Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Are Israeli Jews Mostly Barbarians? Or Is it Really the Talmud to blame?

You the reader have read it here before: the Ashkenazi Jews are NOT descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; they are NOT Semites, but are Japhethites descended from Japheth's grandson Ashkenaz, and some claim (but there's not a whole lot of verification historically to prove this...but these folks sure do act like it!) they are Ashkenaz's descendants mixed with wandering Kenites from the land of wanderers in the vicinity of Mongolia, in which of course the Kenites are descended from Cain (if you don't believe me look it up in Strong's Concordance). And as most who have half a brain know, most Israeli Jews, being European, are Ashkenazi Jews. There is of course some true Israelite DNA in Ashkenazi Jews derived from intermarriage between various types of Jews who helped spread Judaism in an Ashkenazi land known as the Khazaria, such as Rabbis and their sons and daughters, but even Shlomo Sand and El Haik, both Israeli Jews and both historians and geneticists have acknowledged that Palestinians have more true Israelite DNA in them than Ashkenazi Jews have. But, if this lineage, elucidated by Arthur Koestler among other Jews, is true, than is it any wonder that most Israeli Jews--even those who think the act of BURNING ALIVE THROUGH FORCED INGESTION OF GASOLINE of a skinny 16 year old Palestinian boy is criminal--have either descended into barbarity or refuse to acknowledge this barbarity with excuses that "Palestinians would do the same thing if the shoe was on the other foot." BULLCRAP! I have NEVER encountered a story anywhere, even in the Jewish MSM, even in the Christian Zionist media, of a Palestinian burning alive an Israeli Jew. If there is such a thing, let me know and provide the link.

For the sake of my outrage at Israeli Jewish barbarity, I will now provide one link to this disgusting act, here. There are plenty of links to this event but this fully detailed version of the act will suffice.

Now we all know that Palestinian "terrorists" that might be encouraged by the Mossad, that is, Hamas and others working for the Mossad and Shin Bet and the rest of the thugs of Israel, commit these acts--and I have little proof that Mossad is ordering these acts, but considering they tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 and murdered 34 American sailors, I wouldn't put it past the Mossad to force Palestinians to do this so Israel can kill 1000 to 1--after all the Talmud says 1000 Gentiles aren't worth a Jewish fingernail--but again I have no proof that Israel does this--and if I was a Palestinian in Gaza who had no water because Israel cut off the water, or had no food because Israel is out to starve every Goyim cattle it can, or had no electricity because Israel will not allow into Gaza replacement parts for worn out or destroyed electricity facilities (and of course Egypt, now under the rule of a US/Israeli puppet government, is also complicit in genocide), then I'd be a pissed off as well--so maybe Hamas, without Mossad prompting, is sending these rockets into Israel. But as I have known since the 70s when I finally took off some of the Israel-loving blinders I had on--I took the rest off in 2006 when Israel tried to invade Lebanon to steal the Litani River using Hezbollah as an excuse, and also began reading the Talmud back then--Israel never fails to respond to any Palestinian terror acts with retaliation 1000 times as bad. Because a 1000 Gentiles are not worth one Jewish fingernail, and all that.

Now as for Israeli Jewish barbarism...as racist and barbaric as older Israeli Jews are--the ones that came into Israel around and before 1967, the ones who throw the Holocaust at folks who decry this Khazar barbarism (and not just Khazar--Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews who support Jewish terrorism against Palestinians are just as bad, for instance the Sephardic extremist Shas Party), and I will except the Messianic Jews like Zvi Kallisher from this accusation--it is the younger and especially young settler Jews who support this sort of thing. It was settlers who did this act. It is mostly settlers--ALL ASHKENAZIM!--who support this SATANIC barbarity. It is the blood of Ashkenaz mixed with the blood, either physical or certainly spiritual, of the Satanic seedline of Cain, the Kenites, who did this!

Satan and his seedline may have caused this act, but I am going to assign some collective responsibility here to all Ashkenazi Jews for this. Only Ashkenazi Jews can stop this barbarity and monstrosity. And I pray, right here and now, to my Father God in Christ's name, that I will never find it in my heart to hate Jews because of this. Because Jews cannot help it if they are in Satan's spiritual if not physical seedline thanks to possibly Cain and the Kenites mixing with Khazars and other descendants of Ashkenaz (and the Bible fully documents Kenites mixing with true Israelites in the Books of Judges, Joshua, Numbers, and elsewhere, becoming scribes as well as infiltrating the Temple in other ways) just as Jews cannot help it if they do not realize their so-called "holy" book the Talmud is the most evil set of books ever written and makes the evil Koran look almost holy. Satan wrote this set of books, along with the Zohar/Kabbalah, not some iniquitous Jewish rabbis. But don't take my word for it or just read a few anti-Christ or anti-Gentile quotes I have posted in various articles here from the Talmud. Read the whole thing here.