Friday, December 04, 2015

Can ANYONE Be Trusted to Truly Discern the Word of God?

For months I have bantered on about what so-called Bible scholars, teachers, pastors, and various spokespersons have brought up on various Hagmann and Hagmann podcasts, with nearly every one of these folks having written books they of course were promoting on the podcasts, most of them published by Tom Horn's Defender Publishing.

But the other night while deciding whether or not to listen to a particular H&H podcast I came across the comment section where someone posted links to the following site that featured a lawsuit by some woman against Steve Quayle, H&H, and their companies. FYI, H&H's podcast that I listen to comes off "CFP Radio" where CFP stands for "Canada Free Press"; this woman had worked for Canada Free Press for a while and questioned Quayle's and Doug Hagmann's info and sources, leading to the duo supposedly slandering her (which is why she filed suit in the State of New York).

Here is the link. You can also download it as a PDF. It is worth the read, especially if you have any questions about the integrity of the Hagmanns or Quayle.

Note: I am NOT claiming that Quayle and the Hagmanns are guilty of any of this except for the slandering, if it is indeed slandering.

Then there is this You Tube video having a part of a podcast that was done under the radar while a break was occurring, which can be listened to here. At about the 5:25 mark Doug Hagmann admits he attended a Jesuit Seminary. Then his son Joe cuts him short. Why? Do these folks not wants folks to know that Doug Hagmann just might have been a Jesuit? And isn't it funny that this was admitted to during the break, when the audience would not be able to here it when a commercial was on?

Note: I am NOT claiming Doug Hagmann is still as Jesuit! Heck, I've been associated with evil groups in the past as well, so I am not deriding Hagmann for having been to a Jesuit Seminary--but what I do not like is the fact that this fact was hidden from the public listener during a break commercial.

My question is this: can we trust Jesuit-trained people who discuss the Bible, and can we trust folks who slander a woman who is only asking questions? Just like can we trust a pastor, David Lankford, who said on a Hagmann podcast that Benjamine Netanyahu is a Messianic Jew, a Jewish Christian, when Netanyahu has NOT ADMITTED PUBLICLY to his claiming Christ as his Savior to associates in Israel or elsewhere, and when Netanyahu, according to the Times of Israel, wants the anti-Christ Talmud codified into Israeli law? (Perhaps Lankford never read the Talmud; if he is indeed a Christian Zionist, and I don't think he is, reading the Talmud might cause him to reconsider his doctrinal beliefs.)

And can we trust the editor of the book, "Blood On The Altar," Tom Horn, who says in his intro that Christians CANNOT criticize fellow Christians who err UNLESS they go directly to that person and/or that person's pastor--which is hard to do when the best you can do is e-mail the pastor just to find out he will not respond. There is a Christian Conference in March 2016 I may have to attend just so I can (if God is willing) get with Lankford and/or Quayle to get to the bottom of this,and hopefully they don't accuse me of being in laegue with Satan (because they've done that before, just not about me.) Then Horn says regarding bloggers like me, perhaps, who do criticize the false doctrines of fellow Christians from time to time, that the Bible "does not allow the setting up of websites, blogs, and other mediums to routinely lambaste believers with accusations--that is the job of Satan..." In the same book where supposed Christians like John Hagee are criticized, and in another chapter some pastors who promote the opposite of Christian Zionism--Christian Palestinianism? Excuse me, Dr. Horn? Horn is technically correct, but the problem is that in the process of criticizing false doctines there is almost no way that the promoter of a false doctrine (such as Hagee) would not be mentioned! So I guess what Horn is really saying is the only reason a Christian could set up a blog or website is to promote their books, because ultimately that is exactly why these sites are set up!

Take note Dr Horn: since I agree with much of what you and Putnam have said in those books, the Holy Spirit has not moved me to call you a "prophet for profit."

And here I will point out another instance where these folks who write books and go on H&H and elsewhere, while discerning so much so as to either dismiss or openly assert apostate Christian Zionism, completely miss other prophecies and other stuff in the Old and New Testaments, such as Exodus 22:21 and 23:9 where God warns the Israelites to NOT OPPRESS THE STRANGER! Why? Because the Israelites were strangers (that is, foreigners) in Egypt, and Exodus is full of how the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites. So where am I leading to? Just as the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites, the Israelites opressed (that is, enslaved) foreigners that they either invaded or somehow lived in Israel at the time (and often violated the 50 year jubilee period where these slaves had to be given the opportunity to be freed with their families, another law set forth by God); and just so you know where I am going with this--I am sure you do--just as Hitler opressed the Jews, the Jews now oppress the Palestinians. (Actually, I have only heard Ted Broer bring up this issue, and he is not even a pastor, Bible scholar or Bible teacher.)

Note: I am NOT a so-called "Christian Palestinianist"! I do NOT support the notion of handing back Israel to the Palestinians (in which case they would very quickly avenge themselves on the Jews and maybe Christians as well). I also do NOT support a "two state solution." What I DO support is an Israel as God had intended that the original Israelites set up, where the "strangers" were not to be oppressed.)

And Christian Zionists approve, of course, forgetting that God will punish Israel, yes, their beloved Zionist Israel, for this as well as for their hatred of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Which leads me to this conclusion expounded in Psalm 118:8--"Trust in God, rather than men."

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tom Horn Was Right About Pope Benedict Resigning--Is He Right Again? New "Download from God" Announced on Sid Roth Show

I like Sid Roth though I rarely watch his "It's Supernatural" show; I have a  great deal of respect for Messianic Jews, Jewish believers in Christ. Plus he has had Jonathan Cahn on his show; Cahn is another Messianic Jew who, unlike Roth, doesn't have to put on a showman's act (but what do you expect from someone with a TV show?), yet neither one appear to buy into Christian Zionism...that I like especially!

