Friday, December 04, 2015

Can ANYONE Be Trusted to Truly Discern the Word of God?

For months I have bantered on about what so-called Bible scholars, teachers, pastors, and various spokespersons have brought up on various Hagmann and Hagmann podcasts, with nearly every one of these folks having written books they of course were promoting on the podcasts, most of them published by Tom Horn's Defender Publishing.

But the other night while deciding whether or not to listen to a particular H&H podcast I came across the comment section where someone posted links to the following site that featured a lawsuit by some woman against Steve Quayle, H&H, and their companies. FYI, H&H's podcast that I listen to comes off "CFP Radio" where CFP stands for "Canada Free Press"; this woman had worked for Canada Free Press for a while and questioned Quayle's and Doug Hagmann's info and sources, leading to the duo supposedly slandering her (which is why she filed suit in the State of New York).

Here is the link. You can also download it as a PDF. It is worth the read, especially if you have any questions about the integrity of the Hagmanns or Quayle.

Note: I am NOT claiming that Quayle and the Hagmanns are guilty of any of this except for the slandering, if it is indeed slandering.

Then there is this You Tube video having a part of a podcast that was done under the radar while a break was occurring, which can be listened to here. At about the 5:25 mark Doug Hagmann admits he attended a Jesuit Seminary. Then his son Joe cuts him short. Why? Do these folks not wants folks to know that Doug Hagmann just might have been a Jesuit? And isn't it funny that this was admitted to during the break, when the audience would not be able to here it when a commercial was on?

Note: I am NOT claiming Doug Hagmann is still as Jesuit! Heck, I've been associated with evil groups in the past as well, so I am not deriding Hagmann for having been to a Jesuit Seminary--but what I do not like is the fact that this fact was hidden from the public listener during a break commercial.

My question is this: can we trust Jesuit-trained people who discuss the Bible, and can we trust folks who slander a woman who is only asking questions? Just like can we trust a pastor, David Lankford, who said on a Hagmann podcast that Benjamine Netanyahu is a Messianic Jew, a Jewish Christian, when Netanyahu has NOT ADMITTED PUBLICLY to his claiming Christ as his Savior to associates in Israel or elsewhere, and when Netanyahu, according to the Times of Israel, wants the anti-Christ Talmud codified into Israeli law? (Perhaps Lankford never read the Talmud; if he is indeed a Christian Zionist, and I don't think he is, reading the Talmud might cause him to reconsider his doctrinal beliefs.)

And can we trust the editor of the book, "Blood On The Altar," Tom Horn, who says in his intro that Christians CANNOT criticize fellow Christians who err UNLESS they go directly to that person and/or that person's pastor--which is hard to do when the best you can do is e-mail the pastor just to find out he will not respond. There is a Christian Conference in March 2016 I may have to attend just so I can (if God is willing) get with Lankford and/or Quayle to get to the bottom of this,and hopefully they don't accuse me of being in laegue with Satan (because they've done that before, just not about me.) Then Horn says regarding bloggers like me, perhaps, who do criticize the false doctrines of fellow Christians from time to time, that the Bible "does not allow the setting up of websites, blogs, and other mediums to routinely lambaste believers with accusations--that is the job of Satan..." In the same book where supposed Christians like John Hagee are criticized, and in another chapter some pastors who promote the opposite of Christian Zionism--Christian Palestinianism? Excuse me, Dr. Horn? Horn is technically correct, but the problem is that in the process of criticizing false doctines there is almost no way that the promoter of a false doctrine (such as Hagee) would not be mentioned! So I guess what Horn is really saying is the only reason a Christian could set up a blog or website is to promote their books, because ultimately that is exactly why these sites are set up!

Take note Dr Horn: since I agree with much of what you and Putnam have said in those books, the Holy Spirit has not moved me to call you a "prophet for profit."

And here I will point out another instance where these folks who write books and go on H&H and elsewhere, while discerning so much so as to either dismiss or openly assert apostate Christian Zionism, completely miss other prophecies and other stuff in the Old and New Testaments, such as Exodus 22:21 and 23:9 where God warns the Israelites to NOT OPPRESS THE STRANGER! Why? Because the Israelites were strangers (that is, foreigners) in Egypt, and Exodus is full of how the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites. So where am I leading to? Just as the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites, the Israelites opressed (that is, enslaved) foreigners that they either invaded or somehow lived in Israel at the time (and often violated the 50 year jubilee period where these slaves had to be given the opportunity to be freed with their families, another law set forth by God); and just so you know where I am going with this--I am sure you do--just as Hitler opressed the Jews, the Jews now oppress the Palestinians. (Actually, I have only heard Ted Broer bring up this issue, and he is not even a pastor, Bible scholar or Bible teacher.)

Note: I am NOT a so-called "Christian Palestinianist"! I do NOT support the notion of handing back Israel to the Palestinians (in which case they would very quickly avenge themselves on the Jews and maybe Christians as well). I also do NOT support a "two state solution." What I DO support is an Israel as God had intended that the original Israelites set up, where the "strangers" were not to be oppressed.)

And Christian Zionists approve, of course, forgetting that God will punish Israel, yes, their beloved Zionist Israel, for this as well as for their hatred of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Which leads me to this conclusion expounded in Psalm 118:8--"Trust in God, rather than men."

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