Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Transgender, Transable, "Transfat"...Is Acceptance of Transhumanism Far Behind?

Right now I am reading Dr. Michael Lake's "The Shinar Directive" where he makes a strong case that either various Tower-of-Babel-like demonic portals are being planned by the usual Satanic suspects in order to usher in the anti-Christ, or these same suspects will push transhumanism on us or otherwise destroy what God has given us, our human DNA, or both. (Note: I say both, but it's even worse than that). I think fairly soon we will have our first transhumans such as Kurtzweil, a major player in the oligarchy market, but even sooner--now that is--we are seeing "trans" other people.

Jenner isn't the first transgender and he/she won't be the last (in fact a property owner in my POA who recently committed suicide was transgedered). But the fact that he/she is so damned celebrated on TV and the rest of the God-less/lawless MSM is concerning, and if you disapprove of what Jenner did you are everything from a "terrorist" to a "racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever" as the politically correct want to refer to you.

Now comes a subset of folks who want to cut their limbs or whatever off because they want to sympathize with folks who have had their limbs removed for whatever reason (such as they lost their leg in war or something they did not chose for themselves), and we are to celebrate these "transables" who are "heroes" for standing up for "pro-choice" (and who knows? Some person on meds who had watched the TV show "Gotham" recently saw the character Fish Mooney pluck her own eye out to shame the office manager who accused her of I forgot then wound up himself being mutilated by his boss--will this person pluck his or her own eye out?)

Then you have that white woman who wants to be called "black"...

Then there are those who choose to be obese to sympathize with fat folks...should we call these folks "transfat"? Or a 60-year-old who wants to be called a 20-year-old, "transgenerational"?

Now what a person does with his or her body is between them and God and they will reap the consequences for poor choices. But it is the fact that these ridiculous ideas are being fostered by the evil media that has a very evil agenda to turn us away from God (and this goes double for "Christian" media that wants to turn us away from Christ toward anti-Christ Israel!) and toward acceptance and eventually compliance with either destroying the bodies God gave us or worse, allowing the forces of anti-Christ to destroy our DNA that God gave us or to allow these nefarious entities to meld us with robots and artificial intelligence.

Whether messing with DNA, incorporating AI or willful destruction of our bodies, it is all transhumanism--if ever there was an abomination to God, this is it, folks, and it is coming fast.


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