Monday, January 02, 2017

Pretty Soon, ol' Google ol' boy Won't Let Me Access This Blog! Time to Move It, Maybe? But Where?

Well thanks a lot, Bezos or whoever the hell (and I mean 'the hell'!) runs this crapola oligarchy where someone without cell phone service needs some freakin' SMS crap number to even log in?

Folks I almost used the "f-word" here! As if I'm a character in one of my novels! Who woulda thunk it?

Good job, Google! Gee, in two years or so--2018, when the Synagogue of Satan, aka Israel, becomes 70 years old and all oligarch-loving hell breaks loose--are you gonna require that I get an microchip implanted in my brain? That way, ol' Jeff Bozo can know what I'm thinking and 'change' my mind?

Memo to Jeff Bozo Bezos--God, Yahweh, Jehova, the I AM THAT I AM, controls me! Tell your buddy Satan to "f-" off!

But I did get to this blog to post this--now I have to type in the URL for this blog, and click the "new post" link--AFTER IT TAKES TEN MINUTES TO EVEN LOG IN TO MY 'BLOGGER' PAGE--no SMS and all that crap!

Judgement day is coming, Bezos--and for you too, Bill Gates, and you too, founder of F***Book, Twitter, Mr. Soros, and the rest of you criminal psycho elites--well, enjoy partying in hell with Satan, and by the time ol' Scratch is done chewing on your bones, forever, you just might wish you'd have put Jesus Christ at the head of your priorities list! For you can't take all that money--loot, actually--with you. And no trans-human "enhancements" will save you!

Correction--Jeff Bezos runs Amazon. So does Mark Zuckerberg run Google? Because when it comes to psychopathic power hungry oligarchs, they're all the same to me! (or does Zuckerberg run Facebook--and I won't be joining that anytime soon!)

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