Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Parody

The title of this "parody" is a song sung to the tune of Phil Oches's 1960s sarcastic folk song, "Small Circle of Friends"

I call it, "Let's Nuke Iran." Remember: this song is a PARODY of what certain individuals in the "Christian" churches here in the USA as well as certain politicians and military-industrialists here and in Israel wish for. I in no way are suggesting we do this! Like Phil Oches in his day mocked the warmongers, racists, and profiteers, I am just keeping the tradition alive. The same tradition used by Christ with the Pharisees.


"Let's Nuke Iran" (sung to the tune of "Small Circle of Friends" by Phil Oches)

Come on, all Americans
More war is what we need.
We got all those nukes in storage.
Our enemies, take heed!
What others will take care of them?
What's the reason that we'll stall?
So let's nuke the sons o' guns
Stone age we'll send them all!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

And while we're there, nuke Syria
The rapture will be soon!
And then we'll nuke Lebanon.
See it looks just like the moon.
And while we're at it, Jordan,
And the Emirates will fry
Kuwait is dust, Qatar a must
Wahabis in Saudi, die!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Muslims're taking over Europe
Maybe now we'll have our chance.
We'd be doing them a favor
So let's go nuke France
and the Germans and the Spaniards
and the Poles, Italians, too!
and the Portugese and Danish,
Dutch, Norwegians, Swedish, too!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Then next we'll do the Russkies,
which we shoulda done before!
Then we oughta do Korea
North, and South as well, no more!
And China will be toast, and how
Employment will go up!
Then we'll have to go do India
Our techies'll say 'yup'!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Then we'll turn on Austrialia,
New Zealand, you can bet,
As the South Pacific withers
Cargo Cults'll be all wet
Philippines'll die, Singapore'll fry
Indonesia will wipe out
Thailand, go boom, Vietnam kaboom!
Mayalasia, waste about!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Then Africa must be destroyed
That AIDS virus'll burn
So will Somalia and Kenya
Tanzania, it's your turn!
Nigeria and Togo,
Cameroon, Gabon take that!
You too, Ghana, and on that note
Nuke Libya and Chad!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Chavez is toast, and Castro
Morales, Ortega, more!
Brazil be gone and Uraguay
Paraguay and Ecuador!
Mexico keeps sending wetbacks
and Canuks their cheapo drugs
So we'll nuke our closest neighbors
Since they're all a bunch o' thugs!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Well, we've nuked the world and surely
We've wiped out billions, all!
But we need to go much further
And now we'll heed the call
That the Armageddon chorus
Keeps filling in our ears
Jesus returns, if only
We nuke ourselves. Let's cheer!

So, let's go and nuke Iran
Everybody, for our small circle of friends.

Deb Lagarde

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Impossibility of Infinity/Eternity, Except in God

From time to time I will repost articles that have been previously posted to "Render Unto Christ". This is one of them.

I thank God He made me at least to partially understand some of the laws of higher mathematics and some of its constructs. Revelations! One is the construct of infinity. Infinity is a construct--that is, something derived by man to explain things man can't explain otherwise because in reality they don't exist apart from man's so-called understanding. Infinity relates to the topic of Bible study because probably 99.999% of Bible-believing Christians believe in eternity, which is the analogous time-element to infinity, the mathematical construct which in higher math is the equivalent to division by zero or the tangent of a 90 degree angle (where tangent of an angle = opposite/adjacent in a right triangle...remember high school trigonometry?). Thus, eternity is like infinity, which is division by zero. Remember high school algebra? Division by zero is "undefined"; for instance, 0/3 = 0 because 3 x 0 = 0. In fact, any number x 0 = 0.But what is 3/0? Since no number times 0 yields 3, then simply put, you can't divide by zero. And anyway, who ever heard of dividing by "nothing" (which is what the number zero, invented as a place holder, really is...nothing!)?

Now, as to the tangent of a 90 degree angle being "infinity"(which is enumerated by thesideways 8), this can be shown on a piece of graph paper using some very simple calculus,using what is called "limits". Remember that the "x axis" on a graph is the horizontal line going across and the "y axis" is the vertical line up and down. Suppose you are graphing a point with a positive magnitude (upward side of a "right triangle") of 6 and a positive direction(horizontal distance of a "right triangle") of 3. So what is the angle that is made by these line 6 up and 3 to the right? The opposite side is 6 and the adjacent side is 3. Since tangent of an angle is opposite/adjacent, the tangent is 6/3 = 2. Now take out your "values of trigonometric
functions" if you have one, and look under the "tan" column for tangent, and find what angle corresponds to "tan = 2" and you approximate an angle of about 63.5 degrees. Okay, now let us decrease the value of the x-direction to 1. Then you get tangent of the angle = 6/1 = 6. Looking up an angle whose tan = 6 we get to 80.6 degrees. Now let us cut the x-direction into half so that we are now dividing 6 by 1/2. We now get 12, because 6 divided by 1/2 is really 6 x 2 (remember when you divide by a fraction you "flip over" the fraction and multiply?). Since the tangent is now 12, the angle is now 85.3.