Horn as well as Cris Putman were on a recent airing of "It's Supernatural" where they tell Roth and the audience about their work "On the Path of the Immortals" including visits with a Navajo shaman regarding the fate of the ancient Anasazi tribe in the Four Corners area, Mount Graham's "Lucifer" telescope and the Vatican, Nephilim, CERN and other portals. At the end of the show Horn announces another "message from God" (whether you can cal it "prophecy" or not is debatable) that Horn really didn't want to say (because if he;s wrong he'll look like another false prophet), but Roth "got him to say it anyway" so to speak.

First off, Horn is the guy who became famous for announcing the month and the year that Pope Benedict 16th would resign from the Papacy about one year before it happened, and Horn was correct. This was, Horn claimed," a "download from God" in 2012, and the message was right about when Benedict resigned, and then Pope Francis took his place.

So, this is the new "download from God" given to Horn, and I will paraphrase (you can check this out on Sid Roth's site videos here

One part of the message concerns the connection between the anti-Christ and Islam. Again, listen to the video...this notion of a connection between Satan and Islam is SOP and really not worth discussing because naturally Satan and Islam are affiliated, just as Satan is affiliated with all beliefs that oppose Christ (though of course you'd be hard pressed to find, as I said in my last previous post, any well-known preacher of Bible scholar that is not against the current Israel-in-prophecy meme actually state that this includes Judaism as well as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other non-Christian religion...the best they can come up with is denouncing the Kabbalah...they are too fearful to denounce the Talmud as well! Gee, if Christ could denounce the Pharisees...but anyway...)

The important part of the "download from God" is where Horn says that as Islam affiliated with Satan comes down hard on Israel and Jerusalem, the Jews in Israel will finally accept Christ as their Savior. Roth of course was ecstatic. So will I be if this happens! (I will be even more ecstatic if the Palestinian Muslims do as well! After all, before they were Palestinian Muslims they were Palestinian Jews or perhaps even Christians, right? Eran Elhaik and other Israeli geneticists have proven that Palestinians are more closely related to the original tribe of Judah than (Khazar) Ashkenazi Jews are.)

Here is why this "download" makes sense (I just wish he wouldn't call it a "download"...does God really need the internet?): first, it is well known that Satan and his minions, Islamic or not, will do their best to make Jerusalem and the temple their an abomination as they attempt to destroy Christ's remnant, and that the "two witnesses" will prophesy against Satan for a given number of days, after which they will be killed. Along with this is a prophecy in Zechariah that two-thirds of the world's Jews will be slaughtered...why would the anti-Christ want to slaughter Jews UNLESS they believed in Christ? Folks, whatever Satan has to do on Earth during the Tribulation Period has everything to do with the destruction of belief in Jesus Christ, and nothing else. It is not about controlling the world because he kind of already does, right? (But he uses his minions such as the Rothschilds and will continue to do so until he returns.) It is not about "the new world order" the criminal psychopathic elites want to set up (and anyway, they can't do squat without Satan behind them, right?). No. It is all about Satan getting rid of anything to do with Christ. Folks, the only reason to slaughter all these Jews is if all these Jews turn to Christ. And I am sure that Horn meant the TRUE MESSIAH, Yeshua Ben David here, not the phony Talmud version. There is no other reason Satan would have this done. And the only reason Jews--who are supposed to turn to the false messiah (the anti-Christ, Satan) as per the Talmud, which proclaims the false "Jewish Messiah"--would turn to Christ instead of the anti-Christ is because this is the way God wants it!

As it is with everything else dealing with End Times prophecy, God is in control, and God will write it on the hearts of Judah, regardless of what other kinds of DNA makes up the genetic make-up of those we call "Jews".

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Memo to End Times Prophets/Scholars/BibleTeachers/Etc.: Do You Really Know What You Are Talking Or Writing About?

Folks, the ONLY--and I mean the ONLY--complete source of truth regarding End Times Bible Prophecy is THE WORD OF GOD, aka THE BIBLE (most choose the Authorized King James 1611 version, but even that version has some flaws in it because it is simply an interpretation of various ancient scriptures, scrolls, etc. and/or a possibly flawed version of the Septuagint. Some claim the NIV is the most flawed. Let's assume though that the King James is the least flawed.)

Here is the problem, however: while the Word of God is true in every respect, it is MAN'S INTERPRETATION, or discernment, or reading of HOLY WRIT that gets us into trouble, and then various Bible scholars, preachers and the like come up with flawed theories such as the completely bogus Pre-Trib Rapture. (Note: why is it bogus? Because Jesus Christ Himself said so! The verses of John 17:15 and John 17:20 prove this notion is bogus, as the words Christ prayed to His Father God disavow any notion that His believers will be "removed", regarding believers at the time and believers to come (verse 20). Further, if there is to be a rapture it will be when He returns (Post-Trib or even Post-Milennial). Christ clearly says in verse 15 that instead of being "removed" we believers in Christ will be protected from "the evil one.")

Every true believer knows this fact that interpretations can be flawed and we are encouraged to seek the truth. But how do we know that those authors or speakers who claim to speak the truth really do know the truth? Maybe some of these folks really do know the truth, but are afraid to say so?

As one who reads this blog knows, I have become a fairly regular listener to the Hagmann and Hagmann BlogTalkRadio broadcasts and have mostly listened to their shows that feature folks who claim to know the Bible: Dr. Michael Lake ("The Shinar Directive"), Tom Horn and Chris Putman ("On the Path of the Immortals"), Steve Quayle (Genesis 6 Giants), Pastor David Lankford (who, unfortunately for him, made a bogus or unsubstantiated claim that Benjamin Netanyahu was a Messianic Jew...why would Netanyahu seek in the Knesset that the Talmud be made Jewish/Israeli law, as claimed on the website Israeli National News, if he was a Christian? The Talmud and Christianity are mutually exclusive!), Nathan Leal, Paul Maguire, "Coach Dave" and a few others.

