Friday, July 02, 2010

Stop Cursing Israel, and Stop Hating Jews

It seems that Christian Zionists can't stop giving me a reason to call them to repentance.

Now it is the bit about how the Netanyahu government of Israel has the right to blockade Gaza and stop the so-called Gaza Flotilla from reaching Gaza with humanitarian aid because Israel has a right to defend itself. Further, those on the Flotilla and all who support the Flotilla are "cursing Israel" and God will curse them.
Yet how is the event of several boats from various nations including the US trying to deliver food, medicine, building materials and NOT weapons to 1.5 million people (some of them Christians) in Gaza which has been under siege since Hamas (created by Israel) took over Gaza in 2006--how is this event "cursing Israel"?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Even if I wanted to curse Israel, which I don't, I don't need to curse Israel, because Israel is doing a damned good job cursing itself: from persecuting Palestinian and Jewish "Messianic" believers to starving Gazans, to trying to sell nukes to Apartheid South Africa, to organ harvesting, to being the "lords of war" with their arms deals, to putting advocates of peace in jail, to ethnic cleansing of "Arab-Israelis" from "Greater Israel" other words, cursing itself with the worst PR in world history! If someone told me 95% of the world's people hated Israel and Jews in general, I would believe it. Just think: it took a measily 60 years or so to use up all the good will do world Jewry over the Holocaust.

Yet, Israel's leaders aren't the only ones cursing Israel. When believers are spat upon by Yeshiva students and "Ultra-Orthodox" rabbis in the "name of God," they are cursing Israel.

Further, when Christian Zionists support beyond all reason a government that oversees the persecution of believers in Israel--whether these CZs are Hagee-ist dual covenant doctrinal believers of not--as well as in the West Bank and Gaza, then they too are cursing Israel.

Since only God has, during Old Testament times, and is given then and now the authority to act, to curse Israel--giving no human being the right to curse Israel, I submit that any one who curses Israel whether they know they are cursing Israel or not, means taking on the role of God and that is forbidden, no?

Furthermore, stop hating Jews, as well. The whole dispensationalist belief that Jesus can not return until 2/3 of the world's Jews are slaughtered or something like that, if one takes it to faith that dispensationalists desire the return of Christ means that (assuming they believe the 2/3 bit) they want two-thirds of the Jews to die, but not before they are all living in Israel. All the world's Jews living in Israel has to happen first. Then the slaughter. The Christ's return. To have room for all the world's Jews to live in Israel also means the CZs are funding settlements with settlers that are destroying Palestinian property such as olive tree which take years to grow fruitful and with the Israeli govt. authorities forcing Palestinians out of the homes they have lived in for centuries, and in general desire the ethnic cleansing of "Arabs" from Israel ON TOP OF taking of territory from Arab nations around them for "Greater Israel" and all the Jews that are supposed to move there (whether these Jews want to or not).

So: Christian Zionists want Israel to war with Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and others to acquite more territory in addition to deporting or otherwise all the "Arabs" in Israel, a policy advocated by Foreign Minister Avigdore Liebermann; this way all the world's Jews have enough room to live in Israel. Then, at some future time, two-thirds of these Jews will be killed, and the other third will convert to belief in Christ. Then, Christ comes back. Hallelujah! Christ returns on the heels of the slaughter of millions!

Nothing hateful about wanting this to happen, of course. Just like it is fine to starve and otherwise genocide a few million Palestinians.