Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tom Horn Was Right About Pope Benedict Resigning--Is He Right Again? New "Download from God" Announced on Sid Roth Show

I like Sid Roth though I rarely watch his "It's Supernatural" show; I have a  great deal of respect for Messianic Jews, Jewish believers in Christ. Plus he has had Jonathan Cahn on his show; Cahn is another Messianic Jew who, unlike Roth, doesn't have to put on a showman's act (but what do you expect from someone with a TV show?), yet neither one appear to buy into Christian Zionism...that I like especially!

Horn as well as Cris Putman were on a recent airing of "It's Supernatural" where they tell Roth and the audience about their work "On the Path of the Immortals" including visits with a Navajo shaman regarding the fate of the ancient Anasazi tribe in the Four Corners area, Mount Graham's "Lucifer" telescope and the Vatican, Nephilim, CERN and other portals. At the end of the show Horn announces another "message from God" (whether you can cal it "prophecy" or not is debatable) that Horn really didn't want to say (because if he;s wrong he'll look like another false prophet), but Roth "got him to say it anyway" so to speak.

First off, Horn is the guy who became famous for announcing the month and the year that Pope Benedict 16th would resign from the Papacy about one year before it happened, and Horn was correct. This was, Horn claimed," a "download from God" in 2012, and the message was right about when Benedict resigned, and then Pope Francis took his place.

So, this is the new "download from God" given to Horn, and I will paraphrase (you can check this out on Sid Roth's site videos here

One part of the message concerns the connection between the anti-Christ and Islam. Again, listen to the video...this notion of a connection between Satan and Islam is SOP and really not worth discussing because naturally Satan and Islam are affiliated, just as Satan is affiliated with all beliefs that oppose Christ (though of course you'd be hard pressed to find, as I said in my last previous post, any well-known preacher of Bible scholar that is not against the current Israel-in-prophecy meme actually state that this includes Judaism as well as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other non-Christian religion...the best they can come up with is denouncing the Kabbalah...they are too fearful to denounce the Talmud as well! Gee, if Christ could denounce the Pharisees...but anyway...)

The important part of the "download from God" is where Horn says that as Islam affiliated with Satan comes down hard on Israel and Jerusalem, the Jews in Israel will finally accept Christ as their Savior. Roth of course was ecstatic. So will I be if this happens! (I will be even more ecstatic if the Palestinian Muslims do as well! After all, before they were Palestinian Muslims they were Palestinian Jews or perhaps even Christians, right? Eran Elhaik and other Israeli geneticists have proven that Palestinians are more closely related to the original tribe of Judah than (Khazar) Ashkenazi Jews are.)

Here is why this "download" makes sense (I just wish he wouldn't call it a "download"...does God really need the internet?): first, it is well known that Satan and his minions, Islamic or not, will do their best to make Jerusalem and the temple their an abomination as they attempt to destroy Christ's remnant, and that the "two witnesses" will prophesy against Satan for a given number of days, after which they will be killed. Along with this is a prophecy in Zechariah that two-thirds of the world's Jews will be slaughtered...why would the anti-Christ want to slaughter Jews UNLESS they believed in Christ? Folks, whatever Satan has to do on Earth during the Tribulation Period has everything to do with the destruction of belief in Jesus Christ, and nothing else. It is not about controlling the world because he kind of already does, right? (But he uses his minions such as the Rothschilds and will continue to do so until he returns.) It is not about "the new world order" the criminal psychopathic elites want to set up (and anyway, they can't do squat without Satan behind them, right?). No. It is all about Satan getting rid of anything to do with Christ. Folks, the only reason to slaughter all these Jews is if all these Jews turn to Christ. And I am sure that Horn meant the TRUE MESSIAH, Yeshua Ben David here, not the phony Talmud version. There is no other reason Satan would have this done. And the only reason Jews--who are supposed to turn to the false messiah (the anti-Christ, Satan) as per the Talmud, which proclaims the false "Jewish Messiah"--would turn to Christ instead of the anti-Christ is because this is the way God wants it!

As it is with everything else dealing with End Times prophecy, God is in control, and God will write it on the hearts of Judah, regardless of what other kinds of DNA makes up the genetic make-up of those we call "Jews".

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Memo to End Times Prophets/Scholars/BibleTeachers/Etc.: Do You Really Know What You Are Talking Or Writing About?

Folks, the ONLY--and I mean the ONLY--complete source of truth regarding End Times Bible Prophecy is THE WORD OF GOD, aka THE BIBLE (most choose the Authorized King James 1611 version, but even that version has some flaws in it because it is simply an interpretation of various ancient scriptures, scrolls, etc. and/or a possibly flawed version of the Septuagint. Some claim the NIV is the most flawed. Let's assume though that the King James is the least flawed.)