On the other hand you have Pastor Steve Anderson claiming that there is no way in hell that today's Israel is anything but an abomination of Khazar making (as well as Texe Marrs and a few others), and that anything Israel does today opposes God, or that Israel is strictly a making of the Rothschilds using the Balfour Declaration. The "you have Christ if you love Israel meme"--which is also flawed!

So whether one is talking about what something Lake said or Marrs said or John Hagee or Chuck Misler or your local preacher/pastor said, there is an excellent chance one or more things this person said is flawed.

Back to Lankford...nearly everything he has said on Hagmann's shows is likely a very good interpretation of the Bible, but because of what he claimed about Netanyahu, I simply cannot take everything he said a truth. Sorry, Pastor, but I cannot.

Steve Quayle? Now I really like what Quayle says and the research (along with his archeological partner Timothy Alberino) he has done on the Nephilim and the Genesis Six meme, and while he talks a lot on Hagmann he generally says good stuff. But Quayle "agreed" with Lankford, offering no basis for agreement, so I cannot take everything Quayle says as truth, either. 

Horn and Putnam? "On the Path of the Immortals" which included chapters on their visits to Mount Graham (home of the Vatican-sponsored "Lucifer Telescope" which is supposedly tracking Nibiru or "Planet X" as it heads toward Earth--or whatever is heading toward Earth"), also included a DVD video that I watched showing a "Skywatcher TV" set of episodes about visiting Mount Graham and interviews, one of which Horn and Putnam claimed that Zechariah 5:9 could be interpreted to imply there are female angels. The fact is there is "female" something in there holding an ephah, but the King James does NOT use the term angels, but "women" that had wings. Now one can imply this means they are "angels" but if they were "angels" why wouldn't the King James say they were "angels"? (Note: I really really wanted to believe there were female angels!). However: verse 7 says a woman sits in the middle of the ephah, where in verse 8 the angel talking to Zechariah says the woman and the ephah was "wickedness" (a "weight of lead" is compared to the woman, casting the lead into the ephah), and that as a result of casting the lead into the ephah the one woman became two women both having wings like a stork. The two women with wings then "beared the ephah" which the angel said was "to build it an house in the land of Shinar..." I do not know what Bible version they used, but clearly Horn and Putnam are wrong about female angels (as much as I would have loved it if they were right!). Thus, can I honestly believe these two always speak or write the truth?

Then there is Michael Lake who I really really like, a lot. He is an actual Bible teacher who runs a Bible school and offers courses that anyone interested in the Bible can take, and furthermore, actually reads ancient Hebrew and presents what he calls the "Hebraic mindset." I think that of all the Biblical folks that Hagmann has had on, Lake is probably the most truthful. He is the one who, claiming that God will punish Israel for its iniquities and its denial of Christ, period, end of story, and in doing so, set me straight (as I have claimed previously) about Israel. But even Lake, in the "Shinar Directive" and in his chapter in the book "Blood on the Altar", admits that some of what he believes is only speculation! Lake doesn't actually know whether actual Nephilim/Gibborhim will actually return to the Earth, or how, or if Fallen Angles will indeed mate with the daughters of men to produce these abominations again (his supposition is that the Biblical Anti-Christ will resemble Nimrod, who turned himself into a Gibborhim (mighty hunter before the Lord) by using the arcane knowledge left over from the Noah's Flood to transform his DNA). All he can say truthfully is that the End Times will resemble "the Days of Noah" simply because, since Christ Himself said so, it must be true!

And if Michael Lake can say out loud that God will punish Israel, why can't Lankford or Quayle or Horn or Putnam or Leal or Maguire or anyone else say it? What are they afraid of...being called "anti-Semitic"? Or afraid to lose Christian Zionist or Zionist Christian (there is a difference!) listenership or sponsorship or readership? Do they really think that if they mention Israeli Jewish denunciation of Christ--THE TRUE SEED OF ABRAHAM!--that God will "curse" them? Are they afraid that since they likely believe that they may not have everything right in their discernment of the Bible that they'd prefer to take the "safe" route and give Israel all the benefit of the doubt? They do mention Messianic Jews but they never mention Palestinian Christians, as if all Palestinians are "radical Muslims" or something ominous. Just what are these people afraid of?

It is absolutely true that God set up the present-day State of Israel for His purposes...and it is these purposes that I am earnestly trying to discern. I will say this again (as I told Dr. Lake in an e-mail about his Bible courses)--when I was a teenager with many Jewish friends and during the Six Day War, I sincerely wanted to convert to Judaism, move to Israel, and join the IDF; in the early and mid-2000s before and after 9-11, I was a Christian Zionist (or rather, a Zionist Christian and also believer in the pre-trib rapture...I'll get into the difference later)--until 2006 or thereabouts, that is. Two things made me rethink any beliefs I had about the doctrines regarding Israel's place in God's plans: one was the war against Hezbollah that was not against Hezbollah, but to steal the Litani River because Israel was running out of water (remember the days of Elijah?)...the Bible claims the borders of Israel go up to, but not over, the Litani River and thus Israel has no right to take it, period, but must share it with Lebanon; the other was their terrible treatment of Palestinians. One can interpret Deuteronomy all you want, but God commanded the Israelites to NOT mistreat "the strangers" living in the midst of Israel. Their mistreatment of Palestinians (who, as El Haik and others have proven in DNA studies, are more likely descended from the Isrealites than the Khazar/Ashkenazik Jews are!) today is Israel is just as wrong now as it was then. SO THEN WHY AREN'T THESE BIBLE FOLKS CALLING OUT ISRAEL FOR DOING SO? Who or what are they afraid of?

