Sunday, May 14, 2017

Solved Google Blogger Issue, Will Stay on Blogger (At Least for Now)

I was going to move this and my Something Happening Here blogs to WordPress, but then I tried accessing the two blogs on Firefox instead of Google Chrome, and it worked after I figured out the password for this account that I had "lost" aka did not remember.

Folks, I do NOT keep any passwords on my computer, but written on notes stored "somewhere"--when there are many more hackers than honest government officials (would you believe there ARE honest govt. officials? Who woulda thunk it?), you cannot trust keeping ANY passwords on your computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, whatever).

Meaning, I will continue to post here. But keep in mind I am trying to finish up my novel that I will post online for free (and on Amazon for Kindle users--if, that is, Amazon lets my novel stay up on their site---they are not always kind to self-published authors! But then again, who is? Certainly not the PUBLISHING INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!

Friday, April 07, 2017

On the Orders of the Synagogue of Satan aka Israel, Trump is bombing and nurdering Syrian civilians! Had enough yet?

Google, of course, is making my blogging life as miserable as possible--causing me to take over and hour to figure out how to get through their "security" bullcrap (I almost cussed here!) to reach and post on this blog! And since I don't use a cell phone with text since I live in an area that does not have cell service (!), I could not "recover" my original info! Thanks to God I wrote it down somewhere!

I may in the near future have to move this blog to WordPress, and the URL will become:

But don't go there yet, I have to set it up. But I am definitely moving my Something Happening Here blog ( to WordPress, hopefully by the end of April, beginning of May.

On to the following rant--I mean, how does God love the idea that some puppet of Israel, aka the synagogue of Satan (or at least its govt. and Talmudic institutions, along with a majority of Israeli Jews who think it's okay to genocide Palestinians)--the puppet being Donald J Trump, is bombing FOR NO REASON the innocent civilians of Syria? The same Syria that is the last bastion of CHRISTIANITY (along with Lebanon) in the Middle East? How many Christians has Trump killed in the last day or so? Not enough to placate the Syn of Satan aka Israel, I guess! Because he is continuing to bomb the place!

Folks, this is not about "removing Assad" (just re-elected by the Syrian people, but to hell what they want, right? Satan aka his minions running Israel runs Earth, no?)--again, this is NOT about removing Assad! This is about murdering millions of people who refuse to do the will of the Syn of Satan aka Israel! This is about murdering CHRISTIANS! This is about destroying the lives of Syrian Christians and Muslims, who--especially the Muslims and ISIS with them--will now be forced to leave their country--as has been going on for years, along with Iraqis, Libyans and others--and seek "asylum" in Europe. That way, the Syn of Satan aka Israel and its puppets who want to reduce the world's population to 500 million (Georgia Guidestones, anyone?) can do so AND destroy European civilization--meaning the WHITE RACE--along with it!

Heck, they've already destroyed the Black race (how many blacks are solely black? Unless you live in an isolated part of Africa, not many! Most European and North American blacks are NOT fully black!), the Brown race (see how they've destroyed the black race), the Red race (you know, genocide?), and would love to destroy the Yellow race as well (Fukushima, starving North Koreans, polluting the hell out of China--you know the drill!). So this is not some "racist" or "white supremist" rant here! Destroying the White race is just as evil as destroying the black race is, and the other races--and the IDIOTS in "Black Lives Matter" don't even realize that their own race has been mutilated by intermingling with whites and others--they are too damned busy trying to aid in the cause of destroying the white race instead of going after the destroyers--Soros, Rothschild, the Syn of Satan aka Israel (which sees all Gentiles as "cattle" and "slaves" right? READ THE FREAKIN' TALMUD!) and their puppet minions.

Now we all know Isiaiah 17:1 about what will happen to Damascus--if Satan's minion Trump does indeed destroy Damascus, then we will have a clue as to the End Times time frame, which is another reason I bring up what Trump is doing (and folks, Trump is doing what he is doing because he is just another in a long line of PUPPETS to the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN aka Israel. And I do mean Israel--only Satanists love murder and genocide--I mean, does Benny the Yahoo drink blood or what? And only Satanists love death and destruction--and once Israel and US and other puppets of Israel and their Satanic masters (Soros, Rothschild et al) and Satan himself are done genociding Palestinians, they will genocide whoever else they can.

And folks, I do not mean "Jews" here! "Jews" are just as deluded as most Gentiles are. Many Israeli Jews support oppression of Palestinians for various reasons, but they are being brainwashed just as most people are--and Jews are leaving Israel in droves...the Jews who hate what Benny boy and his ilk are doing to Palestinians, non-white Jews, and others, are the ones leaving, while the "settlers" who seek the blood of Palestinians (because they are brainwashed) are the ones replacing them. Besides, as Koestler, Shlomo Sand and others have proven, most "Jews" are not Israelites, but Khazars--Japhethites not Semites! I have no hatred of Jews...or Muslims or anyone. I just hate what many Jews and Muslims and others stand for--evil!

Note: I am rapidly finishing up my new novel I started writing back in  1999--"The Prodigal Band" about a rock & roll band that dumps Satanism and evil for Christ as Savior. When it is finished I will post it on a new domain website for download for FREE! As well as put up a WordPress blog about it, with chapter sections to read. I am not selling this book because this is a time tithe to Christ for the calling of all to consider accepting Christ as Savior. I will keep folks posted.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Pretty Soon, ol' Google ol' boy Won't Let Me Access This Blog! Time to Move It, Maybe? But Where?

Well thanks a lot, Bezos or whoever the hell (and I mean 'the hell'!) runs this crapola oligarchy where someone without cell phone service needs some freakin' SMS crap number to even log in?

Folks I almost used the "f-word" here! As if I'm a character in one of my novels! Who woulda thunk it?

Good job, Google! Gee, in two years or so--2018, when the Synagogue of Satan, aka Israel, becomes 70 years old and all oligarch-loving hell breaks loose--are you gonna require that I get an microchip implanted in my brain? That way, ol' Jeff Bozo can know what I'm thinking and 'change' my mind?

Memo to Jeff Bozo Bezos--God, Yahweh, Jehova, the I AM THAT I AM, controls me! Tell your buddy Satan to "f-" off!

But I did get to this blog to post this--now I have to type in the URL for this blog, and click the "new post" link--AFTER IT TAKES TEN MINUTES TO EVEN LOG IN TO MY 'BLOGGER' PAGE--no SMS and all that crap!

Judgement day is coming, Bezos--and for you too, Bill Gates, and you too, founder of F***Book, Twitter, Mr. Soros, and the rest of you criminal psycho elites--well, enjoy partying in hell with Satan, and by the time ol' Scratch is done chewing on your bones, forever, you just might wish you'd have put Jesus Christ at the head of your priorities list! For you can't take all that money--loot, actually--with you. And no trans-human "enhancements" will save you!

Correction--Jeff Bezos runs Amazon. So does Mark Zuckerberg run Google? Because when it comes to psychopathic power hungry oligarchs, they're all the same to me! (or does Zuckerberg run Facebook--and I won't be joining that anytime soon!)