Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Resurrection Day Message for Christian Zionists

Look, Christians who love Israel at least as much as Christ, I will be very brief. I have already said about as much as I can about the fallacy of Christian Zionism, "the rapture," dispensationalism, "Left Behind," and the true meaning of Genesis 12:3. So I guess what I will do is present to you two videos you can watch wherein I prove my point that your "blessing Israel" is falling on waaaayyy toooo deaf ears and they are laughing at you as hard as they possibly could in Jewish Israel as they think of you this way: "What a schlemiel!"

I'll let you look that Yiddish word up...I doubt if you will find it in a Hebrew dictionary (oh, and, can you read Hebrew?)

so, without any further ado...


This is a popular Israeli comedy show shown recently in that country that explains how many if not most Israeli Jews feel about Christ.


This is a video including short vignettes from what various Israeli Jews say about Christ and Christians.

A Resurrection Day Message for Sabbath-Day Worshipers

To the webmaster of Who Is The Antichrist and the 100 or so other sites that promotes the idea that the Papacy is the Antichrist AND Mystery Babylon besides based on some very compelling arguments--and perhaps even actual fact (since I think the Bible makes it clear that the Antichrist is a bastardization of Christianity: "they came from us but never were of us"--and not Talmudic Judaism as some claim)--you make a good argument, but like so many believers--and I'm not exempting myself from this--you are looking for the speck in the eyes of Sunday churchgoers while ignoring the log in your own eye.

Thus, this message is for those who worship God on the Sabbath, most of whom belong to one Seventh-Day Adventist church or another.

I agree with you: Saturday, at least in this calendar we use, is the seventh day, no ifs, ands, or buts. Thus you all are perfectly right to worship God on Saturday, or, more perfectly, sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. You are indeed following the Fourth Commandment; meanwhile, the rest of us, Sunday churchgoers, are not. We are indeed breaking the Fourth Commandment.

You, the author of the articles on the above site and your affiliates listed in your blogroll on the left or right side of your site, are correct in saying we must obey God as well as believe in Christ. For Jesus Himself said in His "two great Commandments" (which, of course, say the exact same things as the Ten Commandments): "Love God with your whole soul, mind, heart and strength and love your neighbor as yourself." This is not an exact quote but is close enough for the purpose of this message.

So that, you as a Saturday worshiper already have a head-start to Heaven over me, who goes to church on Sundays. But if you think that you are going straight to Heaven just because you worship on Saturdays while I am going straight to Hell because I do so on Sundays, I have news for you and all of your fellow Seventh-Day Adventists and like worshipers: Every one of the Ten Commandments is equal, period, end of story.

Now I have just admitted that I have broken the 4th Commandment by going to church on Sundays. But--and you all know this because you all seem to have as much or more spiritual discernment as I have--do you spend EVERY SINGLE WAKING MOMENT ON YOUR SATURDAYS worshiping God? You do not do one single ounce of work on Saturdays? Other than your church service, you spend the rest of your waking sundown-to-sundown reading and contemplating the Bible? Because, if not, YOU TOO ARE VIOLATING THE SABBATH! We are supposed to "rest in HIM," remember?

Further, do not tell me you never violate the other nine Commandments! You never take God's name in vain??? NEVER? You NEVER say "Goddammit" or " Lordy" or "Lord love a duck" or "Jesus wept" or "Chrissakes" or "Good Gosh Almighty" or even "Dangnabbit"?

You never violate the second Commandment. You never root for a sports team and you never wear the logo of the Dallas Cowboys, for example. Or the New York Yankees. Or Manchester United or Real Madrid or whatever. You do not have a favorite actor or singer or movie or book or author or philosopher and you do not ever ever ever want more money.

You never disobeyed your parents or thought they were screwy.

You never stole a pencil or pen from the office, and you never saw a penny or dime in the street and kept it.

You never saw a beautiful woman and reacted in even a little bit of a lustful way. Remember Christ said to even LOOK at another woman than your spouse in that way is a sin.

You never committed murder in your heart with hatred, let alone actually killed someone. If you were in the military that must have been hard to do.

You never wanted what your neighbor had, ever. You never said, Gee I wish I had that fill-in-the-blank.

Oh, and you never lied about someone else, or gossiped, or said anything about your neighbor that just might not be true.

But, at least with your Saturday worship, you've only broken nine of the Ten Commandments, whereas us Sunday worshipers have broken all ten. Good for you.

But just as Carl Sagan once said the number "googleplex" (a number so huge, he said, you couldn't fit it into the known universe, and is the number ten to the power of a google, which is ten to the power of 100) is no closer to infinity than the number one, then you are in fact no closer to Heaven than I am.

In fact proper discernment of the LAW of the Old Testament PROVES that NO MAN can obey all ten commandments--God even says so!--except for Christ. Our Savoir IS the only living being who has ever fulfilled all Ten Commandments at all times. Now, since that is true, Christ could have condemned every single Jew and every single Roman living in Galilee, Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and all over that area to the kind of condemnation you are assigning to everyone who attends church on Sundays unless they go to church on Saturdays. But He didn't. He only condemned the Pharisees, Priests, Scribes, Saducees and the rest of the religious authorities--He even said of the Roman soldiers and authorities to God, "Forgive them, they know not what they do." But He never would forgive the Pharisees, for the simple reason that since they followed (in their own minds, at least) the Mosaic Law, they could only be judged by God (guess where? the White Throne Judgment!) because God judges under the Law.

I think I would much rather be judged by Christ as my Advocate when Satan throws around the "she violated the Sabbath by worshiping on Sundays" (or, for so much of my walk toward Christ, not even on Sundays! Heck, we even tried the Saturday Sabbath thing at home several years ago but came to the realization that we were just going through the motions--kids have to eat and so I, as a woman, had to prepare something for them to eat and thus I "worked" on the Sabbath, and other things would happen like having to water the garden or fix a pipe that just broke, and other things that sound a lot like rescuing a donkey in the ditch even on the Sabbath (which Jesus chided the Pharisees for mocking the Sabbath by leaving a donkey in ditch because it was the Sabbath!) accusation. I guarantee it, when the Bema Seat judgment rolls around and God judges a believer's works, that "violating the Sabbath" bit WILL affect God's judgment, as will all the times I said "lordy" or "good gosh almighty" and the like, as will the fact that as a teen I was a bit of a rebel, as will various other violations of the Ten Commandments.

But where do you come off saying that unless I obey God's Commandments--in fact you are saying unless I go to church on Saturdays (because you know as well as I do that is the only thing that separates me from you)--I will not see Heaven? (I do agree with you about Hell, by the way...) do not forget--we are in the world but not of the world...but we are STILL in the world and we have to deal with it the best we can under the grace of Jesus Christ.

If you have never or do not now ever violate one of God's Ten Commandments and can prove it, let me know and I will apologize for this message.