Saturday, August 27, 2011

True Christians Should NOT Favor Dominionism

It is Presidential Politics Season once again. And, once again, various (usually left wing) pundits are claiming that candidates Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry and maybe others in the Republican Party side are "Dominionists." That is, they want to turn the USA into a Christians Theocracy.

Bachmann? Sure about that? Isn't she Jewish? Of course I could be wrong.

Perry? Is Texas a theocracy?

But anyway...

The left crying "Dominionist!" in a crowded political theatre is throwing various Democrat-leaning folks into a frenzy. Honestly, if Dominionism is what you are worried about, only Sarah Palin should worry you--she really is a Dominionist.

Rick Perry surely isn't, but he's doing what Republican politicos always do when they need votes: sucker the Evangelical Right into thinking that he is "God's Candidate." And, of course--it looks for now, anyway--the "suckers" are falling for it again. Perry supposedly leads all other Republican candidates. But Perry just entered the race...when even Evangelicals find out that he tried to force Texas teen girls to take Gardasil, told TSA it's okay to grope Texans, and loves illegal aliens coming across the border (or through his sponsored Trans-Texas Corridor), then maybe even his so-called anti-abortion and anti-gay positions won't help him! Not even the MSM's ignoring Ron Paul will help him if enough of these Evangelicals lose their jobs, homes, and savings.

So, likelihood is we won't actually see Dominionism in the USA any time soon. But should we want it?

Dominionism means we get some sort of theocracy under men and it means girls must wear dresses and skirts and men must wear belts on their pants and no tats, right? Let's bring back Prohibition while we're at it. If we ever got such a thing, it'll last four years, minus. Won't work. Sorry, Sarah--not even if you get some kinda morality police out after us. And these are the same folks worried about Sharia Law?

And another thing. The Talmudic Jews won't stand for it. According to their Noahide Laws, Number Two to be exact, worship of Christ as God is verboten, as in "you will be put to death." All of which means that (if many are correct and a certain Jewish-majority country in the Middle East really does run our govt.) since Israel would never allow it, it ain't happening.

But anyway...

Do you, Christian, actually want men--not Christ, but men--telling you how to dress, forcing you to go to church, forcing you to tithe, telling you how to wear your hair, forcing your kid into some kinda "Jesus Camp" (where kids "pray" to, say, whoever is president like the Jesus Camp movie kids prayed to George W. Bush), what to drink (no alcohol--and no smoking either), and forcing (a la Inquisition) "conversions"? Do you hate Muslims so much that you would support the end of freedom of religion? The same could go for any other religion, or no religion.

And another thing: read Romans and both Corinthians...we have freedom in Christ, and do not need some political leader throwing Romans 13 at us trying to get us to cover our knees with a skirt or wear button-down shirts instead of T-shirts. Or worse: bully some girl because she wears an abiyah or man because he wears a "rag" on his head. Or worse: nuke some "Arab" country in the name of Christ.