Thursday, September 11, 2014

It Sickens Me To Know That 13 Years After 9-11 So Many Americans STILL Fall For Their Lies And Fearmongering!

I Hate To Admit It But The Criminal Psychopathic Elites Are Right About One Thing: Many of us ARE IDIOTS! After All The Lies and Proven False Flags, A Majority of Americans Are STILL Buying Their Lies and Fear! And These Ignoramuses Want God to Bless the USA? Are They Nuts?

Memo to the American Idiots (a number I thought was much less than apparently it is! Sorry, Green Day, but I had to use that term!):  GOD WILL NOT BLESS A NATION LED BY PSYCHOPATHS, not will He bless a nation that refuses to remove same psychopaths! No amount of "God will bless us because we bless Israel" is going to change this!


I know NBC News Polls are likely rigged...they are called "push polls"...but still--60 percent want war against ISIS , which of course is just another component of False Flag-ism being used to further destroy the USA and liberty. Really now...60 percent of Americans want war against a group that the US (and of course Israel and NATO--OF COURSE! WHY WOULD THEY NOT???) created...previosly called "al Qaida in Iraq"...YES, THE US HELPED CREATE ISIS  just like the US created al Qaida in 1979 to draw the Soviet Union into war in Afghanistan (explained clearly in the book "Charlie Wilson's War" by George Criles), just like the US created the al Nusra Front to topple Assad in Syria (which it failed to do of course), just like the US created the neo-Nazi "EuroMaidan" thugs that took over Ukraine to draw Russia into a war (thing is, Putin isn't that stupid...), just like Israel created get the idea.

Well, I was wrong, folks. Sixty percent isn't a huge majority, but still, it is a number much higher for war than I would have thought after years and years of bogus wars this country has been involved with with virtually no result other than millions of dead civilians, thousands of PTSD'd soldiers as well as maimed-for-life soldiers and of course dead ones---and of course psychopathic oligarchs who made billions on this death and destruction...folks, only psychopaths want to make billions on death and destruction, okay?

So. Sixty percent support psychopathy by just buying into MSM lies and propaganda while refusing to seek the truth, which Christ commands "in all things." This is ridiculous! Disgusting! An ABOMINATION BEFORE THE LORD!!! Why? Why should I get a het up about so many Americans wanting to get involved in another useless war when this war is against a very very evil group of people? And make no mistake ISIS IS EVIL!

Here is why: because this war is NOT against ISIS! This war will not be against a group that John McCain hung out with in Syria nor a group that that so-called Tea Party "patriot" General Vallaley...that "American Spring" traitor...and it will not be against a group that it looks as if we are opposing in Iraq. No. This war Obama is calling for--with your support, you morons--is to overthrow Assad who was just re-elected by the Syrian people (but what do you care what the Syrian people want?) for, guess who? The sake of "blessed" Israel. Funny, but ISIS has pretty much attacked every country in the area EXCEPT ISRAEL (I guess that means Israel is "blessed"...), but that's because Israel lent support to ISIS when they beheaded someone near the Golan Heights and did not say a word when ISIS beheaded some American Jewish reporter, Sotloff, and because as I will state below Israel is directly connected to ISIS.

In case you forgot or never knew (since you don't study ancient history), ISIS is the Egyptian moon goddess, the equivalent to Semirammis being the moon goddess of the ancient Sumerians (married to sun god Nimrod; together they had Tammuz who was born on, you guessed it, December 25), and while ISIS is not a god according to Islam, why is it that Islamic countries have a crescent-moon symbol on their flags? Maybe their "moon god" just happens to be called "Allah"? You can ask I.Q. Rassooli, former Muslim converted to belief in Christ, about that one  or better yet listen to his video lectures to discover the Koran is almost as evil as the Talmud is. But never mind, go ahead and continue to believe that ISIS stands for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria". And by the way, not everyone who fights with ISIS is Muslim (link); some are just typical psychopaths while others are much more than typical psychopaths, and of course some do it for money. Also, you can ask a Mossad agent who stars in this YouTube video, who says ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

So let me just say this so that even you can understand: fighting ISIS is only the pretext.

But go ahead and let the elites laugh at you in your pathetic ignorance because if most Americans were awake they wouldn't even consider this nonsense right on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the worst false flag in US history.  Because the elites do not give a crap about you at all and would just as soon you die from GMOs or beg to give up any liberty you still have by letting them put you in a FEMA camp (which you probably will deserve, you cowards of the idiocracy...maybe they'll let you make a movie like "Ass" on your silly gadget phones!), and why should they give a crap about you--you are no threat to them, but heck, they're psychos so they'll have fun killing you off or torturing you anyway for breathing the wrong way--well, since you are not worth it to them, you might just not be worth the effort to me, either. I used to tell my HS math students that ignorance is NOT a badge of honor, but most really didn't listen, so if they flunked my class, too freakin' bad.

And if God does indeed curse the US--and honey we deserve it! All of us! Because at one time ALL OF US supported the lessor of two evils, ALL OF US turned our back on God, on the poor, the sick, the bullied, the abused, the truthteller, the humble, the whistleblower, the wise, the love, the beauty, truth, creation, and a whole lot more, including history (derived from the words "His Story" meaning God's)--if God does indeed curse the US, we have no one but ourselves to blame, not just the criminal psychopathic elites who most of us blame for everything gone wrong. WE LET THEM! And no freakin' "rapture" is going to save us, either.