On the other hand you have preachers like Marrs and Anderson saying the exact opposite--that Rothschild and Satan, not God, set up the 1948 State of Israel. Clearly they are not afraid of being called "anti-Semitic"! Good for them, but they too do not present the whole truth of the matter. The fact is this regarding today's Israel:

Even though Rothschild and the Balfour Declaration sets up the United Nations mandate to declare Israel a nation for the world's Jews on the heals of the Holocaust (folks, I will NEVER deny the Holocaust because what happened to the Jews in Europe WAS a holocaust! I do dispute the six-million figure, though. Whether the number of the genocide was 6 million or 600 thousand or 60 thousand or even 6 thousand, it was a holocaust. There is no difference between the number of Jews Hitler has killed/starved/diseased/whatever and the number of Christians and others Stalin had killed in the Holodomor or the Turks had killed in the Armenian genocide or Palestinians killed by Israeli for no reason or Native Americans killed by the US, or Aboriginees get the picture! A genocide is a genocide! There is NO DIFFERENCE!)..but anyway, to say that Rothschild, not God, set up Israel to exist is DENIAL that God, not Rothschild, not Satan, BUT GOD is in control! Basically what Marrs, Anderson, and others (whether Christian Anti-Zionists or "Christian Palestinianists" or Christian Identity or any other group of Christians who say Israel has no right to exist at all (other than a state run by Palestinians) who say God had nothing to do with it ARE WRONG! GOD HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING! God set up Biblical Israel just like God set up Nebuchadnezzar, just like God caused Noah's Flood to wipe out the Nephilim and corrupted DNA on the earth..and that included corrupted animal and plant DNA! TAKE NOTE MONSATAN! Just like God set up Assyria to overtake fallen Israel, just like God, through Jonah, had Assyria repent, just like God had Darius of the Medeo-Persians overtake Babylon and repent during the days of Daniel, just like God had Antiochus IV commit abominations in the days of the Maccabees, just like God had a virgin give birth to our Messiah, Christ. Folks, if you deny that God had anything to do with the setting up of today's Israel then you might as well deny the rest of what He has done and will do. Yep, Satan had a lot to do with setting up Israel--BECAUSE GOD WANTS IT THAT WAY! Whether Israel takes the right path or the wrong one, God set it up for a reason, and to claim (as I may have done wrongly on this blog, and I repent of that) that Israel has no right to exist is WRONG!

Finally, here is the difference between a Christian Zionist and a Zionist Christian--A Christian Zionist puts Israel first, period, and just happens to claim belief in Christ...they do NOT put Christ example is John Hagee, who might as well become a Jew for all he's worth Biblically. But a Zionist Christian, while putting Christ first, probably puts Israel second or third and will not say PUBLICLY that God will punish Israel for its denunciation of Christ, out of fear of some sort. I would put many preachers in this group. Still, I find it hard to believe that real Bible scholars or teachers really think that Israel and Judaism in general will get off unscathed. This will not and cannot happen, and, as Steve Quayle says on Hagmann often, quoting Ecclesiastes 1:9--"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." That is, God punished Israel before, and He will punish them again. Big time!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transgender, Transable, "Transfat"...Is Acceptance of Transhumanism Far Behind?

Right now I am reading Dr. Michael Lake's "The Shinar Directive" where he makes a strong case that either various Tower-of-Babel-like demonic portals are being planned by the usual Satanic suspects in order to usher in the anti-Christ, or these same suspects will push transhumanism on us or otherwise destroy what God has given us, our human DNA, or both. (Note: I say both, but it's even worse than that). I think fairly soon we will have our first transhumans such as Kurtzweil, a major player in the oligarchy market, but even sooner--now that is--we are seeing "trans" other people.

Jenner isn't the first transgender and he/she won't be the last (in fact a property owner in my POA who recently committed suicide was transgedered). But the fact that he/she is so damned celebrated on TV and the rest of the God-less/lawless MSM is concerning, and if you disapprove of what Jenner did you are everything from a "terrorist" to a "racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever" as the politically correct want to refer to you.

Now comes a subset of folks who want to cut their limbs or whatever off because they want to sympathize with folks who have had their limbs removed for whatever reason (such as they lost their leg in war or something they did not chose for themselves), and we are to celebrate these "transables" who are "heroes" for standing up for "pro-choice" (and who knows? Some person on meds who had watched the TV show "Gotham" recently saw the character Fish Mooney pluck her own eye out to shame the office manager who accused her of I forgot then wound up himself being mutilated by his boss--will this person pluck his or her own eye out?)

Then you have that white woman who wants to be called "black"...

Then there are those who choose to be obese to sympathize with fat folks...should we call these folks "transfat"? Or a 60-year-old who wants to be called a 20-year-old, "transgenerational"?

Now what a person does with his or her body is between them and God and they will reap the consequences for poor choices. But it is the fact that these ridiculous ideas are being fostered by the evil media that has a very evil agenda to turn us away from God (and this goes double for "Christian" media that wants to turn us away from Christ toward anti-Christ Israel!) and toward acceptance and eventually compliance with either destroying the bodies God gave us or worse, allowing the forces of anti-Christ to destroy our DNA that God gave us or to allow these nefarious entities to meld us with robots and artificial intelligence.

