Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Take from Orlando: Muslim Patsies Today, Christian Patsies Tomorrow

It has become clear that the Orlando shooting event done by Omar Mateen and I presume others was just another in a long line of false flags, FBI involvement or not. Read what I have deduced from this event here. And one common thread seems to inhabit just about every false flag that has occurred in the United State of False Flag aka America since 9-11: the patsies have nearly all been Muslims.

This is at a time when the Obamanation Administration has allowed millions of so-called refugees across our borders to where even the Border Patrols are disciplined if they try to do anything about it. And having spoken to some of these Border Patrol and affiliated government employees dealing with these refugees it is also known that a number of these are Muslims of the kind that are now invading Europe. Thus it is easy to suppose that a Muslim or two can commit a terrorist act and it is also easy to suppose that a Muslim can be used as a patsy in a false flag event (especially since Craigslist is paying fifteen dollars an hour for crisis actors, a group actively promoted in this selection season by good ol' George Soros--who will have to wait until the White Throne Judgment to get his due, unfortunately (because I just don't see him repenting his crimes against humanity).

But there may come a time, soon or not so soon, that it'll be Christians, not Muslims, who will be used by the evil to commit terrorist acts or false flags, which could correspond to the time when true Christian believers--those who have not fallen away, that is, the remnant that Christ claims will be reserved for the last days (in the context of the end times)--will be heavily persecuted and even beheaded. While many believe the Tribulation period last seven year and others say it lasts three-and-a-half years, Christ Himself says the period, in order that the remnant should not be deceived, will last five months. Some call this period the Wrath of God, when various non-believers, those who carry the Mark of the Beast, will be plagued by various vexations for five months.

Some say we are either entering or are very close to entering this period, but I say there may be clues that this period is still a ways off. Ezekiel 38--my husband and I have discussed this chapter which many believe foretells the coming Tribulation period because of the use of the term "Gog and Magog" which is also referenced in Revelation 20 (but when the 1,000-year-reign of Christ on Earth is ended and Satan is loosed for a time), but in this case, because it is referenced in the Old Testament is not likely about post-millennial times, but pre-millennial times instead--says that an army led by Gog, chief of Meshech and Tubal (Japhethites, Gentiles), is "pulled" by God to invade a previously ravaged nation (see Ezekiel 37, the "valley of dry bones") but is at the time living in safety in "unwalled villages", that is Israel.

Folks, can you name even one village in today's Israel that is "unwalled"? There are walls everywhere, and, BTW, Israel is armed to the teeth, so to speak, and if today's Israel was living in safety why would it feel the need to be armed to the teeth? As long as Netanyahu and his settler-Likud-hate-mongering psycho buddies are running Israel (into the ground?), there will be no peace in Israel, there will be no safety in Israel, and they could be setting this nation up for ravaging.

Folks, just how long do you think God will allow them to genocide Palestinians? Like I said, Benny the Yahoo is setting this country up (and since Jews are supposed to be so damned smart you'd think they would have realized this by now!).

So, if my take on Ezekiel is correct (and like I said this could be a prophesy that occurs in the post millennial period), then since the "unwalled villages" are likely way off into the future, say, twenty or thirty or more or less years, the Tribulation Period may not be for a while yet.

But we should still be preparing, because the elites surely are, just not the way we should be prepping spiritually.

Still, the forces in this world in preparation for the anti-Christ will be doing whatever they can to set us true believers in Christ up for serious tribulation; after all, who do you think this tribulation will be on, anyway? Why do think Christ knows he needs to shorten it to five months? That is how bad it is going to get, folks. Those day will be the worst days in the history of Earth, worse than the Days of Noah. And all this badness will fall on us. If it isn't a shortened period, NONE of us would survive it!

And part of this period will include Christians not only being set up to be patsies in false flags, but to be persecuted far, far, far worse than any persecution one sees of American Muslims...some could even rightfully claim that any persecution of American Muslims today is a day at the beach compared to what will happen to Christians world-wide when that time comes.

And for all we know it could be Muslims at the forefront of this persecution likely with the Synagogue of Satan driving them to it, including of course Talmudic Jews driven by their need to figuratively nail Christ to the cross again so He can spend eternity in Hell in his own excrement.

And who leads the Synagogue of Satan? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their Satanic minions, Jewish, Muslim, false-Christian, or not. After all, they do indeed worship Satan.

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