Monday, August 01, 2016

Mark of the Beast, Perhaps?

The other day I received in my e-mail box an e-mail from the Social Security Administration, telling me that in order to log into my "My Social Security" account--not that I need to, I am already on Social Security, but still--I needed not only a user name and password, but now I need a special code that can only be sent to me by "cell phone with text." Some "SMS" crap! So I e-mailed Social Security telling them that I DO NOT HAVE, NOR WANT TO HAVE, A CELL PHONE, WITH OR WITHOUT TEXT MESSAGING!

For obvious reasons, the main one being that anyone with a cell phone can be spied on much more easily by the criminal psychopathic elite-led government than if one did not have a cell phone with text, I do not want to have a cell phone on me.

Another reason is I live in a rural remote area where cell service does not exist unless you drive about 8 miles toward the entrance of the subdivision I live in.

A third reason is any cell service out here is spotty, even if you do have it at your house.

So then, this is what the government is telling, for the most part, folks who want to apply for Social Security...and oh yeah, Medicare as well (I am NOT on Medicare yet! I am NOT 65 yet!)...MUST have a cell phone with text, so they can "text" you the "SMS" code which you then plug in with your username and password to reach your "My Social Security" account.

Now before I get to the gist of my post, let me say that this means that old folks who don't even have a computer, or anyone that does not even have internet, can NO LONGER APPLY FOR SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE without a good deal of inconvenience! Let's say you are 70 or older, and you have worked most of your life, and decided a few years ago to wait until you turn 70 or older before you applied for benefits so that your benefit is higher per month. Well, guess what? If you don't have a cell phone with text, you cannot apply for Social Security unless you live in a big city that has a Social Security office? So what if you live in a rural remote area and have to drive three hours, just to apply for Social Security or Medicare? Because many rural remote areas do not have cell service!

Now, the gist. Supposedly Obama "passed a law" know, "Executive Order"...that says that "due to heightened security risks" means that in order to have a "My Social Security" account--since, of course, the Social Security Administration can't stop hackers to save its life! Than what the hell good is the NSA? Homeland Security? FBI?--one MUST have a cell phone with text! So, as with ObamaCare and other "laws" designed to enslave us, either this came about because of diktat by cell phone companies like Verizon (and, out here, the ONLY company that works is Verizon!) or ATT or T-Mobile who can't stand the fact that they are not making trillions in profit trying to sell new cell phones that can text...believe it or not, many people still use their old "non-text" cell phones! And God forbid folks should want to keep their old's as if the company is pulling an ObamaCare Obama--"if you like your cell phone, you can keep your cell phone"--well, now you CAN'T! YOU MUST GET A CELL PHONE WITH TEXT, SLAVE!!!

So, either this is just another oligarch-profit meme, or something a lot more sinister: BEING FORCED TO HAVE A CELL PHONE WITH TEXT IS JUST ANOTHER "INCREMENTAL" STEP IN FORCING ONE INTO THE BELOVED SATANIC "NEW WORLD ORDER"!

Where, if you want a to e-mail (and Yahoo, with their SMS bullcrap they want you to enter "for security reasons", but at least now it is voluntary! Well let's see how long that lasts!), or even get on the Internet at all, you will need a cell phone with text to get your SMS code! Are we not headed toward this scenario?

So, could having a cell phone with text, and getting your SMS code through text, be the Mark of the Beast? Or, just the "incremental" part of it?

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