Here is the problem, however: while the Word of God is true in every respect, it is MAN'S INTERPRETATION, or discernment, or reading of HOLY WRIT that gets us into trouble, and then various Bible scholars, preachers and the like come up with flawed theories such as the completely bogus Pre-Trib Rapture. (Note: why is it bogus? Because Jesus Christ Himself said so! The verses of John 17:15 and John 17:20 prove this notion is bogus, as the words Christ prayed to His Father God disavow any notion that His believers will be "removed", regarding believers at the time and believers to come (verse 20). Further, if there is to be a rapture it will be when He returns (Post-Trib or even Post-Milennial). Christ clearly says in verse 15 that instead of being "removed" we believers in Christ will be protected from "the evil one.")

Every true believer knows this fact that interpretations can be flawed and we are encouraged to seek the truth. But how do we know that those authors or speakers who claim to speak the truth really do know the truth? Maybe some of these folks really do know the truth, but are afraid to say so?

As one who reads this blog knows, I have become a fairly regular listener to the Hagmann and Hagmann BlogTalkRadio broadcasts and have mostly listened to their shows that feature folks who claim to know the Bible: Dr. Michael Lake ("The Shinar Directive"), Tom Horn and Chris Putman ("On the Path of the Immortals"), Steve Quayle (Genesis 6 Giants), Pastor David Lankford (who, unfortunately for him, made a bogus or unsubstantiated claim that Benjamin Netanyahu was a Messianic Jew...why would Netanyahu seek in the Knesset that the Talmud be made Jewish/Israeli law, as claimed on the website Israeli National News, if he was a Christian? The Talmud and Christianity are mutually exclusive!), Nathan Leal, Paul Maguire, "Coach Dave" and a few others.

On the other hand you have Pastor Steve Anderson claiming that there is no way in hell that today's Israel is anything but an abomination of Khazar making (as well as Texe Marrs and a few others), and that anything Israel does today opposes God, or that Israel is strictly a making of the Rothschilds using the Balfour Declaration. The "you have Christ if you love Israel meme"--which is also flawed!

So whether one is talking about what something Lake said or Marrs said or John Hagee or Chuck Misler or your local preacher/pastor said, there is an excellent chance one or more things this person said is flawed.

Back to Lankford...nearly everything he has said on Hagmann's shows is likely a very good interpretation of the Bible, but because of what he claimed about Netanyahu, I simply cannot take everything he said a truth. Sorry, Pastor, but I cannot.

Steve Quayle? Now I really like what Quayle says and the research (along with his archeological partner Timothy Alberino) he has done on the Nephilim and the Genesis Six meme, and while he talks a lot on Hagmann he generally says good stuff. But Quayle "agreed" with Lankford, offering no basis for agreement, so I cannot take everything Quayle says as truth, either. 

Horn and Putnam? "On the Path of the Immortals" which included chapters on their visits to Mount Graham (home of the Vatican-sponsored "Lucifer Telescope" which is supposedly tracking Nibiru or "Planet X" as it heads toward Earth--or whatever is heading toward Earth"), also included a DVD video that I watched showing a "Skywatcher TV" set of episodes about visiting Mount Graham and interviews, one of which Horn and Putnam claimed that Zechariah 5:9 could be interpreted to imply there are female angels. The fact is there is "female" something in there holding an ephah, but the King James does NOT use the term angels, but "women" that had wings. Now one can imply this means they are "angels" but if they were "angels" why wouldn't the King James say they were "angels"? (Note: I really really wanted to believe there were female angels!). However: verse 7 says a woman sits in the middle of the ephah, where in verse 8 the angel talking to Zechariah says the woman and the ephah was "wickedness" (a "weight of lead" is compared to the woman, casting the lead into the ephah), and that as a result of casting the lead into the ephah the one woman became two women both having wings like a stork. The two women with wings then "beared the ephah" which the angel said was "to build it an house in the land of Shinar..." I do not know what Bible version they used, but clearly Horn and Putnam are wrong about female angels (as much as I would have loved it if they were right!). Thus, can I honestly believe these two always speak or write the truth?

Then there is Michael Lake who I really really like, a lot. He is an actual Bible teacher who runs a Bible school and offers courses that anyone interested in the Bible can take, and furthermore, actually reads ancient Hebrew and presents what he calls the "Hebraic mindset." I think that of all the Biblical folks that Hagmann has had on, Lake is probably the most truthful. He is the one who, claiming that God will punish Israel for its iniquities and its denial of Christ, period, end of story, and in doing so, set me straight (as I have claimed previously) about Israel. But even Lake, in the "Shinar Directive" and in his chapter in the book "Blood on the Altar", admits that some of what he believes is only speculation! Lake doesn't actually know whether actual Nephilim/Gibborhim will actually return to the Earth, or how, or if Fallen Angles will indeed mate with the daughters of men to produce these abominations again (his supposition is that the Biblical Anti-Christ will resemble Nimrod, who turned himself into a Gibborhim (mighty hunter before the Lord) by using the arcane knowledge left over from the Noah's Flood to transform his DNA). All he can say truthfully is that the End Times will resemble "the Days of Noah" simply because, since Christ Himself said so, it must be true!