Whether messing with DNA, incorporating AI or willful destruction of our bodies, it is all transhumanism--if ever there was an abomination to God, this is it, folks, and it is coming fast.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

God Will Punish Israel For Its Lack of Belief in Christ--But We Must Not

Dr. Michael Lake, author if "The Shinar Directive" (and of course, a frequent guest on, you guessed it, The Hagmann and Hagmann Report on Blogtalk Radio), has made me reconsider some of my more vitrolic ranting about Israel and the Palestinians, and I do realize now that as spiritually desolate as the religious bent of that country is, the fact is not only do we believers in Christ constitute spiritual Israel but that the present day country called Israel actually has a legit reason to be called that and not Palestine. And folks, it is not easy for me to say that. However, lost in all the ranting I've done about Israel's horrible treatment of Palestinians, which would seem to make one think I support a "2-state solution", I do not, and yes, I do not think the one state should be called "Palestine" or that this one state should consist of Palestinians only. Now here is a Bible truth as plain as day: God gave Canaan to the Israelites of Moses' day AND allowed "strangers" to live there. It is all over Deuteronomy, Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, etc.

Thing is, when you are (as I have) constantly ranting about the injustices against those called Palestinians by those called Jews (and the Khazar issue aside, for the sake of likely truth, owing to the Assyrian diaspora of the Northern ten tribes in 721 BC or thereabouts as well as the Diaspora of Judah in 70 AD, let's assume that many of not most Jews in Israel today are to one extent or another descended from either Judah or Reuben or Issachar or Gad or Levi or any of the other ten tribes), then one loses sight of the fact that while Rothschild, Satan's minion on Earth in 1921 with the Balfour Declaration and in 1948 when Israel was created to today, did finance and otherwise help found Israel, God used him, just like God used Satan to test Job (see Job chapter 2). So for me to agree with Steven Anderson, creator of the movie posted on this site "Marching to Zion," and who said God did NOT create Israel and that Jews have no right to Israel, is flat out wrong. And it took listening to Lake to realize that. Anderson is also wrong about Israel being the anti-Christ of Tribulation (yes, it is anti-Christ, but it is not THE anti-Christ), and Anderson is also wrong to assume ALL Israeli Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. Christ referred to the Pharisees and Scribes (descended from Kenites, the line of Cain...see Strong's Concordance if you think I just made that up! The Kenites are mentioned in Numbers, Joshua, and 1st and 2nd Samuel, if my memory serves me...the Kenites, whom God warned the Israelites to not let them infiltrate the temple, would up infiltrating anyway, another instance where Israel disobeyed God))...Christ referred to the Pharisees and Scribes as the Synagogue of Satan as well as (see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) "those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan"...folks He is not talking about Khazars here, or Mizrahi or Sephardic or Spaniard Jews here, but about Jews who followed the oral laws of the Pharisees and Scribes that would eventually be codified in the anti-Christ Talmud, as well as the Kabbalah/Zohar. That is: Satan begat Cain; Cain begat the Kenites; the Kenites begat infiltrating scribes; infiltrating scribes begat disobedient Israelites/Jews who eventually created the Talumd. NONE OF WHICH disqualifies a nation called Israel for Talmudic or non-Talmudic Jews to be created by God, through Satan and his elitist minions.

So what did Lake say? Two things: one, God created Israel with or without Rothschild's help in 1948 and directly debunked men of God like Anderson and other Christian anti-Zionists, and that because it is a nation and especially because God created Israel for a reason, it has a right to exist and defend itself (now I never said Israel has no right to defend itself, or exist, and if I did sound like that, I repent), and that the two-state solution--which may have been what Price was referring to when he claimed the US was "stabbing Israel in the back"--was wrong (nor did he say it was okay for Israelis to genocide Palestinians either...remember God allowed "strangers" to live in Israel in Old Testament days); two, God will punish Israel in the End Times for their blasphemy against His Son Jesus Christ, and for other evil deeds (such as with the US, it is supporting the evil ISIS). Because Lake was very clear about that, he is clearly no Christian Zionist, who reflexively "blesses Israel."

Now, dear reader, do not go all "she's back-tracking" on me! After considering the vehemence of Anderson's diatribe in the video and knowing that this is a pastor/preacher who claimed to want Obama dead and all homosexuals/transgendered/lesbians/bi-sexuals dead or in jail, is this the kind of preacher who would be considered as someone who used Christ as an example in life? This is the same guy who said we should proselytize Jews and Muslims--but not gays and women who had abortions? (note: I myself had an abortion! A spontaneous abortion, that is, also known as a miscarriage) Christ said to love your enemies; by preaching what he preaches, Anderson is NOT following Christ!

So, if I sound like I am cursing Israel (and why would I? Israel curses itself daily with it's lack of belief in Christ--and that goes for Palestinian Muslims as well!), I am sorry, and repent to my Father God and my Savior Christ. Like a broken clock, Christian Zionists who pray for Israel twice a day are doing the right thing, as long as it is a prayer for them to turn back to God by accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. And I will stop attacking Christian Zionists AS LONG AS THEY PUT CHRIST AHEAD OF ISRAEL and know that those who are called Jews MUST turn from their wicked Talmudic ways and accept Christ, not anti-Christ. Like Zvi Kallisher did.

Monday, June 08, 2015

You Be the Judge About the Truth About Israel in Prophecy: Marching to Zion Full Movie

I said I would post the movie "Marching to Zion" here, and I have.

You decide if this movie tells the truth about Israel in prophecy or not.

A note here about the writer of the movie Steven Anderson, Pastor of a Baptist Ministry in Tempe, Arizona: according to the SPLC (which lies a lot, but may be telling the truth here), Anderson in one of his sermons called for Obama's death as well as death to gays and lesbians...supposedly. Just a warning...but for the most part he seems to have a good grasp on Bible prophecy concerning "Biblical Israel"

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Time to Choose, Christian Zionists: Israel, or Jesus Christ? Sorry But You Can't Worship Both (Part 1)

Last week on the Hagmann and Hagmann blogtalk show John Price, who has written books on how the US relates to Bible Prophecy and Mystery Babylon, brought out several prophecies in various Old and New Testament books that could indicate that the US was Mystery Babylon (however I think a few that would clearly indicate America is NOT Mystery Babylon were ignored, especially the one in Revelation that mentions "Sodom and Egypt" where Christ "was crucified" (that is, Jerusalem, which would indicate Israel is Mystery Babylon, but I'm not going to make that claim either without thorough study). Steve Quayle, as usual, was also part of the discussion.

