Friday, July 25, 2008

So Many Anti-Christs, So Little Time...

One would think that it would be easy to find out who or what Anti-Christ is, because of the nature of the word: anti + Christ. "Anti" means "against". For instance, someone who is "anti-war" is "against war." Someone who is "anti-defamation" is against slander or bad mouthing someone or some group. "Anti-Semitic" means against Semites. IT DOES NOT MEAN AGAINST JEWS! OKAY??? Semites include Jews and Arabs. It includes most of the Middle East, in fact (but not Iranians, because Persians are related to Indo-Aryans and are thus, Biblically, of Japheth). So that, by definition, "Anti-Christ" means "against Christ." That is so obvious that I have to wonder why Christians have such a hard time figuring out who or what is Anti-Christ.

But I have a theory born of discernment and the Holy Spirit.

The problem is that Christians are looking for "THE" Anti-Christ. It is usually expressed as "THE Anti-Christ will, during the Seven Year Great Tribulation, first make peace with Israel (some say "the Jews") to make a false peace, but then will break the peace, sit in the Temple in Jerusalem (which would be rebuilt on the site of the present Islamic Dome of the Rock, one of Islam's holiest sites), proclaim himself God, and proceed to force the 'Mark of the Beast' and '666' and all sorts of calamity on the world, including slaughtering 2/3 of the world's Jews (while 1/3 convert to Christianity) and wind up being defeated at the Battle of Armeggedon by the "Second Coming" of Christ along with His angels." I have heard slight variations on this theme for years. Other than citing Daniel 9, Zechariah 12, Revelation 13 and a few other places in the Bible, I have never heard an explanation form anyone that most assuredly rests on the Word of God. For one thing, only ONE BOOK of the Bible even mentions the word "anti-Christ", 1 John. (One would think that the use of the term "Anti-Christ" by Christians as much as we do would mean the word is mentioned in at least several other "end-times prophecies", but no. This is almost as much bad discernment as use of the word "rapture", the context in which it is meant HAVING NO PLACE IN THE BIBLE, PERIOD! And there is NO ONE SINGLE ANTI-CHRIST, EITHER!

Thus: THE "Anti-Christ" is not the Pope of Rome (Hagee and others). It is not King Juan Carlos of Spain ("Newswatch Magazine's" David J. Smith's routine). It is not George W. Bush (some leftist antiwar bloggers, probably in jest). It is not Prince Charles of Britain (various other Christian Identity sites). It is not Saddam Hussein (he's dead). It is not Osama bin Laden (he is also dead, according to FOX News of December, 2001, and the late Benazir Bhutto, a You Tube video made right before her assasination attests). It is not John Hagee (some radical anti-Christian Zionists), however Hagee is certainly a false prophet. Nor is it Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Hal Lindsay, or any other leader of the Christian Right. It is also not any other world leader, politically, economically, socially, or in any other elite position. It is not a member of the so-called "Illuminati" (Rothschild, Rockefeller, et. al.) There is NO ONE SINGLE "THE" Anti-Christ!

Here is what 1 John 2:21-23 says the Anti-Christ is:

"(21)I write not to you seeing that you are not acquainted with the truth, but that you are acquainted with it, and that no lie at all is truth. (22) Who is the liar, if not he who is denying, saying that 'Jesus is not the Christ'? This one is the antichrist, who is disowning the Father and the Son. (23) Everyone who is disowning the Son, neither has the Father. He who is avowing the Son has the Father also." (Concordant Literal New Testament; I used this version because this is the only Bible version that I have found that properly translates the ancient Greek, using the imperfect aorist tense the original New Testament Aramaic/Greek Scriptures were written in. Most versions use the simple (preterite) past or past participle/progressive past tenses, which are less accurate. Using this tense also shows that doing the Word of God is ongoing, and didn't end in the 1st Century AD.)

Thus, EVERYONE who disowns Jesus as the Christ, or Christ, is anti-Christ. Also, every writing that disowns Christ is anti-Christ. and every so-called Holy Book that disowns Jesus as the Christ (or the Messiah or that Christ is the Son of God) is anti-Christ.

Thus, the Koran, which calls Christ a prophet only, but not the Son of God and the Christ is anti-Christ. While the Torah does not specifically state that Christ is the Son of God, it is implied in its prophecies and is used by Messianic Jews to defend Jesus, the Emmanuel (God with us) (in Hebrew Jesus is "Yehoshua" or Joshua, "Jesus" is a Greek translation), as the Christ/Messiah, thus the Torah and Jews who practice the Torah EXCLUSIVELY as the Word of God in their faith are not necessarily anti-Christ. The problem is most Jews do not consider the Torah exclusively as "the law" and spiritual foundation of their faith. In fact it is true today that the Talmud is now the most important legal and spiritual foundation for Judaism. The Talmud is, by the admission of its reviewers, the written collection of works taken from oral spiritual and legal Pharisee/Sadducee traditions.

The Talmud says: (paraphrased) Christ is in hell, wallowing in boiling hot excrement (Gittin 56b-57a). And the Book of Sanhedrin says, He was a bastard, son of adulterous Mary (Sanhedrin 106b). He was hung on the eve of Passover because He was a sorcerer and apostate (Sanhedrin 43a). He was a fool who fell down and worshipped a brick (Sanhedrine 67a). The Talmud is online now at the "see and hear" website, and you can verify this for yourself. Thus, the Talmud, the "law" and "spirit" for most religious Jews, is DEFINITELY anti-Christ!

In a future post, I hope I can clear up, the Lord willing, other misconceptions about "666" and other end-times concerns.

Deborah Lagarde