And if Michael Lake can say out loud that God will punish Israel, why can't Lankford or Quayle or Horn or Putnam or Leal or Maguire or anyone else say it? What are they afraid of...being called "anti-Semitic"? Or afraid to lose Christian Zionist or Zionist Christian (there is a difference!) listenership or sponsorship or readership? Do they really think that if they mention Israeli Jewish denunciation of Christ--THE TRUE SEED OF ABRAHAM!--that God will "curse" them? Are they afraid that since they likely believe that they may not have everything right in their discernment of the Bible that they'd prefer to take the "safe" route and give Israel all the benefit of the doubt? They do mention Messianic Jews but they never mention Palestinian Christians, as if all Palestinians are "radical Muslims" or something ominous. Just what are these people afraid of?

It is absolutely true that God set up the present-day State of Israel for His purposes...and it is these purposes that I am earnestly trying to discern. I will say this again (as I told Dr. Lake in an e-mail about his Bible courses)--when I was a teenager with many Jewish friends and during the Six Day War, I sincerely wanted to convert to Judaism, move to Israel, and join the IDF; in the early and mid-2000s before and after 9-11, I was a Christian Zionist (or rather, a Zionist Christian and also believer in the pre-trib rapture...I'll get into the difference later)--until 2006 or thereabouts, that is. Two things made me rethink any beliefs I had about the doctrines regarding Israel's place in God's plans: one was the war against Hezbollah that was not against Hezbollah, but to steal the Litani River because Israel was running out of water (remember the days of Elijah?)...the Bible claims the borders of Israel go up to, but not over, the Litani River and thus Israel has no right to take it, period, but must share it with Lebanon; the other was their terrible treatment of Palestinians. One can interpret Deuteronomy all you want, but God commanded the Israelites to NOT mistreat "the strangers" living in the midst of Israel. Their mistreatment of Palestinians (who, as El Haik and others have proven in DNA studies, are more likely descended from the Isrealites than the Khazar/Ashkenazik Jews are!) today is Israel is just as wrong now as it was then. SO THEN WHY AREN'T THESE BIBLE FOLKS CALLING OUT ISRAEL FOR DOING SO? Who or what are they afraid of?

On the other hand you have preachers like Marrs and Anderson saying the exact opposite--that Rothschild and Satan, not God, set up the 1948 State of Israel. Clearly they are not afraid of being called "anti-Semitic"! Good for them, but they too do not present the whole truth of the matter. The fact is this regarding today's Israel:

Even though Rothschild and the Balfour Declaration sets up the United Nations mandate to declare Israel a nation for the world's Jews on the heals of the Holocaust (folks, I will NEVER deny the Holocaust because what happened to the Jews in Europe WAS a holocaust! I do dispute the six-million figure, though. Whether the number of the genocide was 6 million or 600 thousand or 60 thousand or even 6 thousand, it was a holocaust. There is no difference between the number of Jews Hitler has killed/starved/diseased/whatever and the number of Christians and others Stalin had killed in the Holodomor or the Turks had killed in the Armenian genocide or Palestinians killed by Israeli for no reason or Native Americans killed by the US, or Aboriginees get the picture! A genocide is a genocide! There is NO DIFFERENCE!)..but anyway, to say that Rothschild, not God, set up Israel to exist is DENIAL that God, not Rothschild, not Satan, BUT GOD is in control! Basically what Marrs, Anderson, and others (whether Christian Anti-Zionists or "Christian Palestinianists" or Christian Identity or any other group of Christians who say Israel has no right to exist at all (other than a state run by Palestinians) who say God had nothing to do with it ARE WRONG! GOD HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EVERYTHING! God set up Biblical Israel just like God set up Nebuchadnezzar, just like God caused Noah's Flood to wipe out the Nephilim and corrupted DNA on the earth..and that included corrupted animal and plant DNA! TAKE NOTE MONSATAN! Just like God set up Assyria to overtake fallen Israel, just like God, through Jonah, had Assyria repent, just like God had Darius of the Medeo-Persians overtake Babylon and repent during the days of Daniel, just like God had Antiochus IV commit abominations in the days of the Maccabees, just like God had a virgin give birth to our Messiah, Christ. Folks, if you deny that God had anything to do with the setting up of today's Israel then you might as well deny the rest of what He has done and will do. Yep, Satan had a lot to do with setting up Israel--BECAUSE GOD WANTS IT THAT WAY! Whether Israel takes the right path or the wrong one, God set it up for a reason, and to claim (as I may have done wrongly on this blog, and I repent of that) that Israel has no right to exist is WRONG!

Finally, here is the difference between a Christian Zionist and a Zionist Christian--A Christian Zionist puts Israel first, period, and just happens to claim belief in Christ...they do NOT put Christ example is John Hagee, who might as well become a Jew for all he's worth Biblically. But a Zionist Christian, while putting Christ first, probably puts Israel second or third and will not say PUBLICLY that God will punish Israel for its denunciation of Christ, out of fear of some sort. I would put many preachers in this group. Still, I find it hard to believe that real Bible scholars or teachers really think that Israel and Judaism in general will get off unscathed. This will not and cannot happen, and, as Steve Quayle says on Hagmann often, quoting Ecclesiastes 1:9--"The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." That is, God punished Israel before, and He will punish them again. Big time!