Sorry if this blog appears to be becoming a forum for discussing Hagmann and Hagmann shows, but the father-son team is one of the major forum/blogtalk shows that consistently bring up important topics for Christians to look into.

Further I am not going to discuss if Price is right about the US being Mystery Babylon...for one thing, I am not even sure the US will be around as it stands now when various trumps and vials are released, that is, when the honest to goodness end times happens...God might send His wrath on this country beforehand for a whole boatload of reasons.

What I want to bring up here is what Price said early in his talk (and again Quayle seemed to agree with him): according to Price, God will send wrath upon the US because it is "stabbing Israel in the back."

Now this is SOP for Christian Zionist preachers/ministers/writers/scholars/believers.

That, folks, is an outright lie. Since when does a nation (the US) that sends billions and billions of dollars and weapons to a country (Israel) that it is stabbing in the back? Since when does the fealty of nearly every Congreeman/woman and Senator bowing at the Wailing Wall wearing a kippa for pity sake as if it is having sex with the damned thing stabbing Israel in the back? Since when does sending US military as well as law enforcement officers to Israel so that they can learn how to treat ordinary US citizens like Palestinians stabbing Israel in the back? Since when does Congress without Presidential authority invite Israel's Prime Minister to speak to Congress which applauds more loudly than at the President in his State of the Union address stabbing Israel in the back? Since when are a few "dog and pony show" comments by Obama (who is likely a Muslim, but it wouldn't be any different if he wasn't) that appear to criticize Israel but have no affect on anything than just to piss off Christian Zionists and Neo-Con warmongers stabbing Israel in the back? Finally, since when is sending US men and women into harm's way in various Middle Eastern countries to kill innocent civilians, get shot at by ISIS while arming ISIS (and al Qaida as well), an entity which wouldn't attack Israel if it even wanted to (since it's fighting Hamas, why would it attack Israel?), all for the sake of Israel--since when is that stabbing Israel in the back?

Christian Zionists who make these claims are not only insulting our men and women in uniform, they are also insulting CIA operatives and their families that got murdered in the Soviet Union thanks to traitor Jonathan Pollard who gave Israel secrets, which it gave the Soviet Union in exchange for the release of Jews wanting to emigrate to Israel...don't forget 1,000 Gentiles aren't worth one Jewish fingernail it says in the Talmud and the Kabbalah/Zohar. And it is an insult to the survivors of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, not to mention the families of the 34 dead sailors from the attack.

However folks it is more serious than that. It is even more serious than what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. It is what Israel is doing to destroy belief in Christ, using its useful idiots in the Christian Zionist/Evangelical/Dispensationalist/Dominionist "Christian" movements and churches in the US. And Dual-Covenant Theory Spokesman John Hagee, in his book "In Defense of Israel," has just dropped the hammer. In this book, Hagee says (and I paraphrase) the following: Jesus Christ is NOT the Messiah!!!

So this "Hallelujah to the Lamb of God" figure, which he claims is Christ, that Hagee is constantly shouting from his pulpit, isn't Christ after all---folks, anyone who calls himself a Christian, a believer, that claims Christ is not the Messiah after all IS NO BELIEVER IN CHRIST and is a blasphemer, and has "fallen away" as it says in 2 Thessalonians. Hagee just might as well call himself a Jew!

I have said many times that those who put Israel on the same footing as Christ, or on a higher footing than Christ, or even on a footing just below Christ (and ahead of their own country, the US of A), is actually worshiping Israel. These folks are so damned afraid to piss off Jews and be called "anti-Semites" or to "ensure the wrath of God by not blessing Israel sufficiently (by not kissing Israel's butt at every turn)" and "violate Genesis 12:3"--that verse about "God will curse those who curse" "Israel" and "God will bless those who bless" "Israel", a verse that their "holy" book the "Scofield Reference" Bible interprets this way, falsely (not to mention the fact that Scofield was a scoundrel, but why let the truth get in the way of the "rapture"?) It is FEAR, and it is IGNORANCE OF GOD'S WORD that keeps Christians in bondage to Christ-haters that rule Israel--that's right, bondage! And folks, I am making it my mission from God (and God give me the strength to handle this mission!) to expose the lies of Christian Zionism to Christian Zionists before it is too late.

My next post will feature the full length movie, "Marching to Zion" featuring Pastor Steve Anderson of a Baptist ministry in Tempe, Arizona.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Netanyahu Answers My Own Question About Him Being "Christian"; Pastor Lankford Blows It

In a previous post where I question the statement by Pastor David Lankford (seconded seemingly by Steve Quayle) that Benjamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel, is a "Messianic Jew", aka a Christian, and where I claimed to e-mail both (and also the Jews for Jesus website folks) with the question as to how they know Netanyahu is a Christian--did Netanyahu tell them he was a Christian?--and neither of them answered how they knew Netanyahu was a Christian (with a prefunctory response of "we'll get back to you" from the Jews for Jesus folks), Mr Netanyahu has finally answered me question himself in a post from the Israeli National News.

The title of the article is this: Report: Netanyahu Promises Talmud Will Become Israeli Law

Well, I guess Netanyahu answered the question of whether or not he's a Christian. He most certainly is NOT!

For instance:

Some Teachings of the Jewish Talmud
Where a Jew Should Do Evil
Moed Kattan 17a: If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

Penalty for Disobeying Rabbis
Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell. (As with Jesus Christ, for instance...see Gitten 57 a and b, below)

Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God
Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

O.K. to Cheat Non-Jews
Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work.

