Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hate the heresy, love the heresy follower

Jesus said, "Hate the Sin but Love the Sinner," or something like that.

Well, I need to follow that example. So as not to confuse some and divide the faithful, let me even more clarify that when I rebuke the heresies of the leaders of Christian Zionism or Christian Identity or Dispensationalism or other false doctrines that is not to say I "hate" these leaders and certainly I don't hate their followers.

Example for why I can say this is truthful: my own husband is (though he won't admit it, as far as the label is concerned) a Christian Zionist, in so far as he buys into the whole Genesis 12:3 argument about Christians must not criticize Israel (even when she is wrong or persecuting Christians), and believes that 1948 man-made and secular State of Israel fulfills end-times prophecy, and that the end-times eschatology begins with the year 1948. (Note: If the Daniel-ian "70 year" timeline stands, then you count 70 years from 1948 and guess where you arrive? 2017! Do you think this is feasable? and does God work using man-made time frames?) And I do love my own husband (and by that I mean the physical one, the guy I married in 1982, not the spiritual one, Jesus Christ, Whom of course I love even more)

So, if I can love my husband but despise some of the doctrines he thinks are true, then I can love all Christian Zionists as well as Christian brothers and sisters. Of course it is too bad there are all these divisions in the faith. Same goes for Identity...but I can't agree to their racist and bogus British Israelist nonsense.

Because if you don't love these folks now, then how are you going to explain to them the strong delusion when the time comes for it to be explained?