Friday, September 16, 2011

We Are To Seek The Truth In ALL Things!

True Christians KNOW the Word of God is in the Bible--IT IS THE BIBLE--and this Word is the hallmark and bastion of truth. Yet while we seek the truth in the Bible the command is seek the truth in ALL things.

Seek the truth in all news events, in all things folks say, in all media coverages, in all works, period.

You have "9-11 Truthers," but want to I seek the truth in all things--hard as that may be when human beings are pretty much programmed to lie either by the institutions or by living through not taking responsibility, pretty much helped by the "father of lies," who gets permission from God to do Job if you're not sure, then read Second Thessalonians Chapter 2 verses 8-11 about the "strong delusions" God sends those who "believe a lie."

I am NOT a member of any "9-11 Truth" group mostly because I do not think amny of these folks really want the truth...they just think they do! Proof of this "they think they want the truth but they really don't" is what some of these folks come up with: "Israel did 9-11;" "Bush did 9-11" (the "Inside Job" crowd); "the government (but not necessarily Bush) did 9-11" (more "Inside Job" folks); "the CIA, using the bogus group Al Qaida, did 9-11" (there is some validity to this but these folks tend to over-simplify it); "the Illumiati did 9-11" (using holograms and missles, not planes--it is these folks who give the whole 9-11 truth movement a black eye) other words, completely denying the truth that rogue elements from the CIA, Al Qaida, various intel services including the Mossad, and various other rogue US and foreign government officials either did 9-11 or didn't try to stop it.

My position at this point, as I do not know the whole truth about 9-11? I am a LIHOP-er: Let It Happen On Purpose.

The US government let it happen on purpose, to instigate war against various oil-producing countries, opium-producing countries (Afghanistan, the world's number one supplier of opium for heroin...a DEA friend told me several times about how the CIA with some DEA help ran drugs in and out of Vietnam, South and Central America, Asia, and right now with rule by a govt. installed by NATO, Afghanistan is the world's number one supplier of opium! How could this be, if NATO was running the country? Thus this is no coincidence.), countries that do not "do what they are told" (such as Libya and Iraq--both Saddam and Qaddafi wanted to take their oil off the dollar standard, and both Libya and Iraq have some of the biggest supplies of water in the Middle East and North Africa...there is a certain Middle-East country right now that will try to steal water by any means possible...they tried it against Lebanon's Litani River in 2006, and this country is run in part by religious fanatics whose "holy book" tells them it is OK to steal resources from "the nations" if you know what I mean.), and countries that just might side with "our enemies" unless "we" "bring them back into the fold." And let's not forget their other purpose: to end liberty here at home and to get us to like it, not to mention the fear they want to instill in us.

In terms of Americans, anyway, what the folks who did 9-11 ultimately--and God will let them do it, it is His Will--want to do is to have folks who would normally be expected to worship God, worship the State instead.

I mean, what's not to like about worshiping the State? The State provides "schools and hospitals, roads and bridges." The State provides welfare payments, Social Security payments, Medicare, Medicaid, National and State Parks, Local governments, Resource Management, Holidays, Sports and Entertainment (in the sense that no sports league or event can take place without government permission, and the same goes for entertainment...don't movie theaters need licenses to exist? You know what I mean). The State provides Public TV and FCC licenses for all radio and TV programming. The State even provides "press releases" and "press briefings" and even Q&A sessions with reporters (approved by the govt. of course, or else Helen Thomas would still be reporting) so that the media can tell Americans what and how to think! And let's not forget the media also tells Americans what drugs to take when they are sad about something. Can't have folks showing any emotion after all.

And you want to know why so few Americans think anymore! Why think when someone else can do the thinking for you?! And where's the Zoloft? Who needs liberty?

I have seen poll after poll claiming now that, after ten or more years of constant "war on terror," Americans are getting tired of war. Now that may be true, but I'm not really completely buying it: Lawrence Vance, a writer for, has made a case over the years that Americans love war, and I agree. Americans have made war since it's founding! Washington? Lets kill "the Indians." Adams? "Lets kill more Indians and make war on Canada to boot!" Jefferson? Not enough dead Indians. Madison? Not enough dead Indians, and now that we have the Louisiana Purchase, lets kill even more! Monroe and his Doctrine? Andrew Jackson and the Trail of get the picture...somewhere many Americans were thrilled with the slaughter of someone, and seriously, I don't think Americans have changed much.

It is no surprise to me that many Americans hate Muslims. I did not say "don't like" Muslims. I did not say "dislike" Muslims or "don't trust" Muslims. I said HATE. While I do not think most Americans think "the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim," it likely isn't too far from that. Nor do I think that if a typical American met a Muslim-American, that typical American would simply beat that person up for no reason. Not do I think that if a typical American met a Muslim he would immediately say the "F-word" and give the guy a finger or something like that. It is just that most Americans would say "hello" and be done with other words they would get as far away from that Muslim as they could and have no further contact.

I mean, how many typical Americans have even one Muslim acquaintence (let alone friend)? How many typical Americans have even met a Muslim other than perhaps at a workplace? As with Jews, Muslims tend to congregate in certain places, have their mosques, and live separately from everyone else--and everyone else likes it that way! I would take it that less than one percent of non-Muslim Americans have ever read any part of the Koran; thus they have no idea what's in it and believe whatever a Glen Beck or a Bill O'Reilly say what's in the Koran. I 'm not saying Americans should read the Koran. What I am saying is that unless it is clear that a particular Muslim wants to harm them or the country, stop hating all folks who just happen to be Muslim!

And how do you know that "Muslim-looking guy" is a Muslim? Who knows? He might be a Jew from Israel! Remember the scene from "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" when some Israeli-American shop owner told some Palestinian-American shop owner that "yes, everyone hates us too because they think we are you"?

For one thing, your hate obfuscates the truth that most of the time Muslims just want to be left alone and that every so often the doers of dirty deeds in and out of the government get some patsy--usually now a Muslim, one who has some bad feelings about this country because some jackass "patriot" beat him up once just because he looked Muslim!--to do some "terrorist" act (which is in fact a false flag op that is not designed to work or is just a set-up).

Then, of course, some Christians want to kill more Muslims even more! Why do you think I write here about Christians stopping the hating? When you hate you are too blinded to seek the truth and when you seek revenge you ignore what Christ said: love your enemies.

But back to 9-11. Who do I think did it (so far)? Rogues. Rogue CIA. Rogue FBI. Rogue Mossad. Rogue Al Qaida. Rogue government agents. Rogue government officials. Rogue airport security folks (who allowed the 19 "Arabs with box cutters" onto the planes). Rogue Wall Street types (put options on AA and United). Various others who wanted a "new Pearl Harbor" to instigate war (yes, PNAC, I am calling you out!) and destroy liberty here at home. All these rogues worked together in concert doing their part. Criminals and Psychopaths in and out of the US and foreign governments, militaries, intel services, and industries. Still, even though this covers a multitude of possibilities, I still want the truth about who, how and why they did it.

Yet, I forgive those of you who did it...that way, I can't hate you guys anymore and it'll help me seek the truth in this. That is what I did this past September 11: forgive the perpetrators, even if I still don't know who these perpetrators were.