Jews Have Superior Legal Status
Baba Kamma 37b. "If an ox of an Israelite gores an ox of a Canaanite there is no liability; but if an ox of a Canaanite gores an ox of an Israelite...the payment is to be in full."

Jews May Steal from Non-Jews
Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a gentile ("heathen") it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b).
 Sanhedrin 76a. God will not spare a Jew who "marries his daughter to an old man or takes a wife for his infant son or returns a lost article to a Cuthean..."

Jews May Rob and Kill Non-Jews
Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

Jews May Lie to Non-Jews
Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

Non-Jewish Children are Sub-Human
Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals. (which explains their genocide of Palestinians)

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth.
Abodah Zarah 22a-22b . Gentiles prefer sex with cows.

Insults Against Blessed Mary
Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men.

Gloats over Christ Dying Young
A passage from Sanhedrin 106 gloats over the early age at which Jesus died: "Hast thou heard how old Balaam (Jesus) was?--He replied: It is not actually stated but since it is written, Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days it follows that he was thirty-three or thirty-four years old."

Jesus in the Talmud:
Horrible Blasphemies Against Jesus Christ
While it is the standard disinformation practice of apologists for the Talmud to deny that it contains any scurrilous references to Jesus Christ, certain Orthodox Jewish organizations are more forthcoming and admit that the Talmud not only mentions Jesus but disparages him (as a sorcerer and a demented sex freak). These orthodox Jewish organizations make this admission perhaps out of the belief that Jewish supremacy is so well-established in the modern world that they need not concern themselves with adverse reactions.

For example, on the website of the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic Lubavitch group--one of the largest in the world--we find the following statement, complete with Talmudic citations:

"The Talmud (Babylonian edition) records other sins of 'Jesus the Nazarene':

1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry, and were sponsored by foreign, gentile powers for the purpose of subverting Jewish worship (Sanhedrin 43a).

2) He was sexually immoral, worshipped statues of stone (a brick is mentioned), was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness, and refused to repent (Sanhedrin 107b; Sotah 47a).

3) He learned witchcraft in Egypt and, to perform miracles, used procedures that involved cutting his flesh, which is also explicitly banned in the Bible (Shabbos 104b).

End quote from (Lubavitch website) June 20, 2000.
[Note: we have printed and preserved in our files a hard copy of this statement from the Lubavitch"Noah's Covenant Website," as it appeared on their website at on June 20, 2000, in the event that denials are later issued and the statement itself suppressed].

Let us examine further some of these anti-Christ Talmud passages:

Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in "hot excrement."

Sanhedrin 43a. Says Jesus ("Yeshu" and in Soncino footnote #6, Yeshu "the Nazarene") was executed because he practiced sorcery: "It is taught that on the eve of Passover Jesus was hung, and forty days before this the proclamation was made: Jesus is to be stoned to death because he has practiced sorcery and has lured the people to idolatry...He was an enticer and of such thou shalt not pity or condone."

Kallah 51a."The elders were once sitting in the gate when two young lads passed by; one covered his head and the other uncovered his head. Of him who uncovered his head Rabbi Eliezer remarked that he is a bastard. Rabbi Joshua remarked that he is the son of a niddah (a child conceived during a woman's menstrual period). Rabbi Akiba said that he is both a bastard and a son of a niddah.

"They said, 'What induced you to contradict the opinion of your colleagues?' He replied, "I will prove it concerning him." He went to the lad's mother and found her sitting in the market selling beans.
"He said to her, 'My daughter, if you will answer the question I will put to you, I will bring you to the world to come.' (eternal life). She said to him, 'Swear it to me.'

"Rabbi Akiba, taking the oath with his lips but annulling it in his heart, said to her, 'What is the status of your son?' She replied, 'When I entered the bridal chamber I was niddah (menstruating) and my husband kept away from me; but my best man had intercourse with me and this son was born to me.' Consequently the child was both a bastard and the son of a niddah.

"It was declared, '..Blessed be the God of Israel Who Revealed His Secret to Rabbi Akiba..."

In addition to the theme that God rewards clever liars, the preceding Talmud discussion is actually about Jesus Christ (the bastard boy who "uncovered his head" and was conceived in the filth of menstruation). The boy's adulterous mother in this Talmud story is the mother of Christ, Blessed Mary (called Miriam and sometimes, Miriam the hairdresser, in the Talmud).

"The Editio Princeps of the complete Code of Talmudic Law, Maimonides' Mishneh Torah -- replete not only with the most offensive precepts against all Gentiles but also with explicit attacks on Christianity and on Jesus (after whose name the author adds piously, 'May the name of the wicked perish')... --Dr. Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21.

"The Talmud contains a few explicit references to Jesus...These references are certainly not complimentary...There seems little doubt that the account of the execution of Jesus on the eve of Passover does refer to the Christian Jesus...The passage in which Jesus' punishment in hell is described also seems to refer to the Christian Jesus. It is a piece of anti-Christian polemic dating from the post-70 CE period..." --Hyam Maccoby, Judaism on Trial, pp. 26-27.

"According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it; in the talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned.

"The more popular accounts--which were nevertheless taken quite seriously--such as the notorious Toldot Yeshu are even worse, for in addition to the above crimes they accuse him of witchcraft. The very name 'Jesus' was for Jews a symbol of all that is abominable and this popular tradition still persists...

"The Hebrew form of the name Jesus--Yeshu--was interpreted as an acronym for the curse, 'may his name and memory be wiped out,' which is used as an extreme form of abuse. In fact, anti-zionist Orthodox Jews (such as Neturey Qarta) sometimes refer to Herzl as 'Herzl Jesus' and I have found in religious zionist writings expressions such as "Nasser Jesus" and more recently 'Arafat Jesus." --Dr. Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, pp. 97- 98, 118.

