Friday, February 29, 2008

My daughter's recommendation for all terrorists...and that means you, Christian Zionists!

This morning my daughter of 15 that I homeschool had this recommendation for all terrorists: go on the "Dr. Phil" Show and "talk" about why you have killed millions of people. "Explain" yourself to Dr. Phil, so he can give you "positive regard," to use the form of therapy devised by Dr. Carl Rogers, Psychotherapist.

Now, let me pass the same advice onto all Christian Zionists from John Hagee down to the lowliest "tither" at his Cornerstone Church and other, contributers. Get thyself to Dr. Phil! Or you other friendly neighborhood counselor (hey, I don't have a license but I am certified...who knows? You might be certifiable!) or therapist. Doesn't have to be a Christian therapist, either. But you need to sit down (or lie on the couch, Freudian style) and talk to someone. Someone needs to "feel your pain."

Now, from one Christian to another, let me tell you why I think you need help. Now, ordinarily I would suggest prayer, a talk with the Jesus in your heart. However, it is apparent to me that you don't actually believe in Christ, because if you did you would suffer in your heart with the Palestinian people who are being "genocided" by the Zionists in Israel. AND THEY ADMIT IT!

Now, why do I keep harping on the plight of the Palestinians? For one thing, Jesus WAS A PALESTINIAN as well as ethnically and religiously Jewish, a son of David, a son of Judah! And, are you ready for this? The Zionists who are running Israel for the Rothschild agenda (you know, the anti-Christ?) ARE NOT JEWS BUT KHAZARS! Mike Rivero, the anti-Zionist who runs that anti-Zionist website What Really Happened, a "black" or "Spanish" or "Sephardic" Jew, is more Jewish than Ehud Olmert! Ashkenazi Jews are not Jews at all because while they are religious Jews they are not ethnic Jews (as I explained in my "Israel" series, the Khazars in Khazaria were converts to Judaism via the Babylonian Talmud, the same Babylonian Talmud that has Christ boiling in his own excrement in hell for eternity. Thus, the Ashkenazi Jews are not ethnic Jews and thus have NO RIGHT to force Palestinians out of their homeland.)

But I know how hard it must be to get on Dr. Phil...I've never tried, but I can imagine it must be hard. So here's what I'll do instead. I'll post some links, because you might be curious as to why I harp on people you consider animals. Here is the first link: which shows the Shoah against the Arabs in Gaza. Don't know what a Shoah is? What's the matter, John Hagee didn't tell you on his TV show? Well, then, I'll let an Israeli defense official tell you here. And then there is this link, to a blog created by an Israeli journalist, here.

In any case, I don't expect to change your hearts. Only Christ can do that. Still, it could be you are heartless toward the Palestinian people and its anywhere from 2-10 percent Christians because, believing a lie (that the 1948
State of Israel is God's Israel) and loving not the truth about Israel (the truth being that God's Israel is spiritual Israel, that is, US CHRISTIANS!--The Book of Hebrews), that God has sent you strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:8-11).

Deborah Lagarde