You get the picture yet? As the distance in the x-direction gets closer and closer to 0, with the magnitude in the y-direction remaining 6(or any number), the angle increases along with the tangent of that angle. What if the angle was 89.9 degrees? The tangent is then measured to be 572.9571! What if the angle was 89.999? The tangent would be 572,957.7951! What if the angle was 89.9999999? The tangent would be 572 million, 957 thousand, 795.1! What if the angle is 89.99999999999? Well, my calculator doesn't go that high in digits! But if it did, the tangent would probably be 5.729571 times 10 to the 150th power or something! You know, a very large number! Larger than a google!

A google is another construct because we never see or experience a number this large in reality with our naked eyes...1 x 10 to the 100th power! This is a 1 followed by 100 zeroes! To make matters ever crazier, mathematicians devised the "googleplex" to denote 1 x 10 to a google of zeroes! That is, the number "googleplex" is so large that to write such a number it wouldn't even fit into the known universe!!!

Okay, the calculus: As "x", that is, the adjacent side of this right triangle, gets smaller and smaller, as "x approaches 0" defined mathematically, the tangent of an angle formed gets larger and larger until, given enough "9s" after the 89.9, the tangent approaches "infinity" so that the tangent of a 90 degree angle, where x = 0, is "defined" as "infinity" which is NOT A NUMBER OR QUANTITY, but simply man's "enumeration" of something impossible. Something that "does not exist." In short, "infinity does not compute"!

Take the construct out of the field of mathematics and put it into the dimension of time and you go from infinity to eternity. Now factor in the concept that God is "the beginning" or "alpha" and "the end" or "omega" and that He "always was, is, and always will be". Everything God created including time (interestingly enough, since God created time, then time came AFTER God, then God must have existed BEFORE time, thus God stands outside of the dimension of time!) is constrained by some limit which, to human understanding--including writers of the Bible--must mean everything God created is constrained by a limit in time, but not God Himself! Since "eternity" also stands outside of time (just as "infinity" stands outside
numeration and quantity), ONLY GOD IS ETERNAL because "eternity" in human
understanding means "timeless"! Since God also created "hell/hades/sheol/lake of fire", then all of these definitions used by Christianity for pain, torment, death etc., must stand within some boundary of time and thus ARE NOT ETERNAL! ONLY GOD IS ETERNAL!

So then, since man applies God's eternity to mean "eternal damnation in hell/hades/lake of fire" in so many Bible translations when there was no meaning of eternity in any of the original documents. In fact, the notion of eternity came from Byzantine Emperor Justinan in the 600s and it was done precisely to convey reward for believers and punishment for non-believers as well as force his subjects into compliance with church hierarchies. Scroll down about a quarter of the way in the article to check this out .

Thus, to conclude, I have shown mathematically that "eternal" torment in "hell" is a MYTH that is NOT supported either in a true translation of Greek scriptures that form the New Testament of the Bible (which I will present in a later post). Those who must be thrown into the "lake of fire" (as per Revelation 20) in the "second death" are there only for a certain period of time until God whips them into shape spiritually so that on the last day of what we would call "time", ALL HUMANITY will reside with Christ!

Yes, Messrs. Falwell, Hagee, Lindsay, Robertson, LeHaye and the rest, Christ really does SAVE ALL MANKIND, just like "it says in the Bible" (1 Timothy 2:3-4)!

Ah, the power of God and His ultimate language--mathematics!

Deborah Lagarde

Friday, February 09, 2007

I have deleted my old blog called "Render Unto Christ." This blog, "Truth Not Heresy," takes its place.

The old blog, in addition to providing truth of Scripture, also got sidetracked many times with denouncing various political schemes, calling for impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and was all too willing to speak out on issues such as war and what to do about the power elites that--since God is Sovereign over all and all is part of His plan, like it or not--it wasn't my place to speak about. It was as if dissenting over Bushian policy was becoming an idol of the heart in place of Christ. Therefore I had to delete it just as true followers of Christ must do away with all carnality and idols of the heart.

Also, I took a few too many liberties with denouncing the Religious Right, its members personally. Bad practice and bad Christianity. While I must denounce the heresies of, say, John Hagee or Pat Robertson, I MUST NOT denounce them personally or their acts other than preaching heresy (for instance, Robertson's financial alliance with African dictator Mobutu of the former Zaire--now Democratic Republic of the Congo--which was tainted to say the least), because these preachers and pastors, while turning Biblical truth on its head a large part of the time, do commit to good works, do send Bibles overseas, and do get Bibles printed in "closed" countried like the Muslim states in the Middle East.

Just how am I supposed to get to "a higher plane than I have found and plant my feet on higher ground" if I keep getting myself distracted by events of "the world"? So this is a fresh start.

Deborah Lagarde