Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tom Horn Was Right About Pope Benedict Resigning--Is He Right Again? New "Download from God" Announced on Sid Roth Show

I like Sid Roth though I rarely watch his "It's Supernatural" show; I have a  great deal of respect for Messianic Jews, Jewish believers in Christ. Plus he has had Jonathan Cahn on his show; Cahn is another Messianic Jew who, unlike Roth, doesn't have to put on a showman's act (but what do you expect from someone with a TV show?), yet neither one appear to buy into Christian Zionism...that I like especially!

Horn as well as Cris Putman were on a recent airing of "It's Supernatural" where they tell Roth and the audience about their work "On the Path of the Immortals" including visits with a Navajo shaman regarding the fate of the ancient Anasazi tribe in the Four Corners area, Mount Graham's "Lucifer" telescope and the Vatican, Nephilim, CERN and other portals. At the end of the show Horn announces another "message from God" (whether you can cal it "prophecy" or not is debatable) that Horn really didn't want to say (because if he;s wrong he'll look like another false prophet), but Roth "got him to say it anyway" so to speak.

First off, Horn is the guy who became famous for announcing the month and the year that Pope Benedict 16th would resign from the Papacy about one year before it happened, and Horn was correct. This was, Horn claimed," a "download from God" in 2012, and the message was right about when Benedict resigned, and then Pope Francis took his place.

So, this is the new "download from God" given to Horn, and I will paraphrase (you can check this out on Sid Roth's site videos here

One part of the message concerns the connection between the anti-Christ and Islam. Again, listen to the video...this notion of a connection between Satan and Islam is SOP and really not worth discussing because naturally Satan and Islam are affiliated, just as Satan is affiliated with all beliefs that oppose Christ (though of course you'd be hard pressed to find, as I said in my last previous post, any well-known preacher of Bible scholar that is not against the current Israel-in-prophecy meme actually state that this includes Judaism as well as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other non-Christian religion...the best they can come up with is denouncing the Kabbalah...they are too fearful to denounce the Talmud as well! Gee, if Christ could denounce the Pharisees...but anyway...)

The important part of the "download from God" is where Horn says that as Islam affiliated with Satan comes down hard on Israel and Jerusalem, the Jews in Israel will finally accept Christ as their Savior. Roth of course was ecstatic. So will I be if this happens! (I will be even more ecstatic if the Palestinian Muslims do as well! After all, before they were Palestinian Muslims they were Palestinian Jews or perhaps even Christians, right? Eran Elhaik and other Israeli geneticists have proven that Palestinians are more closely related to the original tribe of Judah than (Khazar) Ashkenazi Jews are.)

Here is why this "download" makes sense (I just wish he wouldn't call it a "download"...does God really need the internet?): first, it is well known that Satan and his minions, Islamic or not, will do their best to make Jerusalem and the temple their an abomination as they attempt to destroy Christ's remnant, and that the "two witnesses" will prophesy against Satan for a given number of days, after which they will be killed. Along with this is a prophecy in Zechariah that two-thirds of the world's Jews will be slaughtered...why would the anti-Christ want to slaughter Jews UNLESS they believed in Christ? Folks, whatever Satan has to do on Earth during the Tribulation Period has everything to do with the destruction of belief in Jesus Christ, and nothing else. It is not about controlling the world because he kind of already does, right? (But he uses his minions such as the Rothschilds and will continue to do so until he returns.) It is not about "the new world order" the criminal psychopathic elites want to set up (and anyway, they can't do squat without Satan behind them, right?). No. It is all about Satan getting rid of anything to do with Christ. Folks, the only reason to slaughter all these Jews is if all these Jews turn to Christ. And I am sure that Horn meant the TRUE MESSIAH, Yeshua Ben David here, not the phony Talmud version. There is no other reason Satan would have this done. And the only reason Jews--who are supposed to turn to the false messiah (the anti-Christ, Satan) as per the Talmud, which proclaims the false "Jewish Messiah"--would turn to Christ instead of the anti-Christ is because this is the way God wants it!

As it is with everything else dealing with End Times prophecy, God is in control, and God will write it on the hearts of Judah, regardless of what other kinds of DNA makes up the genetic make-up of those we call "Jews".


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