelite factors than Sephardic Jews AND PALESTINIANS), neither do the literal and spirituial descendants of the Kenites, the Synagogue of Satan. Thus, the Christian Zionists, again, hold to false doctrine, but in this case it could seriously impact their salvation UNLESS THEY REPUDIATE these lies!

Again, I want to thank Brandon T. Ward for his work in ghetting me to further research what I spiritually knew to be true, but wanted hardcore facts so that I could, I pray, wake up my fellow believers in Christ, the Christian Zionists, before those I know in particular become the "fallen away."

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