Talmud Attacks Christians and Christian Books

Rosh Hashanah 17a. Christians (minnim) and others who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.

Sanhedrin 90a. Those who read the New Testament ("uncanonical books") will have no portion in the world to come.

Shabbath 116a. Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament.

Dr. Israel Shahak of Hebrew University reports that the Israelis burned hundreds of New Testament Bibles in occupied Palestine on March 23, 1980 (cf. Jewish History, Jewish Religion, p. 21).

Sick and Insane Teachings of the Talmud

Gittin 69a . To heal his flesh a Jew should take dust that lies within the shadow of an outdoor toilet, mix with honey and eat it.

Shabbath 41a. The law regulating the rule for how to urinate in a holy way is given.

Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

Yebamoth 63a. Declares that agriculture is the lowest of occupations.

Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).

Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Kethuboth 11b. "When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing."

Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

Abodah Zarah 17a. States that there is not a whore in the world that the Talmudic sage Rabbi Eleazar has not had sex with. On one of his whorehouse romps, Rabbi Eleazar leanred that there was one particular prostitute residing in a whorehouse near the sea, who would receive a bag of money for her services. He took a bag of money and went to her, crossing seven rivers to do so. During their intercourse the prostitute farted. After this the whore told Rabbi Eleazar: "Just as this gas will never return to my anus, Rabbi Eleazar will never get to heaven."

Hagigah 27a. States that no rabbi can ever go to hell.

Baba Mezia 59b. A rabbi debates God and defeats Him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.

Gittin 70a. The Rabbis taught: "On coming from a privy (outdoor toilet) a man should not have sexual intercourse till he has waited long enough to walk half a mile, because the demon of the privy is with him for that time; if he does, his children will be epileptic."

Gittin 69b. To heal the disease of pleurisy ("catarrh") a Jew should "take the excrement of a white dog and knead it with balsam, but if he can possibly avoid it he should not eat the dog's excrement as it loosens the limbs."

Pesahim 111a. It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads.

Menahoth 43b-44a. A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.

Now it says in various Gospels that the only true unpardonable sin is the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It is not up to me to decide what "blaspheming the Holy Spirit" means to God, but when Pastor Lankford claims that Netanyahu is a Christian, and Netanyahu himself wants to make the anti-Christ Talmud Israeli Law, then can he honestly think God won't have a few questions for him at the Bema Seat Judgment? (or the White Throne Judgment? But that's God's decision!) And will Jesus advocate for Lankford as the Accuser, Satan, rants and raves about how Lankford claimed the man who wants to blaspheme Christ is a believer in Christ?

One thing is for sure: Pastor David Lankford has almost NO CREDIBILITY with me!

PS: Are they going to make the Noahide Laws Israeli Law as well? But that's okay...the Noahide Laws (number 2 says Christians must be put to death...because we believe in Christ, whom Jews claim is a "false God") are already enshrined in American Law by Congress and President GW Bush, who naturally calls himself a "Christian"!

PPS: And if Netanyahu DID tell Lankford he was Christian, then he was only following what the Talmud says about lying to Gentiles is okay...


(Hat Tip to Mike Rivero's "What Really Happened" site for the above Talmud references, which of course can be read in full at the site Come and Hear Talmud.)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Study Shows Young People Turning From Religion

According to this article, a "massive study," it is shown that young people are turning away from religion. Since religion is just another term for Churchianity and basically opposes the notion put forward by Christ Himself that His followers must not conform to the world--and since "the world" is what supports religion--this might not be such a bad thing...though the article does posit that the young are not praying very much...then again, the authors of the study might not put the act of praying in the same light as I do.

And if one is referring to religions like Islam, (Talmudic) Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the nonsense "esoteric" pagan (Allister Crowley-Alice Bailey) religions including Satanism, this is a VERY GOOD THING!

And if you have a blog or small biz site, post it on the new alternative/independent media site, Good Gopher.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

So Benjamin Netanyahu is a Christian? So Says Pastor Lankford and Steve Quayle...But What Says Netanyahu?

On the Hagmann and Hagmann Report a few weeks ago Steve Quayle, who writes about Nephilim and other antediluvian topics, and Pastor David Lankford, of some ministry somewhere who seems to know a bit about the Bible pertaining to Abrahamic topics, at the end of the broadcast, claimed--to my stunned ears...folks I had to listen to this segment about 5 times before I was sure I heard it right--that Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu was a Messianic Jew (that is, a Jewish Christian). It went something like this: Lankford claimed Netanyahu was a Messianic Jew, and Quayle, in a tone of voice that seemed tentative, agreed saying, "Yeah, he is." The Quayle claimed that he "heard it" from "someone" that this was true.

Now let's put aside the fact that Messianic Jews wouldn't seek to genocide Palestinians or nuke Iran...could it be that Netanyahu really is a Messianic Jew?

So I e-mailed Quayle with this question. No response. I intend to e-mail Lankford as well.

The thing is, if Netanyahu IS a Messianic Jew, if Netanyahu DOES believe Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior, then those words, "Jesus Christ IS my Lord and Savior," MUST COME FROM THE MOUTH OF BENJAMIN NETANYAHU! That is what "witnessing" is--public proclamation that Christ is Lord and Savior by the person who believes this.

So I am disappointed in both Quayle and Lankford for claiming Netanyahu is a believer in Christ without the benefit of Netanyahu saying that himself. Anyone can say anyone else is a believer just because he or she "heard" that so-and-so is a believer in Christ.

I also e-mailed the organization "Jews for Jesus", and also got no response. Who knows? Maybe "Jews for Jesus" freaked out at the notion that guy wanting to nuke Iran was Christian!